Broken Link Building

This step by step guide to broken link building is the process I used to repeatedly earn high quality and industry relevant backlinks to my website.

It works for me and it will work for you provided you following this process and are persistent.

Before the guide, I set the scene about why backlinks are important.

What they are worth and some of the problems many business owners, content creators and SEO experts face ?

What is Broken Link Building?

When you find a broken link, you are doing the website, the person visiting the website and Google a favour.

You are actually helping and providing real value.

It is very annoying to read a page, click a link on the page and the page doesn’t exist anymore.

I reached out to a website owner last week and told him his website had a broken link but he was too busy to fix the link.

So I scanned his website and found it had over 800 broken links.

I don’t have the facts or proof if Google penalise websites with lots of broken links.

However, from my extensive search for broken link opportunities, there are millions and millions of broken links out there that need to be fixed.

Even my website had 20 broken links on it last week.

There are 7 steps to the broken link building process.

  1. Find a page that no longer exists with lots of websites linking to it.
  2. Go back in time and re-create or improve upon the content of the broken page you found on your website.
  3. Export and filter the list of broken links.
  4. Find the name and email address of the people who own the website or wrote the article.
  5. Send an email offering to fix and replace the broken link.
  6. Reply to the email, show them the broken link and offer the replacement.
  7. Repeat.

Here are the tools you need:

  1. A subscription to
  2. Excel or Google Sheets.
  3. A subscription to
  4. A subscription to
  5. A screen capture software such as Snagit or Jing.
  6. The ability to create a page or blog post on your website.

There are other tools you can use but I’m sharing the method and tools that have worked for me.

I said good links aren’t cheap. subscriptions start at $99 a month.

I use the $179 a month plan.

They also offer a free 14 day trial so you can experiment and try out.

You need Excel or Google Sheets to sort and filter the list of broken backlinks that you will export from

Then I use that enables you to import a list of web pages and they will try and find the contact details of the website owner or writer.

Then the software enables you to compose an email and send a personalised email and follow up emails.

When I cannot find names and emails of website owners I use

You enter a website, company or name and their software will try and find contact information from LinkedIn.

Finally, you need the ability to create a web page or blog post on your website.

I use WordPress and Business Catalyst for the 2 websites I run.

If you are not familiar with creating web pages I recommend you create your page or article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and get your website content editor or webmaster to create the page in your content management system.

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Find Broken, Error and 404 Pages

You need to find broken, error and 404 pages as the first step in a broken link building campaign.

You are looking for a popular page that doesn’t exist anymore that lots of other websites are still linking to.

These popular pages or resources tend to be case studies, guides, list of facts, tips, research studies or surveys.

My website is about online marketing and I re-created a broken page about infographics and earned links to it.

This page had broken links from 732 websites (referring domains).

Infographics is not a subject I would normally write about.

However the broken link I found had 732 websites linking to it.

My next broken link building campaign was about A/B testing.

This page had broken links from 610 websites (referring domains).

My next campaign was about Video Marketing Statistics.

This page had broken links from 610 websites (referring domains).

I had never previously considered writing about video marketing.

But I knew enough about all these subjects to re-create and improve a broken page someone else had created.

First way to find broken links

I have a recruitment client so I did a google search for “human resource magazine” and found

Subscribe and login to and enter the website address in the site explorer search box and hit enter.

Select the Broken Links tab on the left hand menu.

Select Dofollow from the Link type dropdown menu.

From the anchor and backlink column, select the down arrow button at the end of each page and look for a high number of Ref. Domains.

Broken links to ignore

You want to ignore ‘about us’ pages and news stories as they don’t get many links.

Ignore commercial pages such as product category pages or service pages.

Keep an eye out for case studies, surveys, white papers, industry reports, lists, resources and guides; they tend to get the most backlinks.

Manually scan each broken link

Scan the description of the page and when you’ve clicked the down arrow key look at the Ref. domains number.

Click the down arrow key then look at the number next to Ref. domains; ideally you want a high number.

I scanned through most of the pages and found a couple of pages with 11 Ref. domains at the most.

So this website isn’t going to help me find a popular broken page.

Now click on the competing domains link.

Click the competing domains link on the left side of the page.

This report will show lots of similar websites to the previous one you examined. looks of interest and is related to my client’s recruitment consultancy business.

Click the arrow next to their website, click Overview and then right click to open in a new tab.

