A website, web designer or developer isn’t enough anymore.

The vast majority of web creators are designers and coders are great at prettifying and coding things.

Just hiring a web designer to make you look good just isn’t enough.

Just hiring a web developer to code things up just isn’t enough.

When clients first approached us they spoke about having a new, improved or pretty looking website.

But when they spoke frankly about their business, what they really needed was to attract more customers, earn more sales and generate more business from the internet.

And that’s what we do.

We build great looking websites that can attract the ideal people to your business with a focus on real business results in mind.

That’s just the starting point, you need more.

You need someone on an ongoing basis to steer your business in the right direction making the necessary action to get you to where your business online wants to go.

  • Google is constantly changing, so you can’t solely rely on them for business.
  • Google wiped out right hand side adverts so the first 4 results and the bottom 4 results you now have to pay for.
  • Mobile phones have changed the way we search, look at websites, shop, bank, watch TV and communicate.
  • There’s no such thing as number one in Google anymore; unless you have deep pockets.
  • If you want results from Google, you have to put in the effort to produce great content and copy.
  • Most businesses don't put in the effort, so blame the search engines when they don’t get results or give up.
  • Businesses have fled to Facebook to reach new customers only to discover they must pay to be displayed in front of people.

The business owner is generally the marketing person in a small business and as a result marketing gets pushed to the bottom of the pile playing second fiddle to the day to day running of the business.

When business owners do hire young marketers they are often overwhelmed and out of their depth, they don’t understand where to start marketing online and are provided with little to no marketing budget.

Those new to internet marketing find that :

  • Online Marketing is overwhelming
  • Online Marketing is time consuming
  • Online Marketing is too technical

A big reason why businesses often fail online at the getting new customer activities is because it’s simply not fun.

Advertising, lead generation, email marketing, research, competitor analysis, writing, photographs, images and setting goals and budgets just isn’t sexy compared to the latest Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest things others do.

If you can have the discipline to have a well thought out internet marketing plan, focused on getting more customers and dedicate resources to the effective activities; you will do much to ensure the survival, health, and long-term success of your business.

What business owners need are experienced internet marketers, what they hire is school leavers and graduates.

What small business owners really need is access to experienced internet marketers but they can only afford a school leaver or a recent graduate looking for their first job.

Always be marketing

We have the right business tools that sit behind every website we build to enable ongoing marketing activity to help acquire new customers and communicate with existing ones.

Your website will not market itself so you can either use these tools to market you own business or give us that responsibility.

But I’m just looking for someone to design a new website !

If you want a pixel perfect website where little to no one shows up or is attracted to what you offer, there’s plenty of artists out there who will gladly take your money.

That’s not what we offer.

There are no guarantees in business but we can reduce your risk with our approach.

Even before you heavily invest, we can create a discovery roadmap so you have greater confidence that the right people could show up and are attracted to your offerings.

You can take that roadmap with you and use with other companies or you can work with us.

We worked with a legal firm that wanted to enter an extremely competitive market that would have been expensive and costly to enter.

We de-risked their investment and produced a roadmap that helped to get them clients in the first couple of weeks whilst they built up revenue before investing further.

You sound more expensive than a web designer

With our approach you are making an investment not an expense and this page highlights the difference between the price and cost of a website.

Platonik are the only company to build your website with business in mind.

With over 25 years of real business experience and having developed over 150 websites, we have business experiences you will not find amongst most web designers and web developers.

And, we are an Adobe Business Catalyst partner (Adobe are a $17bn company) licensed to use their web platform for website development and marketing; and we use Adobe for our website and online marketing. 

We only speak to prospects and clients in plain business language and we provide the right assortment of business tools, experience, skills and experience to maximise your chances of real, tangible results.

We are the only ones that build your website from a business perspective.

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In the last year we have secured contracts with many higher profile customers who simply would never of been able to find us online before.

Grant Galloway / Business Owner

Grant Galloway

We have had more enquiries and we are now able to be found by google, and we are ranking higher every week with Google.

Fraser / Managing Director