Increase in organic traffic, social traffic, total traffic and sales leads

In this SEO case study I will outline how I increased my organic search traffic by 691% and sales leads by 900% in 12 months.

A year ago this website received 173 visits per month from Google’s organic search results, last month there were 1370 organic visits.

I also increased my social traffic from 34 to 1154 visits and my total website from 537 to 3261 visits per month.

And finally I increased my total lead conversions by 1100%; in other words I turned this traffic into enquiries and sales leads for my business.

Search traffic up 691%

Search traffic from Google's organic search results have increased 691% over this time last year due to my investment in keyword research, creating helpful content, earning links and promoting my page content.

Social traffic up 3294%

Increasing social traffic was never part of my plan until I invested in a social promotion solution helping me reach people in my industry who shared and visited my page content.

Total traffic up 507%

As a result of increased organic and social traffic, total website traffic has increased 507% over this time last year; from 537 to 3261 visits per month

Sales leads up 1100%

More importantly I have been able to leverage this increased website traffic and convert visits into subscribers to my database and sell services.

Strategy for increasing organic search traffic

I audit the website looking for issues and improvements and then use paid keyword research tools to identify what people are looking for and easy to rank opportunities.

Then I product content around these searches, typically as in depth guides, then promote the content.

Most pages have a call to action to subscribe to my mailing list and on a weekly basis I improve the page content and click through rates.

Website Audit

The first page of a site audit consists of running the website through Screaming Frog to detect any page title and description issues such as duplication and review of page word counts.

I can also quickly audit larger websites using the Webris site audit tool that produces a summary of pages to improve, remove, upgrade or re-direct.

Keyword Research

Doing keyword research provides the knowledge and reassurance I am choosing the right keywords and page topics before creating content for my website.

I use premium paid for research tool; avoiding free tools such as Google's keyword planner.

Typically I look for top of the funnel keyword opportunities with high search volume and low keyword difficulty.

I also reverse engineer competitor pages by looking at where they rank, how many other keywords they rank for and their backlinks to determine if I can provide a better page resource.

I would say the key to my organic search improvements has been creating page resources around these top of the funnel search queries.

Content Frameworks & Creation

The majority of my pages are topics; designed to rank for hundreds of closely related search terms.

The pages on this website that generate the most organic traffic are a business ideas resource, a review of a content management system and a guide to planning a website for web professionals.

My audience is either those starting up in business or web professionals; designers, agencies, SEO and content managers.

Link Building

I did 2 broken link building campaigns to help me earn authority links from relevant industry websites.

Next I moved onto social influencer link building.

For 5 straight months I socially promoted 20 of my blog posts which has resulted in 13,027 shares and 3257 clicks to my website.

This earned a mixture of low and high quality websites linking to my pages.

What I love about social influencer link building is that it requires no manual labour; promote a page resource and let the social promotion company do the rest.

Call to action

Since my pages are long form guides, I inserted a call to action button throughout the body of each page to encourage site visitors to subscribe to the offer on each page.

For example, if you visit my broken link building page you can enter your name and email address to download the first 9 chapters of my link building guide.

I keep the opt in form basic; enter your first name, email address and sometimes job title.

I have a pop up form but wait until people have read 75% of the page or wait 2 minutes before triggering the pop up opt in.

This respect for the user and the additional traffic has increased my leads and website conversion rate.

On Page Improvements

Over the course of the last 12 months I have made weekly changes and improvements.

I check the page click through rates and seek ways to improve the page titles and descriptions.

Then I review the page content to see if the page relevancy is weak or there’s additional content I need to add.

SEO 80/20 and snowball effect

Some of my content works well in the search engines and other page resources don’t perform as well.

Call it the 80/20 rule; 80% of my search traffic comes from 20% of my pages.

I reached my goal of 1000 organic visits per month 2 months ahead of time.

I’m fairly certain if I did not touch my website for another 12 months the organic traffic would continue to grow like a snowball because of the strong page resources and backlinks I have created.

Scaling SEO effort & equivalent advertising value

I chose to share my results and process because of a comment a client made recently.

“When I search SEO case studies, no one has any results because they don’t know what they are doing”.

That’s a somewhat true observation however many SEO agencies are under nondisclosure agreements and businesses don’t like to share results with competitors.

I believe I operate in a difficult and competitive market place.

There’s certain topics online such as SEO, keyword research, web design and web development that are simply too difficult for me to create content to get ranked for.

I have a scalable SEO strategy where I lead and drive SEO.

I have access to professional writers whom I can brief to create content upon proven content framework and the keyword research I undertake.

I have a team of web designers and developers who have created websites for me for 10 years and I have a team of link builders whom I trust to do broken link building, round up link building and social influencer link building.

Finally, the equivalent advertising value of my organic traffic is around £33,600 per annum.

I’ve invested more than 336 hours or 28 hours per month in achieving these results.

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