Click the Broken Links tab, select Dofollow from the Link type dropdown and start reviewing the 3758 broken links.

Second way to find broken links

Select Mentions from the Alerts menu.

Click Add Alert

Enter a search query, select Add and wait 24 hours.

Get email alerts sent for these keywords daily

I received 461 new articles for one keyword alert; these are sources to find broken backlinks.

Click View Entire Message at the foot of the email alert.

Copy relevant urls

Right click a url and choose copy (not copy link address) and paste the urls into a text file, document or spreadsheet.

Ignore Blogspot and Medium pages and Instagram links.

Use Ahrefs broken links tool.

Enter a url from your alerts into Ahrefs site explorer and hit enter or return.

Select broken links on the lower left menu.

Select DoFollow from the link type dropdown.

The anchor and backlink column shows this website has broken links, but we don’t want one broken link we want hundreds. Select the little green arrow at the end of the url.

After selecting the green arrow key, the box will show the number of other websites linking to this broken page under the Ref. domains row.

This broken page has 16 other websites linking to it and that’s not enough to start a broken link building campaign.

I scrolled further down the list and found this page has 270 websites linking to a broken page.

This page has 270 broken links (referring domains)

I found a popular industry website (, I looked at their broken links, I found 270 other websites also linking to the same broken page. is a popular general business website, in my industry, that gets millions of visitors a month.

So their website content will tend to link to popular resources.

Look at the content that attracted these links

When you scan broken pages, look at the url and the description for mentions of tips, resources, statistics, surveys as they tend to contain the most number of broken links.

270 websites linked to content about tips and statistics and the page is now broken.

This is a helpful resource the website owner created that earned them their backlinks.

For whatever reason that page does not exist anymore.

This is an opportunity for someone to create their own up to date resource page about these tips and statistics and reach out to all 270 websites owners and earn a replacement link.

3rd way to find broken links

Go to and enter a popular website address in your industry.

Select the competing domains link and look at the websites that are shown.

Click the arrow next to each address and then right click overview to open the website overview in a new window.

Click the Broken Links menu.

Select Dofollow from the Link type menu.

Scan the page descriptions and urls in the anchor and backlink column (on the right)

Click the green icon and look for a high number of Ref. Domains.

This is a potential broken link opportunity, copy the url and number of Ref. domains to a document.

4th way to find broken links

Set up a Google Alert.

You can set up an alert for any keyword or topic.

For a company.

For a technology.

Then Google sends you an email with websites and pages that you can pop into the Ahrefs broken link tool and check for potential broken link opportunities.

A list of potential broken pages

You should have a list of 20-30 pages with 200 or more broken links with subjects relating to your industry.

My list of websites with broken links

Create a text file to store and save your list of potential broken pages.

500 broken links is an ideal number but for your first campaign 200-300 will work.

Industries to find broken link opportunities

Let’s say you run a golf website, a related industry is sport and fitness.

You are going to have a hard time getting a link from another golf brand or golf club or golf teacher.

For solar panels, look at the building industry or home improvement websites.

For recruitment businesses, look at student, college or university websites and general business (like and websites.

Imagine your website is your hand, connected to your hand is your shoulder and the shoulder is a larger and more powerful part.

So think about more powerful industries and websites connected as they represent the better sources to find broken link opportunities.

Now you need to inspect the content of these broken pages by going back in time using a website called

Back To Top and Page Creation

Once you have your document with a list of broken pages, you now need to inspect the content of these pages.

You want to feel confident that you can create, re-create or improve these pages and add the content to your website.

First, manually check the page is actually broken by copying and pasting the url into your browser address bar.

If you see a 404 page not found message or page cannot be found then this is a broken page.

Go to and paste the url (broken link) into the search box and go back in time to find a old stored version of the page.

You may have to select different dates or years until displays the old page.

Don’t go any further back than 3 years.

Now read through the page content.

You need to consider if you or your team are able to recreate or improve this page and if the subject matter fits with your business.

I know enough to write about call to action buttons and A/B testing so this broken page was a good fit for my business and website.

Page Content Creation

Other websites previously linked to a now broken page did so for a very good reason.

They thought the page was useful.

When you improve an old broken page and reach out to these website owners they are going to look at your page to see if it’s relevant or better than the old broken page.

