Unlike others, Platonik don't want to just build you a website, we want to build you a successful business using our online expertise.

If you are simply looking for pretty pictures and a website, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. We are here to do real business and solve real business problems.

Platonik websites


Sales Leads or Online Sales

Our clients are looking to attract new customers, to generate new sales enquiries and convert them into paying customers or looking to open up international markets and sell their products online around the world.

New Revenue Streams

We build new revenue generating solutions such as an online training system we built for a fitness instructor and a digital download report solution we built for a gas and oil consulting firm.

More Effective Ways to Run Your Business

We also build entire front end and back end web solutions such as the one we created for a recruitment company in Edinburgh who wanted to list all their vacancies and them publicise new positions to their registered database of job seekers.

Catch Bigger Fish with Online Advertising

We have clients that want to catch bigger customers online and we have clients that want to reduce their traditional marketing spend by moving some of their expenditure into online marketing.

So how do we do this ?

First of all, we have over 25 years of real commercial experience. That gives us a head start on those who just paint pretty pictures and write code. We’ve worked with some major brands in the sports and telecoms industries so we know what it’s like working inside your organisation like yours. And we’ve worked with start up companies and inventors. But the way we work with clients is always the same.

First we explore your business and the landscape you work in.

  • What are your goals ?
  • What product are you selling ?
  • Who are you selling to ?
  • Does your solution or product solve a particular problem ?
  • How can we reach these customers ?
  • How can we dress you up so people trust your business ?
  • How can we make it easy for people to get in touch or buy from you ?
  • How can we find and reach new people who haven't heard about your products ?
  • And how can you arm your team with the tools, knowledge and training to market your business online better?



25 Years Commercial Experience, Partnered with Adobe

When a company board director approached us to revamp their business, we chose Adobe Business Catalyst as the online business weapon of choice. 7 years later and we remained loyal to Adobe for our customers. We are a premium Adobe Business Catalyst partner in the UK and have build over 100 businesses on the platform. In addition we are also a SagePay partner. We use Sagepay as our preferred online payment gateway for trusted multi currency online stores.

Business is much tougher than 10 years ago.

There's more competition around than ever before and business owners always need to improve their revenues and acquisition of customers.

Website neglect

Many business owners get a website built and assume this is the magic wand that will transform their business. Many business owners neglect marketing their business online for long periods of time and see internet marketing as bottom of their 'to do list'.

The Social Economy

When analysing the traffic to numerous websites, there's definitely an increase in visits from Facebook and other social channels. In addition, business owners are spending more time trying to leverage Facebook etc for business purposes.

It's nice to be liked but in my 20 years work experience people buy from you because they have a problem they need or want solved. Conversations with potential customers have to be about their needs and wants and not talking about yourself.

Social media is definitely a way to reach out to new customers and having the knowledge and right approach is crucial if you are going to add social to your marketing mix.

Mobiles, Tablets and responsiveness

There's definitely been significant increases in people visiting websites from mobile phones and tablet devices. iPhones and iPads are still the main devices but visits from Samsung and Blackberry phones are starting to increase.

Websites from 3 years ago weren't built specifically for mobile devices and therefore there's a lot of pinching and squeezing of pages. There's certain types of businesses and services that can benefit from their website being mobile friendly.

So what should a business owner do ?

First off, figure out where you are now and where you want to ? This means analysing everything about your business, your products, your competitors, your customers and potential customers.

Then devising a plan to get from A to B which will most likely include the web as a part of that plan.

A wise old man called Earl Nightingale once said 'success is a progressive realisation of a worthy goal'. If you don't think your website is working, chances are you are not working at it regularly.

If you are working at it and it’s still not working, maybe you have the wrong product for the people you are trying to reach. Maybe you are reaching the wrong people with the right product.

Perhaps we can help. We’ve been around the ‘block a bit’. If you are open up a dialogue,

get in touch

In the last year we have secured contracts with many higher profile customers who simply would never of been able to find us online before.

Grant Galloway / Business Owner

Grant Galloway

We have had more enquiries and we are now able to be found by google, and we are ranking higher every week with Google.

Fraser / Managing Director