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Hi my name is Fraser

I run Platonik and we design, develop and market websites for established and start-up businesses ...

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This is how we do it

It ain't just what we do, it's the way that we do it and that's what gets results.


We have a chat about your business, aims and expectations.

research safari

Our first step is a unique method of identifying your market, finding prospects, their problems and needs.


With our approach to SEO we aim to identify high volume, low competition search phrases to help drive traffic to your website.


We create content that can be added to your website, found and shared by prospects and customers.

web design

We've designed over 150 websites for start-ups and professional service firms on an easy to use web platform.

web development

We develop the website and the tools you need on  your new or existing website.

advertise and promote

Once you're website is up and running we create a bespoke advertising, promotion and backlink campaign to help drive traffic, visitors, leads and sales.

review and improve

A website or business is not a one off occasion it is a continuous process of improvement and we have the tools and skills to measure and improve.


Why a digital marketing agency ?

The vast majority of web creators are designers and coders are great at prettifying and coding things.
A website, web designer or developer isn’t enough anymore because there isn’t just one place to find your prospects and customers.
When clients first approached us they spoke frankly about their business and what they really needed was to attract more customers, earn more sales and generate more business. And that’s what digital marketing is.

 marketing is identifying your market then going out and selling to it. online is just the same.  


Digital Marketing Training Courses

We sell our own digital marketing training courses online and we know what it takes to create, market and sell in a highly competitive digital space.

digital landscape

Digital issues impacting your business

We know that you need someone on an ongoing basis to steer your digital marketing in the right direction making the necessary action to get you to where your business online wants to go.
Google is constantly changing, so you can’t solely rely on them for business.
Google wiped out right hand side adverts so the first 4 results and the bottom 4 results you now have to pay for.
Mobile phones have changed the way we search, look at websites, shop, bank, watch TV and communicate.
There’s no such thing as number one in Google anymore; unless you have deep pockets.
If you want results from Google, you have to put in the effort to produce great content and copy.
Most businesses don't put in the effort, so blame the search engines when they don’t get results or give up.
Businesses have fled to Facebook to reach new customers only to discover they must pay to be displayed in front of people.

the 6 w's

6 Key Questions Shape Digital Marketing Success

To give you the best possible chance of digital marketing success, every digital campaign or website project boils down to a concise brief that consists of 6 key questions.


The first step is to identify the type of people or prospects to target.


Why is the unique problem you solve and reason for marketing.


Where will you find them? On Google, Facebook, Linkedin, forums?


What is the offer that cuts through the clutter of your competitors.


When is the best time of day, week, month to reach them.


How is the strategy to turn them from stranger to customer.


Research, Search Engines and Content

With our focus on research and the search engines we can identify what your market is doing, saying or searching for, what your competitors are doing or spending and devise content or campaigns to leverage these insights for business gain.


Entering the right market online

No one does more user and keyword research than Platonik. Read how we do it.


The Red Bus Rule

The number one strategy that delivers business results

how much ?

What does a website cost ?

The number one question we get asked is "how much for a website?"


Website management benefits

We use same website system that we advocate and license to clients. The following are some of the key website management features you will find on all the websites we design and develop.


Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly websites are a key ranking factor and ours are great in all devices.


Search Engine Friendly

We know what content Google wants; expertise, authoritative and trusted.


Safe & Secure Hosting

Our web partner, Adobe, provide bank level security and support 24/7, 365.


Very Easy To Use

Easy to use CMS and e-Commerce system with in-context help and training videos.


Built In Email Marketing

Our websites come with a built in email marketing tool to communicate with prospects and customers.


Future Proofed

We can develop on top of your existing website without the need for adding buggy plugins.


Key Digital Marketing Services

Every company is faced with a different digital challenge that’s why our 25 years marketing experience and key digital services can address the core marketing challenge you face.

Marketing Safari

Our unique method of identifying your market, finding prospects and their problems and needs.


Our unique SEO method identifies high competitive search phrases to help drive traffic to your website.


We create content that can be found and shared by prospects and customers.


We've built over 150 websites for start-ups and professional service firms.


High quality industry and influencer backlinks to raise your profile and positions in Google.


We generated 397 leads and £250k revenue in 30 days with digital advertising.


Marketing with business in mind

Our digital team comprises 3 web designers, 40 web developers and a project manager and unlike many others, everything we do is done with business in mind...




40 web developers


Project managers
partners of platonik

Digital Partners

We work with a select few trusted digital partners to enable us to deliver websites and digital projects. Adobe for website hosting, content management systems and e-commerce, Stripe and Sagepay for secure internet payments and Webflow for creating responsive web designs.

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