Power Pages by Platonik help promote great looking websites that aren't getting results


When you have a great looking website but you’re not seeing results from your web pages in Google, your pages aren't getting page impressions or organic traffic, then power pages are the seo strategy to pursue.

With a Power Page you get the immediate benefit of a promotion and the longer term benefit of organic traffic from the search engines.

Both of which are great for your business.

Power Pages are the next step for websites not seeing results.

  • You’re too busy.
  • You don’t know the next step for your website.
  • You are prepared to invest in the long term.
  • You believe in research, seo and great content for users.

That’s why power pages will more than likely work for you and your website.

So what exactly are Power Pages ?

Power Pages, used by many of the big websites and brands, and:

  • Power Pages are shared on social networks; without you doing the mundane tweeting, liking or following.
  • They gets clicked on and more organic search traffic.
  • Power Pages gets ranked for lots of different search results in Google.
  • They gets traffic from Google.
  • Power pages with lead magnets and a strong call to action help people subscribing to your email list.
  • And over time, power pages help people buy your products or services.
  • Really great Power Pages earn backlinks from other websites when promoted.

So who are Power Pages for?

Power Pages work for any website or business but here are some specific examples and case studies.

Power Pages for Shopify ecommerce websites

We recently completed a power page for a home furniture and accessories company that sells products online using the Shopify platform.

  • We identified a highly searched topic with thousands of related keywords and low keyword difficulty.
  • We discovered, after talking to end users, they had issues buying products in this industry.
  • We created a buyers guide Power Page that takes consumers through each step they need to consider before purchasing a product.
  • We wrote a 4500 word guide to rank for hundreds of keywords we found in our keyword research discovery.
  • We hand coded and designed the power page on a Shopify page with responsive web design layout, of course.
  • We included our Jump To on page optimisation method to ensure the power page is user friendly.
  • We wrote a Google and user friendly page title and description that focused on the main keywords to maximise click through rates.
  • After launching the power page, we socially promoted the page; after 2 weeks the page has had 500 shares on Facebook.
  • Then we identified people and websites who linked to competitor pages.
  • We reached out to them asking for feedback on the power page.
  • We earned some initial backlinks from a few industry related websites.

Within 3 weeks the power page is the client’s 9th best page in Google’s organic search results.

We fully expect the page to be their top page for organic search traffic in a few months time.

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Power Pages for recruitment websites

If you are recruitment consultancy, then a Power Page such as salary guide or a guide how to write CV’s or prepare for interviews are popular and useful in attracting candidates to register on a recruitment website.

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Power Pages for web design agencies

If you are a web design or web development agency, then take a look at our own Power Pages below.

Most of our blog posts are Power Pages.

Our business ideas Power Page is aimed at people looking to start up in business; we give them fully researched ideas before they even start looking for or consider a website or web designer.

This Power Page is ranked in Google UK and USA for over 3500 different search queries.

The page is seen over 55,000 times a month in the search results.

power page keywords

This Power Page gets over 1000 visits per month from Google and look at the average position; 51.

In 3 days the page got shared 143 times and 47 visits to it.

15 people have subscribed to our mailing list by downloading a PDF version of the Power Page.

We send the page out to our own database once per month.

We have another Power Page called “Broken Link Building Guide

We created and designed a step by step guide to finding and earning links from other websites.

In a highly competitive market the page ranks for hundreds of search terms.

The page is found in Google for 260 different search queries.

The page gets 16 visits a month from Google and it’s not even near page one.

This Power Page has 1232 views on YouTube.

It’s ranked number 5 for broken link building tutorial, number 6 for broken link building and number 3 for broken link building 2016.

It’s been shared 500 times in 11 days and had 44 visits.

And 16 people have joined the mailing list by opting in to download a PDF version of the Power Page.

Power Pages are a blend of research, design, development, writing and promotion.

  • You don’t know what people search for or what’s popular. We do.
  • You are used to creating small pages about you and your business; we create long, detailed pages your users love to read and share and Google loves to rank.
  • We have 8 proven Power Page frameworks that are proven to rank for multiple keywords and earn Google traffic.
  • Whilst you may know how to tweet and Facebook, you don't time to invest on social networks sharing your Power Page; we do.
  • You don’t know how or what will incentivise someone to join your mailing list or database whilst reading your Power Page; we do.
  • You don’t know how to report the results of this Power Page to those inside your company.

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Power Pages for manufacturers

We have a client that manufacturers a product and faces severe competition from the market leader.

Architects and specifiers dictate that customers use the market leading product.

So we created a Power Page for customers that compared the benefits of the client’s product with the market leader; similar to the 'I’m a PC and I’m a Mac' campaign.

This is a strategy to start a conversation between the customer and specifier to at least consider the client’s equal if not better product.

You have a city, event or activity to promote

For those who have a city, event or activity to promote, you know people come to do more things than just visit you.

They generally have an itinerary of things to do or see.

We created a Power Page idea that was a list of 50 things to see and do in a city that included the client’s activity.

It put the client on people’s ‘shopping list’ of things to do before they booked their hotel or flights.

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Questions about Power Pages

How much does a Power Page cost ?

A Power Page is one flat fee; 50% paid upfront, 50% paid 30 days later.

Contact us.

Do Power Pages work on any website?

Yes we can work on most CMS systems such as WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento and Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst.

Do you need access to our website ?

It would help but we can supply all the HTML and images for you or your designer to add yourself.

I want to rank certain keywords.  Can I choose the theme of the Power Page ?

Part of the Power Page process is identifying what people are looking for, searching and sharing. It that matches your keywords then, in principle, yes.

I don’t have a website yet, can you create and promote a Power Page for me?

Of course we can; for a little extra, we can register a domain name, set-up website hosting, create and promote your Power Page also with other activity we do to promote new websites.

Where will a Power Page appear on my website?

We can add it as a blog post or a page; as part of your existing website navigation or structure; that’s your decision.

Will my Power Page be designed as per our brand guidelines?

Yes; we’ll use the same fonts, colours, tone of voice and image style your brand currently uses.

How many Power Pages can I have?

Of course; ideally you want to create and promote one Power Page per month.

What guarantees do you offer?

Our experience and results above demonstrate we can rank a Power Page for multiple keywords and earn organic traffic, visits and social shares.

Before we start a Power Page Promotion with you, we show you the theme of the Power Page and don't start until you are in agreement.

We show you the search volume of the Power Page then, you preview and approve the Power Page copy and design and we promote it for 60 days.

If you don’t get any shares or visits in 60 days, we shall promote the Power Page again at our cost for another 60 days and make adjustments to improve the overall Power Page performance.

Who is Platonik?

Platonik is a virtual, solo, independent research driven web consultancy run by Fraser McCulloch; a marketer of 26 years.

From a marketing degree at university 26 years ago I went into a marketing research role for a sports company and now I’ve come full circle back to research.

For websites we build for clients, I hire web designers, web developers, content creators, white hat link building professionals that work for us on web projects.

I’ve been an Adobe Business Catalyst partner in the UK for 8 years; a web platform that power our client websites.

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