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A common complaint amongst business owners is that their website isn’t generating enough enquiries, customers, or revenue.

One of the main reasons for this is a lack of research into customers and competitors.

Research is the foundation of website creation and online marketing.

With keyword research we can discover what people search for and how frequently.

With competitor research we find out what they do that works or identify opportunities for your business.

These types of research can determine if you can generate enough people to your website to reach your commercial goals.

Keyword Research comes before web design and content

Research determines the content your web pages you need and the links your website requires.

We have a simple formula:

  • find easy to rank keywords that aren’t so competitive
  • create content around these keywords into powerful pages
  • build links to your website

Furthermore research is not a once and done activity; if you want success it should be done regularly as things change fast and frequently online.

That’s why Platonik put keyword and competitive research at the core of our website work and why we’re the only ones who create websites and web projects with business in mind.

Web design in the absence of research and content is simply decoration.

Oh, and our designs are pretty professional looking too.

The goal of a search engine such as Google is to provide meaningful, relevant, helpful and useful search results.

And generally the search engines will reward web pages that feature well written, useful, interesting, accessible content.

Businesses with websites want to :

  • Drive more search traffic
  • To be discovered for more search queries
  • Ranked higher in the top search engine results
  • Users to click their pages
  • People to view, read, watch or use their page content and take a positive action
  • Generate sales leads, enquiries, new customers and sales

In order to achieve their goal, a business or website owner needs to create useful web pages that are relevant to the users’ search.

The aim of our keyword research service is to help the user, Google and the website owner achieve their goal.

Doing keyword research will depend on your time, budget, the market you operate in and the competition you face.

It’s estimated there are 3.5 billion search queries a day, so the best way to simplify this vastness and understand the search phrases people make is to use a keyword research tool or keyword research expert.

It is crucial to discover the right keywords and search phrases that are relevant for the right kind of users and your website goals.

When a company starts up and the owners decide to invest in a website, they invariably turn towards web professionals or go direct to a website software platform to create their web presence.

Initial research is done to determine the size of the market, the volume of relevant searches and the strength of the competition.

The keyword research process can also help plan the website structure, the pages and the web content that needs to be created.

A more mature company and website requires keyword research to help users at different stages in the search and buying process.

They may want to discover why a competitor’s website gets more traffic than their website.

Keyword research can help to discover if the business is missing any opportunities or new search queries being made that they are missing out on.

The business may wish to discover how users are evaluating competing or similar products so that they can create content to help users with their buying decisions.

Number of searches, competing pages and competitors

When you are doing keyword research you can discover the search volume for keywords and related search terms.

You can find out if people make those searches once or if they make the search query frequently.

You can also find out if people click on the top search results or if their query was answered without clicking.

And you can find out how search queries vary from country to country.

For many highly searched queries, Google tend to display the most trusted brand and websites at the search engine results.

Analysing search volume in isolation can mislead and disappoint a website owner with high expectations of earning a lot of website traffic from the search engines.

Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty

That’s why analysing keyword difficulty in conjunction with search volume is vital if you are a new or less trusted website seeking to earn organic search traffic.

For a less established website, data from Ahrefs has suggested that you could outrank higher rated websites if you have more links pointing to your page.

Links, backlinks and link building strategies

Through research, I can discover the total backlinks to a website and links to particular pages that can help to develop a link building and promotional strategy for the website or page.

My approach also uncovers link building opportunities and I provide a white hat proven link building strategy called broken link building.

Keyword Research Service Approach

I do not work with the top brands and websites who dominates the search engine results.

I work with growing small to medium sized companies and their web professional partners who are looking for website help.

My approach to keyword research is to identify highly search phrases with low keyword difficulty.

Then I identify related search phrases around that seed keyphrase to advise a client the topical and useful page content that is required.

When a website produces in depth and helpful page content there is a strong likelihood the page could earn traffic from long tail keywords.

Over 40% of searches come from keywords with less than 50 searches a month and many of these are unique and completely new search queries.

Planning a new website, proposal or pitch?

I do keyword and competitor research for web designers and agencies planning new websites.

The client receives the keyword research, sitemap and proposed content before designing and building the website.

Re-designing a website?

I’ve done research for clients getting their website re-designed to discover opportunities and content gaps.

Web Professionals outsource keyword research

Carl is a web designer in London that emails briefs to me and asks for keyword research recommendations for clients.

He creates the content for his clients around my recommendations and mark-ups my fee.

Web Page Content Upgrade Research

No one ever gets keyword research and web content correct the first time of doing.

Through keyword research, I help identify keyword opportunities that can drive more organic by upgrading the page.

I use different keyword research tools

I use keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Soovie, Answer The Public for my core keyword research.

I will also tap into tools such as Keyword Canine, a Reddit keyword research tool and tools to help with topical research.

Do not use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research

The Google Keyword tool is designed for advertisers, it gives keyword broad strokes and competition metrics are based on advertising not organic competition.

So Google Keyword Planner is not the right tool for understanding organic search terms, search volumes or keyword difficulty.

What keyword services do Platonik offer?

Our service is aimed at web professionals, agencies, designers, content marketers as well as business owners.

  • Keyword and competitor research for website proposal along with visual sitemap
  • Link building analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Page title and description analysis
  • Content and gap analysis
  • Organic traffic and click through analysis

Who is Platonik?

Platonik is a virtual, solo, independent research driven web consultancy run by Fraser McCulloch; a marketer of 26 years.

From a marketing degree at university 26 years ago I went into a marketing research role for a sports company and now I’ve come full circle back to research.

For websites we build for clients, I hire web designers, web developers, content creators, white hat link building professionals that work for us on web projects.

I’ve been an Adobe Business Catalyst partner in the UK for 8 years; a web platform that power our client websites.

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