Personalised and custom keyword research service to suit your website and business

If you are starting a website project or looking to improve your existing website, then keyword research is at the core of your success. We provide keyword research, content creation and link building along with web design and promoting your pages.

To learn about the types of keywords and opportunities I can identify click here.

1 Easy To Rank Keyword Report

1 personalised easy to keyword research report showing search volume, 100's of related keywords, keyword difficulty, links required to rank the page, page title and page content recommendation. All you do is create the content.

4 Easy To Rank Keyword Report

4 personalised easy to keyword research report showing search volume, 100's of related keywords, keyword difficulty, links required to rank the page, page title and page content recommendation. All you do is create the content.

8 Easy To Rank Keyword Report

8 personalised easy to keyword research report showing search volume, 100's of related keywords, keyword difficulty, links required to rank the page, page title and page content recommendation. All you do is create the content.

12 Easy To Rank Keyword Report

12 personalised easy to keyword research report showing search volume, 100's of related keywords, keyword difficulty, links required to rank the page, page title and page content recommendation. All you do is create the content.

Power Page Promotion

We do the keyword research to identify a highly searched topic related to your business that's easy to rank, creation the content, design and code the page and promote it for 60 days.

Keyword Research for new or existing website

We do the keyword research for 20 service and blog posts, the search traffic levels and keyword difficulty and produce a spreadsheet and sitemap for your planned website project. Ideal for new website or to improve existing websites that aren’t getting enough traffic.

Improve My Website SEO Audit

We will examine your website traffic, positions in Google, page content, backlinks, page optimisation and recommend a course of action to improve your traffic, enquiries and conversions.

We will also recommend 4 new page topic opportunities with all the keywords in the topic and the keyword difficulty.

You will receive a PowerPoint presentation, audio talk through of the presentation and a one hour follow up telephone call.

This is for websites up to 500 pages. For bigger websites, use the contact link below.

Link Building

We specialise in broken link building; the best way to generate high quality relevant backlinks to boost your pages and traffic.

Full Package

We do the keyword research to identify easy to rank opportunities, produce the content, create the Power Pages, design and host the website and promote it.

Benefits of Outsourcing Keyword Research

100% personalised done for you keyword research.

I personally do the keyword research myself. It’s not outsourced. There’s an art, science and 25 years working in marketing and websites behind this service.

Provide clients with easy to rank keywords or topics.

I have a process for providing clients with keyword or topical ideas; I find easy to rank keywords with 1000+ searches a month and a low keyword difficulty rating.

Spread 4,8,12 Keywords amongst your clients.

After you order you will be sent a client briefing form. You can specify 4 keywords for one website or one different keyword for 4 different websites.

No more wondering what content to create or write.

No more scratching heads, staring at a blank screen or racking your brains. When you have the keywords and page suggestions you’ll know what to write.

Upsell clients by charging for keyword research idea.

Be proactive and demonstrate leadership by providing clients with opportunities for them to leverage or re-active dormant clients.

Save on subscription fees and un-billable hours.

A subscription to a service like Ahrefs plus 10 hours of your time a month will cost you between $679 & $899 a month.

How It Works - Our Process


Order one of my 4,8 or 12 Keyword Research Reports.


Then complete the client briefing form telling me the websites you want me to research and any notes or keyword suggestions.


In 5-7 days I will send you the Keyword Report delivered in an easy to understand report with keyword search volume, difficulty, links required to rank in the top 10, page title and page content recommendations.

Example Keyword Research Report


Frequently asked questions about buying keyword research services

How do I pay?

Press the buy button, you’ll be sent to a secure Paypal page, you can either login with your Paypal credentials or pay with your credit or debit cards and then you’ll be directed back to my website.

What happens after I order?

You will receive email confirmation of your order. Then 5 minutes later you will receive the client briefing form to complete.
You may not have the keyword or topic ideas ready; don’t worry I’ll send you a reminder in 5 days to complete the client briefing form.

When will I receive the keyword reports?

You will receive within 5-7 working days at the latest; sooner hopefully.

Is this a one off order or monthly subscription?

This is a one off, ad hoc order. If the reports help you and your client's I'll send you an email 30 days later inviting you to re order !

Why charge in UK Sterling?

I live in the UK and that’s my currency; don’t worry the exchange rate works in your favour.

Will you share these keyword/topic ideas elsewhere?

No; the ideas and reports are exclusively for you and your clients.

Do you provide non-English keywords ?

No. We just do English language.

Do you provide the content creation for the keywords/topic?

No we don’t but we’ll recommend writers and content producers for you if required.

What type of keywords we identify in our research ?

Ideally problem searches, product, brand, feature, evaluation of alternatives and commercial search terms.

The keyword research section of this seo guide contains the following parts.

First let's look at the types of keyword searches and the user intention behind them.

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Types of keyword searches and user intent.

Thankfully I studied buyer behaviour as part of my marketing degree at university decades ago.

So I have matched up the 4 buying stages with the types of searches people make.

These 4 stages in the buying process aren’t linear; in other words they don’t happen one stage after the other.

When people search online, they have an intention behind that search.

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Problem or need keyword research

This is the first and most important step in the buying decision.

Without recognising users have a need or problem, a purchase more than likely won’t take place.

Here are 3 problem or need based search terms people used to find my website.

  • home based business ideas
  • small business ideas
  • online business ideas

What’s going on inside the head of someone making these searches ?

