Platonik, unlike other web designers and developers

Unlike other web designers and web developers we have a particular set of skills that businesses need.

We have the ability to get you and your products and services found so that you can maximise the number of enquiries and online sales your business can generate.

These skills are a result of our 25 years working in marketing and sales.

We typically see businesses spent all of their web budgets on custom design and development work and leave nothing left for marketing their business.

Or we see businesses hire other web designers and web developers who don’t put any business thinking into their web projects.

We build new websites and improve existing websites with real business results.

We build marketing right into the start of your web project and put in place an ongoing plan to drive more traffic, more enquiries and more sales.

That's why Platonik are the only company to build your website with business in mind.

We are the only ones that build your website from a business perspective.

We only speak in plain business language and we provide the right assortment of business tools, experience, skills and experience to maximise your chances of real, tangible results.

And of course, the design and development we do is top notch.

With over 25 years of real business experience and having developed over 150 websites, we have business experiences you will not find amongst most web designers and web developers.

And, we are an Adobe Business Catalyst partner (a $17bn company) licensed to use their web platform to develop custom websites for our clients.

Website Design and Development for Recruitment Companies

For the past few years we have been working with a leading Edinburgh recruitment company to design and develop their recruitment website.

Their recruitment website enables them to run most elements of their web business; posting jobs, enabling candidates to apply for positions and targeted email marketing to candidates on their mailing list.

Design and Development for Insurance Brokers and Companies

We have worked with InsureDirect in Kirkcaldy for the latest 4 years in modernising their web site. 

Building a custom responsive website that enables them to easily add new insurance policies and to either generate enquiries directly from the website or direct users to enquire or buy direct their suppliers website.

Online Shop Development for Watch and Fashion Brands

Having worked with fashion brands for over 10 years, we seem to be specialising in niche fashion products such as designer watches and accessories. 

We have developed online shops for a number of Swiss watch brands such as Vulcain Watches and Jaermann and Stuebi as well as the Italian ladies fashion accessory brand Duepunti.

Website Development for Property Developers

We have been responsible for the design and web development of property developer, JC Morton Homes. 

We have helped to market their remaining properties in addition to the efforts of traditional estate agents.

Creating Online Training Courses

We have created and developed online training courses for fitness instructors and even Platonik’s own SEO training courses

Our online training course is aimed at other Adobe Business Catalyst partners seeking search engine optimisation strategies for new or existing websites

Websites we have built

You can see a collection of websites we have built for various business types; all of these custom websites are built on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform.

If you are considering a new website for your business ?

If you are just starting up and consider a new website, then you should read and download our getting started guide.

This guide will answer any questions you have starting your journey as well as outlining the main mistakes to avoid the first time you select a web company, designer or developer.

Not happy with your existing website or online marketing ?

If you are not happy with your existing website or the business results of your current website, then we can help diagnose the problem and come up with solutions to help you and your business.

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In the last year we have secured contracts with many higher profile customers who simply would never of been able to find us online before.

Grant Galloway / Business Owner

Grant Galloway

We have had more enquiries and we are now able to be found by google, and we are ranking higher every week with Google.

Fraser / Managing Director