Broken Link Building Book and Video Guide

How do I get backlinks ?

This is a step by step guide book and video course for business owners, web agencies, web designers, web developers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone struggling to get good, relevant backlinks.

Average cost to buy a backlink is $352

£87 for the Broken Link Building guide book

ePub, Mobi, and PDF Format and Video Training Course.

Proven, repeatable link strategy

Good backlinks from relevant websites are the number one ranking factor to improve your page position in Google and organic search traffic.

There are hundreds of link building strategies that work.

I am providing one proven, repeatable link building strategy.

With a step by step guide book and video course you can follow.

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How many pages in the book?

There are 91 pages in the ePub/iBook version.

How do I pay?

Press the buy now button, you’ll be sent to a secure Paypal page, you can either login with your Paypal credentials or pay with your credit or debit card and then you’ll be directed back to my website.

Will I need to pay for additional software ?

Yes, 3 subscriptions that will cost in total $147

Will there be training videos?

Yes, there’s a link at the end of the book where you can access the training videos that accompany the book.

Will there be updates to the book?

This is version one of the book and it’s the first book I’ve ever written. No doubt there will be a few changes or revisions I'll make so I'll be sure to send you an updated version if that occurs.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you even have to ask that, you’re in the wrong place. Put my website address into and look at my new backlinks. That’s proof this link building strategy works. So no, this is no money back guarantee.

Why charge in UK Sterling?

I live in the UK and that’s my currency; don’t worry the exchange rate works reasonably well in your favour.

What language is the book written in ?

Only in English.

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