White Hat SEO Link Building Service

We manually build white hat links from other websites to clients websites.

Backlinks from industry related, highly authoritative websites are the single most important search engine ranking factor in boosting a website's position in the search engines and increasing organic traffic.

Free download : What is link building worth in £/$ to a business?


Free download : What is link building worth in £/$ to a business?

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Link building will help to build website domain authority, the position of all web pages in Google and organic search traffic.

link building boost organic search traffic

Search Engine Ranking Factors

A search engine ranking study by SEMRush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb, Backlinko and MarketMuse showed that the most important factor in ranking in the top 10 search engine page results was referring domains; in other words; backlinks.

search ranking factors

  • Number of referring domains
  • Total external backlinks
  • URL length
  • Webpage link authority (Ahrefs URL Rating)

Backlinks from relevant, highly rated websites are the number 1 factor in boosting organic traffic.

Without high quality, relevant links from other websites to yours, your website will stand still in the search engine result pages.

Your web pages may also get overtaken by other websites who are proactively promoting their web pages, improving their page content and proactively building links.

It’s a fact that links from other relevant websites are the NUMBER ONE REASON for higher rankings and more organic traffic from Google.

Most business owners do little proactive link building and most web designers and web developers are too swamped designing and coding to do this type of work.

How link building improves organic search traffic

Here is a screenshot from a client's Google Analytics account showing an improvement in organic traffic after proactive links were built to their website.

link building boost organic search traffic

Why do websites link to other websites?

Adding an external link to a relevant resource or article can help to explain to Google what your web page is about.

If you are commercially orientated that can help boost your position in Google a little.

I wrote a blog post about making websites mobile friendly.

The first link on my page points to a Wikipedia article about responsive web design.

Now take this BBC News article written about a company fined for providing poor broadband service.

Hovering over the coloured text on a page shows a link.

This link goes to an external website; a backlink for Ofcom.org from bbc.co.uk.

The writer of this BBC article linked to a news article from the telecoms regulators; Ofcom.

Journalists generally have to cite the source of official news to back up their story.

Therefore Ofcom gets a backlink from the BBC.

Search engine optimisation is not on page, SEO is 90% link building

If you look at the features pages of companies like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, SquareSpace, Adobe Muse and Business Catalyst they all say something like "We support SEO best practices like customisable H1, title, and meta tags".

Many business owners think that adding a page title and meta description to a web page their SEO work is done.

On Page SEO is dead !

The marketing director of Ahrefs posted a link to their blog post that on page optimisation was dead.

He caused a bit of controversy.

What his study really meant to say was just putting your keyword in your page title, page header and meta description won't help much in trying to rank high in Google.

Every research and study I've read points to backlinks being the number one factor in ranking web pages higher.

The best place to start link building

When you have a brand new website you want to start with 'citation' link building.

You can start adding your website to your Facebook page, Google My Business page, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.

You can also submit your website to local industry directories which some of the the foundation signals and links you need to put in place to show the search engines you are a legitimate business.

I've published a detailed list of citations and backlinks here.

The next step is to get links from industry body websites.

Some of these industry bodies will charge you an annual fee for using their accreditation and most have a directory of suppliers on their website where you can add and earn your high quality, authoritative industry links.

Beyond citation and industry body backlinks, many businesses and web professionals stop link building.

The next stage that website owners and content creators turn to is writing content to get backlinks.

Creating relevant, helpful, compelling web content

The aim of Google and other search engines is to provide the user with the most relevant and useful content and they’ll reward those web pages that do that with higher positions in the search results.

When there are thousands of relevant and similar pages that are useful for the user, Google will tend to display the most trusted websites or the website with relevant links pointing to their page.

Types of white hat link building

There are many different strategies and tactics SEO experts use to build links to websites and web pages.

Our favourite strategy is called broken link building as we believe, with this method, that we are doing a service for Google and website owners in fixing old dead links with new, improved links.

  • Resource Page
  • Link Roundups
  • Guest Posting
  • Sponsored posts
  • Link reclamation
  • Blog posts comments
  • Forum links
  • Infographics
  • Press Links

Avoid Black hat link building

You want to avoid services that sell pyramid links, tiered links or who sell guest posts on low quality irrelevant websites.

You also want to avoid buying links people who advertise on websites like Fiverr; if you value your website you don’t want someone you don’t know or trust touching your most precious digital asset.

Here’s a screenshot from Ahrefs showing the increased backlinks to Platonik.co.uk using broken link building.

link building case study results

Here’s a screenshot showing more keywords ranking in Google and more organic traffic.

referring domains

Oh but ....

We have created and shared our SEO recipe, provide 15 free backlink resources and research and proof about increasing your
organic traffic so the only objection is not taking any action.

What some SEO experts said about our link building results.

These people have probably tried lots and lots of different internet marketing tactics in the past and they haven’t work.

By sharing my results they could picture these results in their minds and achieving this.

Our link building strategy is white hat, repeatable and works for any new or mature website

We have over 400 businesses and web professionals on our database that have either purchased previous SEO training courses or have opted in to receive information about SEO and link building.

Since our link building service is done manually we work on a supply and demand basis; so if we are busy we have to pencil you in for a future day.

Link Building software

Here are the tools we use to identify link building opportunities.

Software alone is not enough to build and earn links.

You need to be creative, you need to have access to people who can create links, you need to have valuable content that is worth linking to and you need to put in considerable time and effort.

Ahrefs.com subscriptions start at $99 a month.

I use the $179 a month plan.

They also offer a free 14 day trial so you can experiment and try out.

Ahrefs offer the biggest and most up to date backlink database that enable SEO experts to analyse websites and backlinks.

Link building is not a cheap online marketing activity,

Start using our Link Building Service and boost your domain rating and organic traffic

You can try out our link building service but we encourage clients to have an ongoing link building campaign to continuously boost their domain authority, rankings and organic traffic.

Free download : What is link building worth in £/$ to a business?


Free download : What is link building worth in £/$ to a business?

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