Platonik : websites designed & developed with business in mind

Many other web designers think they do websites, but they really don’t.

Platonik are the only ones that build websites to maximise your chance of real tangible results.

Our speciality is the design and build of lead generation websites for new and growing businesses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and San Francisco where their website is central to growth.

Other web designers just design and code

There are 4 main parts to a website; design, code, content and marketing.

Whilst others just design and code, they tend not to the content and marketing.

Platonik do design, code, content and marketing.

Successful websites provide useful content and Google do their best to reward those websites.

If your business want results, you have to put out the effort to produce good content for your users and Google.

Poor quality content doesn't get results with Google.

That’s why Platonik do design, code. content and marketing.

We have the time, skills, experience and tools to marry design, code and content with tangible results.

Websites need useful content

Before a start a web project, we talk to you about your short and long term business goals.

What you offer, your competitors and alternatives people use are investigated.

Then we estimate the market size to ensure the search volume can satisfy your goals.

After that we identify opportunities to get you ranked high on Google.

Our approach is to find the easiest opportunities to get your website seen and ranked.

Harder to rank search phrases are tackled as your web investment grows.

This blog post contains a list of business ideas and opportunities we discover and share regularly.

Website content creation

When the discovery and research process is complete we create website content.

An example of useful content on a recruitment website is a salary guide for job seekers.

A product comparison guide is helpful content for a home owner or developer insulating a home.

A theatre guide on a restaurant website is useful for those looking for pre-theatre dining restaurants.

Website conversion

Creating website content alone isn’t enough, the website must convert visitors into enquiries.

And the design and positioning of forms is critical to maximise web enquiries.

Platonik’s website calculator tool enables business owners to estimate the impact high conversion rates have on their web investment.

You won’t find other web designers or agencies providing a useful web calculator.

Web marketing and links

Websites need links from other websites to improve their trust and authority.

High quality backlinks must be built regularly and proactively.

For a modest monthly fee we identify and add website links and make adjustments to improve your website.

Website advertising

Google isn’t the only way that users discover your website and services.

Smart businesses invest in paid for advertising such as Facebook advertising to drive additional traffic.

How much does a website cost?

Websites vary in cost depending on the design, development, discovery, creation, marketing and maintenance costs.

Read our guide to website costs; written from a business perspective.

Website hosting and content management system

Every website needs a place to host its file and have a content management system to manage it.

Platonik partner Adobe, a $17billion worldwide company, who provide and maintain our client website hosting and CMS.

Adobe Business Catalyst provide bank level website security and support and maintain our websites 24/7 and all year round.

Within the CMS your staff will have all the website and email marketing tools to run a web business.

Custom, bespoke websites with business in mind

We create custom, bespoke mobile friendly websites unique to your business identity and commercial needs.

That's why Platonik the only ones that build your website from a business perspective.

Providing the right blend of tools, experience, skills and people to maximise your chance of real tangible results.

Learn more about our business background, discover the website we've built or read our 9 high ROI online marketing case studies.

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In the last year we have secured contracts with many higher profile customers who simply would never of been able to find us online before.

Grant Galloway / Business Owner

Grant Galloway

We have had more enquiries and we are now able to be found by google, and we are ranking higher every week with Google.

Fraser / Managing Director