Platonik, unlike other web designers and developers

Imagine when you were a teenager and got all dressed up pretty to go to the school disco.

You spent all your money on new shoes, a new suit or a new dress.

And when you arrived at the disco…

No one was there.

Or you got there and no one was attracted to you.

You’d be extremely disappointed, your confidence would be dented and your money wasted.

And that’s exactly how many people feel in business when their pretty looking website attracts little to no-one.

Just hiring a web designer or trying to build your own website is probably the biggest business mistake you can make.

When we first spoke to our clients they’d tell us they wanted a new, improved or pretty looking website.

But when they spoke frankly about their business, what they really needed was to attract more customers, earn more sales and generate more business from the internet.

And once they attracted more customers, they want to attract their existing customers to their other products and services.

And that’s what we do.

We build good looking websites that attract the ideal people to your business with a focus on real business results in mind.

So how do we do the right things for your business and still make an attractive website ?

1. We don’t start with design concepts, first we look into the market you’re in.

The alarm bells should start ringing for you if the first piece of work you are shown from a company is design work.

You need to know you can enter and compete in a market and you need the know how to find and reach potential and existing customers.

If you were considering a car insurance website, it’s unrealistic to get on the first page of Google unless you have a multi million pound budget.

Today, you can’t expect just to attract people to you from Google.

You may have to attract them by showing up and advertising on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and other places.

Or you’ll have to show up at events, conferences, shows and meetings that aren’t even on the internet.

2. What do I wear and where should I go to attract the right people ?

We can outline how competitive your market is, where the opportunities lies, what challenges exist and where we believe you can reach and attract potential customers.

3. Let’s talk about return on investment, web designers won’t.

We have transformed businesses from loss to profit, we’ve lowered the cost that companies acquire new customers for and some of our clients have seen new revenue exceed the cost of their website in just 4 weeks.

Having these conversations will only help your business.

4. Always be marketing 

We have the right business tools that sit behind every website we build to enable ongoing activity to help acquire new customers and communicate with existing ones.

Your website will not market itself so you can either use these tools to market you own business or give us that responsibility.

But I’m just looking for someone to design a new website !

If you want a pixel perfect website where little to no one shows up or is attracted to what you offer, there’s plenty of artists out there who will gladly take your money.

That’s not what we offer.

There are no guarantees in business but we can reduce your risk with our approach.

Even before you heavily invest, we can create a discovery roadmap so you have greater confidence that the right people could show up and are attracted to your offerings.

You can take that roadmap with you and use with other companies or you can work with us.

We worked with a legal firm that wanted to enter an extremely competitive market that would have been expensive and costly to enter.

So we de-risked their investment and produced a roadmap that started to get them clients in the first couple of weeks whilst they built up revenue before investing further.

You sound more expensive than a web designer

With our approach you are making an investment not an expense and this page highlights the difference between the price and cost of a website.

Platonik are the only company to build your website with business in mind.

With over 25 years of real business experience and having developed over 150 websites, we have business experiences you will not find amongst most web designers and web developers.

And, we are an Adobe Business Catalyst partner (Adobe are a $17bn company) licensed to use their web platform for website development and marketing; and we use Adobe for our website and online marketing. 

We only speak to prospects and clients in plain business language and we provide the right assortment of business tools, experience, skills and experience to maximise your chances of real, tangible results.

We are the only ones that build your website from a business perspective.

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In the last year we have secured contracts with many higher profile customers who simply would never of been able to find us online before.

Grant Galloway / Business Owner

Grant Galloway

We have had more enquiries and we are now able to be found by google, and we are ranking higher every week with Google.

Fraser / Managing Director