Low or bottom of the funnel keywords tips to boost conversions & leads

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    Here are some tips on how to target the low or bottom of the funnel keywords and boost your organic conversions, leads or enquiries.

    What are the low or bottom of the funnel keywords ?

    Bottom of the funnel keywords are those search queries that prospects make where they are considering a purchase.

    Using any keyword research tool you can filter the seed keyword with some of the following keyword modifiers.

    • Buy
    • Offer
    • Nearest
    • Deal
    • Discount
    • Cheap
    • Sale
    • Price
    • Pricing
    • Hire

    How to find bottom funnel keywords for free

    Or if you don’t have a paid for keyword research tool, try this.

    • Go to SEO Scout
    • Enter a seed keyword, select your language and country and press go
    • SEO Scout will group keywords into different buckets

    This approach helps you to identify the low or bottom of the funnel keywords.

    These keywords or queries are ideal for mature or authoritative websites.

    Bottom of the funnel queries tend to have less search and click volume.

    And typically bottom of the funnel keywords tend to be more competitive to rank for.

    Thus newer or less established websites will struggle to rank for them.

    But that doesn’t mean you should neglect them.

    And there are also industries, topics or businesses where there simply aren’t any keywords at the bottom of the funnel.

    For example, you don’t “buy marketing” or “buy seo” but you might search for these types of services like so.

    Let’s look at low competition keywords next.