Ahrefs guide for agencies

Written by Fraser McCulloch. Last Updated 28th March 2022

Here are 10 things you or your digital agency can do with Ahrefs; some of these are advanced strategies for more prominent agencies that do outreach and link building.

Find prospects that buy Google Ads

One of my ideal prospects would be digital marketing agencies that outsource to SEO and keyword research experts like me.

So I figured that they might advertise and use phrases such as “digital marketing agency” so prospects might find them.

Enter a keyword your prospects would use in their advertising in Ahrefs keyword explorer.

  1. Click ads history
  2. Filter by domain or landing page
  3. Look at the advertisers (your prospects) and you can see when they advertise
  4. Click the pagination to view more prospects.

Really simple competitor analysis

Here’s how I present a competitor analysis.

I take a screenshot of the key metrics of a client website.

Then do the same for 3 competitors.

I use Snagit to combine and arrange the traffic metrics in descending order.

Highlight the referring domains and organic traffic data.

I want the prospect to see the gap between a big competitor and their traffic.

Quick Internal Link wins

Ahrefs uses magic to identify internal link opportunities for your website.

After you have run a site audit,

  1. Select Link Opportunities
  2. Use a filter; in this example I want to find pages with a position higher than 9 in the search results that I want to rank higher
  3. Filter target position in ascending order
  4. Look at the source page
  5. Look at the keyword
  6. Then you can look at the keyword context and add the keyword highlighted in the source page and link to the target page.

How to scrape People Also Asked result to identify topics with traffic

You scrape people also asked results to identify topics that get traffic.

Step 1 : Install SEO Minion

It would help if you had @ahrefs and then installed SEO Minion on the Chrome browser.

Step 2 : Enter Seed Keyword into Google

Type a seed keyword into Google and precede it with “what is”

Step 3 : Download PAA Suggestions

Go to SEO Minion, and from the dropdown, choose 

  1. Download 
  2. PAA Suggestions 200 clicks 
  3. Press Go

Wait a couple of minutes, and a CSV will download.

Step 4 : Import into Google Sheets

Import the CSV into Google Sheets and remove duplicate URLs; like this.

Step 5 : Paste into Ahrefs Batch Analysis

Copy the first 199 URLs and paste them into Ahrefs Batch Analysis; use the Target Mode option choose URL, then Analyse, then Export.

Now copy the next 199 URLs from your PAA Google Sheet and repeat the above steps.

Step 6 : Import into Google Sheets

Now import the batch imports so rows align with the SEO Minion data like this.

Step 7 : Identify opportunities by adding a filter

Create a filter and filter by domain rating, domains or total traffic and identify opportunities.

ps: I stole this idea from  @seo_notebook

Outreach and link building with @ahrefs and @postagaapp

A step by step guide to running an outreach email campaign to earn links with Ahrefs and Postaga.

Step 1 : Find a linkable topic

Find a topic that gets linked to in your industry; statistics, data and checklists are good; I found lots of people link to “SEO glossary”.

Step 2 : Create your linkable page asset

Then create your resource prospects could link to.

Step 3 : Find link prospects

Find prospects to reach out to with the MultiScraper campaign with  @PostagaApp – this needs @ahrefs  integration – both paid-for tools.

Step 4 : Review website metrics of link prospects

@PostagaApp will show you the number and metrics of link prospects.

Step 5 : Filter irrelevant sites

Look at the URL, domain rating and title of link prospects, delete the nofollow or foreign language sites before analysing links.

Step 6 : Check the contact

@PostagaApp will find the relevant contact from each website.

Step 7 : Verified emails

@PostagaApp will show you the name and email address of verified link prospects.

Step 8 : Select an email sequence

There are pre-built templates, but I prefer to customise a series of emails when reaching out to link prospects.

Step 9 : Preview emails

Preview each email in your sequence, making sure the emails are personalised and relevant.

Step 10 : Schedule the campaign.

The challenging part is turning this cold prospecting into earning a link without paying the link prospect or giving away a reciprocal link.

Create Click Forecasts

Ahrefs has the best keyword research tool, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than all the rest for one simple reason.

You can view the estimated clicks the top pages earn.

In this example, I’ve built up a list of topics for a golf project.

Look at “best hybrid golf clubs.”

  • The keyword difficulty is 11
  • It has 1900 searches in the UK
  • 2200 searches globally
  • And there 2300 clicks go to the top pages for the keyword

But if you click SERP, you get more information about the top pages.

I have highlighted the traffic to each of the top 10 pages.

Go back to your keyword list.

  1. Click Export
  2. Include the SERPS and press export

Then import that data in Google Sheets, hire a Google Sheets wizard, and you can generate a click forecast.

  1. These are the keywords on the list you exported from Ahrefs
  2. The average traffic to the top pages displayed in number and bar charts
  3. The sum of the average traffic for all the keywords you chose
  4. A planning tool to select the main user intent of the keyword
  5. An option to include the keyword in a website plan for your client.

Quick Traffic Trend Report

  • Go to Site Explorer
  • Enter a url of a client or prospect
  • Look at the organic search tab to see traffic overtime.
  • Export the graphic for a report or presentation

Do an industry study to earn links

If you want to earn links, do a study in your industry.

An old recruitment client does an annual salary guide.

I did a study on traffic, top pages, the user experience of digital agency websites.

And you can do the same if you are an agency that specialises in dentists, accountants, fashion etc.

Step 1: Scrape Google for a list of agencies in the major UK cities; I got 1084 results

Step 2: Store data in Google Sheets, remove duplicates or non-agencies

Step 3: Run an Ahrefs batch analysis to capture data such as traffic, links, domain rating

Step 4: Analyse the data

Step 5: Write up your findings and add charts

Here’s how to use the batch analysis tool.

  1. Select More and Batch Analysis
  2. Copy and paste urls into box
  3. Press Analyse

The data is analysed ready for export.

Explore Hot Trends or Topics

Using Content Explorer, I can find out what’s a hot topic this week.

  1. Enter a keyword into Content Explorer
  2. Choose In Title and search
  3. Filter by English language
  4. Filter by last 7 days
  5. Exclude home pages and subdomains
  6. Sort by relevance, traffic or links
  7. In this example, scalable seo and the state of SEO are 2 big trending topics.

Research a Link Building Campaign

Again, use Ahrefs Content Explorer to identify popular topics prospects link to.

  1. Enter a seed keyword and some modifiers into the toolbar
  2. Select In Title and search
  3. Exclude home pages and subdomains
  4. Filter by referring domains in descending order
  5. Look at how many links to these pages.


I’ve only scratched the surface with how you can use Ahrefs for your client and agency; I hope some of these ideas inspire your next campaign.