About Platonik

I started Platonik as a web design and development company in 2010 because I really wanted to help companies grow their business online.

But building a website is completely differently from growing a website.

Put simply; no traffic no sales.

And SEO, traffic from Google’s organic search results, is still the number 1 source of website traffic.

Organic clicks massively outweigh paid clicks.

That’s why I’ve focused on SEO for the past 4 years.


I did a marketing degree at university and got my first job after graduating in 1990 as a marketing research executive at a major sports company.

From there I worked in marketing, brand and sponsorship management for various large companies for 12 years.

One time, during a marketing meeting a problem was raised.

Telephone sales calls weren’t getting through to enable customers to talk to sales staff.

People who have hired me

Reasons to be cheerful; my organic traffic from Google is up 43% on last year.”

– Richard England, Comms Manager

We have a marketing agency in NZ and have used Fraser’s SEO services for our clients. He’s excellent and would highly recommend him.

– Colm McGrath, Concilio

Happy to recommend you to anyone looking for advanced on-page SEO help.

– Brian Dean, Backlinko

Excellent seo / content ideas service. My sites traffic has increased 89% in one month from 827 visits to 1585 visits.

– Adam, Hollywood Mirrors


So we developed an online ordering system customers could visit instead of waiting on hold to speak to a sales rep.

This project was a success which lead the way to another web project; an online product demonstration booking system.

After I was made redundant I met the owner of an e-commerce development agency.

Whilst doing sales, client management and project planning I also got involved with the CMS platform the agency developed.

  • Where do you manage the page titles and descriptions ?
  • What about disallowing and no indexing pages ?
  • etc

I started getting involved with clients to help them grow their organic website traffic by working with the team developing their platform.

The agency mainly built £50k plus websites and weren’t interested in little £5k projects.

So I discovered Shopify, this was is 2005, as a low cost way to build online shops fast.

But the agency owner only wanted to build on his own platform.


That’s when I decided to branch out alone and found the Adobe Business Catalyst platform.

Their functionality would enable me to offer both e-commerce and lead generation websites to prospective clients.

And so Platonik was born as an Adobe Business Catalyst partner.

Being associated with Adobe with a global web partner network seemed like the perfect fit.

I did all the client side work.

  • Scoping out the project 
  • Researching 
  • Wireframes 
  • Functional specifications 
  • Copywriting briefs
  • SEO

And I outsourced the design and development work.

We built over 250 websites but I still had a nagging feeling at the back of my head.

I’d rather help grow businesses than build websites.

I had always included planning, keyword research and SEO advice within my web services.


So about 4 years ago I decided to offer these services separately.

As I already had existing Adobe partner relationships with other designers and developers I started to offer them my SEO services.

From there, SEO grew and web design and building websites began to take a back seat.

When Adobe finally decided to shut down their Business Catalyst platform that was the final nail in the coffin for my web design services.

Unlike many other SEO experts out there, I’ve not neglected my own SEO and organic traffic.

OK, I only get about 2,000 visits per month from Google but I practice what I preach.

I want Platonik to help clients and web agencies improve their SEO knowledge and grow their organic traffic by creating better content for search audiences and earn better links to their website.

SEO is not going to be easy to learn, it’s not going to grow your website traffic overnight but it’s going to be the most powerful traffic driver of your website.

An old interview

Here’s an interview I did with Adobe called “Street Talk Not Technical Talk” to give you a flavour of how we work with clients.

About Fraser McCulloch, the owner of Platonik

Here’s some detailed information on Fraser McCulloch‘s marketing and commercial background.

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