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Platonik offer a keyword research service for web designers, developers, agencies and startup businesses working on website projects.

Free 6-Lesson SEO Keyword Research course for web professionals

A free 6 part email course teaching web professionals how to use keyword research in proposals and to upsell existing clients.

The Keyword Research Course will teach you:

  1. Why a website is not getting ranked high or organic traffic from Google?
  2. How to find keywords that are easy to rank in Google for.
  3. How to identify keywords for website proposals.
  4. Keyword opportunities to sell to existing clients.
  5. How to use keyword research to charge more for web services.
  6. Business Catalyst webBasic+ package and keyword research.
  7. The 1K Rule and Keyword Research

Why Keyword Research?

Planning a new website, re-designing a website or doing search engine optimisation begins by digging using keyword research.

At the start of the movie There Will Be Blood, Daniel Day-Lewis is digging down a 50 foot hole in the desert looking for gold.

He has had to dig that deep because all the easy to find gold near the top of the ground was found by other people well before he arrived.

His desperate searching and digging leads to a broken leg yet he persists and eventually he finds something more valuable than he was originally looking for.

Instead of gold, he found oil; way more valuable.

Web projects and SEO today are very similar to the Daniel Day-Lewis digging experience.

What keyword services do Platonik offer?

  • Keyword and competitor research for website proposal along with visual sitemap
  • Link building analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Page title and description analysis
  • Content and gap analysis
  • Organic traffic and click through analysis
  • View a sample of 13 easy to rank keyword opportunities
  • Content Audit

All the short tail keywords and traffic at the top of the search engines has been taken by the earlier explorers.

Being at the top of the search engines for the easy to find, short tail keywords is almost impossible.

Some business owners will throw some money at PPC advertising and get easy but expensive traffic.

Some business owners will have a go at trying search engine optimisation, they will scratch the top of the surface with their short tail content aimed at short tail keywords.

They might get some little bits of traffic but not enough to make a sustainable business.

Then there are those that did so deep, like Daniel Day-Lewis, that do end up finding something more valuable than they originally planned.

Today, in 2017, the way to dig really, really deep with intensive keyword research.

I’m talking about exploring and digging for 40 hours, 100 hours, or even 200 hours to find value for your website and online business.

Using keyword research I can help a web designer, developer or agency charge more for their services; adding commercial fuel to the pixels and codes they create.

Without doing keyword research you could be missing out on opportunities you don’t know even exist.

I am able to identify markets too tough, too small or not commercially viable.

Using a keyword research service you can minimise your risk before investing too heavily.

Keyword Research Tools cost time and money that's better spent on clients, projects, design, code and writing

You’ll pay $200 minimum per month for a good keyword research tool.

You will have a steep time-consuming learning curve knowing how to use the tools and extract value.

You will spend 10-20 hours on research for a small website.

That is an estimated $1200-$2400 of lost billable income a month.

Keyword research has been built into every website project I have done for the past 10 years.

Now I offer my research expertise as a standalone service.

Planning a new website, proposal or pitch?

I’ve done keyword and competitor research for web designers and agencies planning new websites.

They receive the keyword research, sitemap and proposed content before designing and building the website.

Re-designing a website?

I’ve done research for clients getting their website re-designed to discover opportunities and content gaps.

Outsource your keyword research

Carl is a web designer in London that emails briefs to me and asks for keyword research recommendations for clients.

He creates the content for his clients around my recommendations and mark-ups my fee.

Content Upgrade Research

No one ever gets keywords and web content correct the first time of doing.

Through keyword research, I can identify pages that can drive more organic by upgrading the page.

Backlink and outreach strategy analysis

With link analysis I can discover why a competitor ranks so high and gets so much traffic.

I discovered a client's competitor strategy and recommended a previously un-discovered link strategy.

Low Keyword Difficulty with High Search Volume

I’ve done keyword research to identify high volume commercial keywords and low competition that are easy to rank for.

Here’s an example.

There are 11,000 searches a month for "cooking classes" in the USA and the keyword difficulty is low; with a similar domain rating as the weakest site in the top 10 results and links from 27 other relevant websites has a good chance of ranking in the first page of Google.

Had I not done this keyword research the client would have focused his page on 'cooking courses" which as 1500 searches a month; whilst still a low keyword difficulty the client would have missed a huge opportunity.

Search Volume too low

I’ve identified opportunities for clients where the search volume is too low or too competitive and found related opportunities to boost rankings and traffic.

How I do my keyword planning and research?

I don’t rely on one source, I use Ahrefs, SEMRUSH, Keyword Titan, Answer The Public, LSI Keywords, UberSuggest, KeywordReddit and a few other keyword research tools.

Why can’t I just use Google Keyword Planner tool ?

The problem with Google Keyword tool is that it's designed for advertisers, give keyword broad strokes and competition metrics based on advertising not organic competition.

Website is getting zero to little organic traffic, how can keyword research help?

I can identify topics related to your client's business with good search volume and low keyword difficulty.

You can create a powerful page to rank for multiple keywords, get traffic from the long tail searches and then pick up short tail higher volume traffic as your link building efforts kick in.

Who is Platonik?

Platonik is a virtual, solo, independent research driven web consultancy run by Fraser McCulloch; a marketer of 26 years.

From a marketing degree at university 26 years ago I went into a marketing research role for a sports company and now I’ve come full circle back to research.

For websites we build for clients, I hire web designers, web developers, content creators, white hat link building professionals that work for us on web projects.

I’ve been an Adobe Business Catalyst partner in the UK for 8 years; a web platform that power our client websites.

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