About Platonik

With over 25 years real business experience, Fraser McCulloch started Platonik to be unlike other any other web design or web development company.

That’s because his roots lie in marketing and sales.

You can probably find anyone to paint pretty pictures of your business and code up a website.

That’s not what you want or what you need.

You need to put your business in front of the right people, you need to attract new customers to your products and services, to buy what you sell and to come back and do business with you again.

Street Talking Not Technical Talking

When you speak to us you’ll find we use plain street talking anyone with a technical background can understand.

Here’s an interview Fraser did with Adobe called “Street Talk Not Technical Talk” to give you a flavour of how we work with clients.

Adobe and SagePay Partners

Sagepay partner

Business Catalyst UK Partner

We have been an Adobe Business Catalyst user since 2006 and a partner since 2009 and have built over 150 bespoke and customised websites for commercial clients.

Adobe was our web solution of choice.

We built websites, host them, use them to run e-commerce websiteslead generation websites, do email marketing and build custom web solutions.

As one of our biggest client said “I’m happy we have Adobe looking after and maintaining our website instead of some bloke in a shed in Edinburgh”.

We also are a SagePay partner and recommended SagePay when our clients require a safe and secure method of processing online transactions.

Where the Platonik name comes from ?

Operating under your own name was fine for a period of time but Fraser was looking for a brand name that sounded like a digital marketing agency and sounded like a web system.

Reading a Seth Godin article about finding a name for your business, the other criteria was that the brand name must be one word and when you google it there is no competition or very few existing results.

The name Platonik actually was actually found looking through Fraser’s digital music collection.

About Fraser McCulloch, the owner of Platonik

Here’s some detailed information on Fraser McCulloch‘s marketing and commercial background.