  • are they unhappy at work?
  • do they need second income?
  • are they going to get fired?

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Information search

An informational search is what a user may do after they have recognised a problem or need they have.

They are trying to find the best solution to their problem.

Here are some example searches my website gets.

  • starting an online store
  • start an online shop
  • open my own online store
  • how to start an online boutique

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Brand/product search

Users may be aware of brands they have been exposed to, know or trust that can help solve their problem.

Here are some example brand searches:

  • shopify
  • adobe business catalyst
  • adobe muse

Users may also go to a brand website, such as Amazon, then do a search for the brand or product they are looking for there.

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Product searches

  • what is business catalyst
  • business catalyst support
  • adobe business catalyst pricing
  • business catalyst partner program

Other product search examples in this market would:

  • e-commerce software
  • shopping cart solutions
  • online store builders

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Feature searches

  • business catalyst web apps
  • business catalyst templates
  • business catalyst security
  • business catalyst hosting
  • is business catalyst included in creative cloud

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Evaluation of alternative searches

As users get further down the line in their buying process they will evaluate alternative products and brands.

  • business catalyst v squarespace
  • adoe muse v weebly
  • business catalyst v shopify
  • business catalyst v big commerce
  • business catalyst alternatives
  • business catalyst v magento
  • adobe business catalyst review
  • successful business catalyst stores

I recently created content to support people searching for ‘adobe business catalyst v wordpress’.

A lot of website owners omit this type of content on their website and miss out on a lot of users.

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Purchase decision searches

This is the fourth stage; where the purchase takes place.

In the example I’ve used, people make searches such as:

  • business catalyst partner free partner
  • business catalyst premium partner cost
  • contact business catalyst

For other brands and products, purchase decision searches will include terms such:

  • buy
  • order
  • purchase
  • nearest store
  • where to buy

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Summarising different types of searches

So before you start doing your keyword research, review the 4 buyer behaviour related search types above and consider the content gaps in your website you have.

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Why a new business or website needs to do keyword research

The keyword research service I provide is essentially a sub-set of a business SWOT analysis except you are looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats online.

In my experience business owners approach our company seeking a website to either sell products online or generate business enquiries.

We provide a keyword research service that does the SWOT analysis to help shape the website we are going to develop, the page content we need to create and marketing of the site to help the client achieve their business goals.

Enter a large market where the competition is too strong and it’s likely you will have difficulty generating website traffic, sales or enquiries.

Enter a small market and it’s likely there aren’t enough people searching to generate a sufficient level of website traffic, sales or enquiries.

Ignore buying behaviour search types and you will miss out on buyers searching for a solution to their problem.

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Why an existing business or website needs to do keyword research

Every goal orientated business owner takes regular reviews of where they are now and where they want to be and keyword research for an existing business or website forms part of that review process.

Keyword research can identify new opportunities, opportunities previously missed, review what competitors are doing and help map out a plan to get the business or website to their next goal.

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There are 4 types of keywords

The keywords within the green box are the easiest to rank keywords.

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Where do you get your keyword ideas from?

Here are a few places you can begin to find keywords that can start your keyword research process.

  • Keyword Titan SEO Wizard
  • Ask the Public
  • Google related searches
  • Reddit keyword research
  • SEMRUSH keyword tool
  • Ahref keyword tool
  • Google Analytics and webmaster tools
  • Questions people post on Twitter or Facebook groups you are in

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Factors In Ranking

According to search engine ranking research done by Brian Dean, SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, Market Muse and SimilarWeb, the 4 most important factors in a ranking a website are:

  • Number of referring domains
  • Total external backlinks
  • URL Length
  • Web page Link authority

Look at the Dom TF (Domain Trust Factor) for the top 10 results for this 'adobe business catalyst' search result- the web sites with lower DOM TF tend to have less page referring domains.

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Most people do Keyword Research wrong

Beginners tend to use the Google Planner tool but Google only show you the keywords used for advertising.

Those who use other keyword tools only examine the competition of the number one ranked site.

What I look for is the weakest site in the top 10 for keyword with a decent volume of monthly searches.

  • Look for websites with a low number of referring domains
  • Find websites with a small number of referring page domains
  • Websites with domain and page trust factor similar to your own are the ones you have a chance to outrank

If a domain such as has a Domain Trust Factor of 55 and I have a domain trust factor of 14, I cannot outrank them; all things being equal.

Moz, Ahrefs and KT all have their own domain and page authority scoring system.

I’ll need lots of high quality, relevant sites pointing to my better page content to give me a chance of outranking them.

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How to find easy to rank keywords with Ahrefs

Ahrefs will now tell you how many referring domains to a page you need to rank in the top 10 for a keyword.

  • Easy - 0-10 domains
  • Medium - 11-36 domains
  • Hard - 37 -200 domains
  • Super hard - 200 plus domains

In the above example, Ahrefs shows this search terms with 5500 monthly searches requires 4 backlinks to rank a page in the top 10 search results.

Using another keyword research tool for the same keyword idea, shows this is a very easy keyword to rank for with the weakest site having 23 referring domains and 4 page domains.

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Keyword research summary.

You need to find keywords relevant to the website you want to rank with a good number of monthly searches and a competitor in the top 10 with a domain trust factor similar to yours and has a low number of websites pointing to it and to its page.

Then, when you've done your keyword research, you can focus on creating content that is useful and helpful and other aspects of search engine optimisation.

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