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25 years ago my mum and dad used to have two high street electrical lighting shops. They sold light fittings made of paper.

They leased some high street shops and my dad sourced the products from the manufacturers.

They made a good living from this business until my mum decided to return to nursing and the multiple stores like B&Q and Do It All took over the little store operators like mum and dad.

I wonder how long it takes for online aggregators to gobble up brands like B&Q, Wickes, Do it All?

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The hardest thing in the world

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Incremental online sales

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How to find or follow a UK journalist

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Ecommerce that goes pop !

You have to check out this amazing ecommerce site called I think the developers are still at college !
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Reason to believe

i've met people from many different types of businesses in the past 20 years. Some aspiring entrepreneurs and some who have made it.  View Full Article

I'm hearing lots of wows and amazings

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How blogging and buzz works

Good review of how Universal Studios used the blogging network to build buzz for the marketing campaign of the new Miami Vice movie.

Side note: the music from the new movie is cool enough for me.

ps: I wrote this on my old defunct blog 3 years ago.

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so what difference does it make?

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Earn Traffic

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