About Fraser McCulloch of Platonik

Fraser McCulloch of Platonik

If you've read this far, you might wish to know a little bit of background about the owner of Platonik, Fraser McCulloch.

Most businesses are started by one person. The chap who started Platonik is Fraser McCulloch.

After realising very quickly he’d never make a living playing golf, Fraser studied marketing for 4 years in the late 80's at Stirling University taking a real interest in retailing and why people buy what they buy.

Wishing to combine sports and marketing, Fraser worked with a variety of sports brands in England such as Dunlop, Slazenger and Reebok.

This marketing career covered marketing research, managing marketing campaigns, managing brands and running a team of European distributors.

Fraser managing to grow a sales network from $1million to $3million in a fairly static market.

Setting his sights higher, Fraser got into the telecommunication and internet industry with a company called ntl - who sponsored various football teams such as Celtic, Rangers, Newcastle and Aston Villa in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

When ntl signed a sponsorship agreement with the two Glasgow football clubs, Fraser’s sports marketing background made him the ideal person to leverage the relationship between ntl and these two clubs.

Without giving away confidential information, Fraser was able to turn a £3million sponsorship investment into considerably more revenue every year.

Some of the projects to drive revenues and leverage the sponsorship deal were unlike any other activity sponsors had typical done in the past.

As the deal came to end Fraser sought opportunities elsewhere and ventured into marketing consultancy with a number of web development and technical companies.

Venturing into the world of web development

Through a close contact, an emerging e-commerce company needed marketing help. After a series of conversations it turned out they didn’t need marketing help, they needed more sales leads and more clients.

As the company and Fraser started acquiring new business the projects required someone to manage the development of the websites.

These large e-commerce store developments required worked closely with business owners, developers and designers.

One particular project was taking too long to build. The website was being built on open source technology and very reliant on specific web developers.

If that developer got ill or left the business, it became difficult for other developers to understand how the “engine” worked.

This development process affected the whole business operation. The client became unhappy with the time taken to finish the project, which affected cashflow, which affected the owners of the agency.

Fraser soon recognised he could do web development and marketing better, faster and quicker for business owners but under his system and his name.

Then the board of directors called

An old university friend who had invested in a company called and sought Fraser’s help. The company needed to grow it’s business and modernise how it did business using the web.

After exploring various website, e-commerce, customer database, sales lead and email marketing system, Fraser met Adobe.

Introducing Adobe Business Catalyst

The attraction of the Adobe web platform was, and still is, that all the tools you need to run a business were located in the one place. You don’t have to worry about hosting or if the website goes down or gets hacked as Adobe have engineers monitoring things.

You have a dashboard when you log in to the admin area and see a snapshot of web visits, enquiries and sales.

You can control most aspects of the website, navigation, add blog posts, add new products, run promotions and send targeted email campaigns.

Here's a question and answer conducted with the Managing Director of United Sports USA, one of our long standing client.

Here's a telephone interview Fraser did with Adobe Business Catalyst evangelist, Adam Broadway where we discussed online businesses and talking in the client's language.

Evolving toward keyword research, content creation and link building

For the past two years I've evolved Platonik to focus on my core marketing skills.

So now I specialise in keyword research, content creation such as Power Pages and link building.

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