The page needs to be well designed so you make a good first impression with the people you want to a replacement broken link from.

To upgrade the broken page I copied and pasted the page text from my browser into a plain text document.

Then I found additional research, case studies and statistics about call to actions and A/B testing.

I could have outsourced this work to a writer but if you are just starting out broken link building you should create the improved page yourself.

It took me 2 to 3 days of keyword research, writing and sourcing images to create my page as a potential replacement for people linking to the broken page.

In addition, I improved the page layout and enhanced it with some better graphics.

The broken page had 10 case studies.

My improved page has 31 case studies.

Then I created a video and step by step guide demonstrating how to set up your first call to action button A/B test.

I went above and beyond to show people, who had the broken link, that my page offered them even more value than the old broken page.

The page I created and offered as a replacement link.

And, upon reflection, my ‘new’ improved page ranks on page 1 in Google for ‘call to action case studies’.

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Export and Filter Links

My current domain rating is 48.

An average rating.

Ideally you want links from websites with a domain rating higher than yours as this will help improve your overall domain rating.

I would happily accept a website with a domain rating of 40 and above.

Now you download all the broken pages you found.

Ensure ‘Dofollow’ is selected from the Link type dropdown menu and press ‘Export’.

Select ‘Full Export’ and Start Export.

The file will be available in the top right corner of the dashboard.

When ready, click the link to download.

Excel users

For Excel users, click the file to open in Excel.

For Google Sheets users

Go to Google Sheets and click the green + sign to create a blank sheet.

Select File – Open or Command and O on a Mac.

Select Upload and either drag the file into the box or choose ‘select a file from your computer’ to open the file in Google Sheets.

How to Filter in Excel

Select the little triangle green icon between the A and 1 cells to select all the file cells.

Select Data from the main menu then Filter.

Go to the Domain Rating column (should be the 3rd column) and select ‘Descending’.

Select the empty cell between the 1 and A cells to select all cells.

Select ‘Data’ then ‘Filter’.

Select ‘Sort Z – A’.

Scroll down to the low rated domains and select all the rows you wish to delete then right click and delete.

If you are using Excel, save the file by selecting ‘File’ then ‘Save’ on the excel menu, then name the file in the ‘Save as’ box and choose ‘Excel Worksheet (.xlsx)’ from the File Format box and choose a file location such as your documents folder and then press Save.

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Find Email Addresses of Website Owners

Go to and enter your name, email, company and password and select register.

You should get an email to confirm your registration.

Email Accounts

You need to add an email account from which you will be emailing those with a broken link.

Go to Email Accounts and Select Add Email Account.

Choose an email provider from which you will send emails.

Adding a Gmail account is very easy.

I chose Other since I want emails to be sent from rather than be less transparent with a Gmail or Hotmail address.

I want people to know I am real.

You then need to complete the email address, display name and email server settings to set this up.

Complete these email settings or ask your IT manager.

If you need help from your IT manager then take a screenshot and ask them to send you these details.

I recommend you use a separate email account dedicated to your linking building effort.

My main email address is and I also set up for my link building email.


Now select the billing tab.

I am using the £29.99 a month subscription.

Press the upgrade button and you’ll be directed to the PayPal account where you can either login and pay or enter your credit or debit card details.


With this subscription you can have 5 projects and 5 campaigns and 350 prospects per campaign.

In other words 8750 emails you can send per month.

You will never reach this limit in your first few months.

Select Projects and Add New Project

Name the project, add a description, leave the default ‘On’ options to On and save.


Within a project you now need to create a campaign.

Select Add New Campaign.

Choose Start Campaign under the Blank Campaign option.

Name and describe the campaign, select timezone, email account and press save.

Enter a campaign name.

This could be the name or url of the broken page.

Enter a description.

You could write something like “Outreach to pages linking to

Select a timezone, email account and use the default “On’ for the outreach and enabled options and press save.

Now select the Upload Prospects tab.

Select the Upload Prospects tab and press paste urls

Go to your Excel or Google Sheet, select the column with referring page url to select all url’s, right click and press copy.

Put your cursor in the past url box, right click and press paste.

You have a limit of 350 on the £29 a month plan so bear that in mind.

Remove ‘referring page url’ row of text, leave the 2 tick boxes selected if this is your first campaign and press Import. will now process these pages and try to find a contact name and email address associated with the website or page.

You will see a spinning wheel as the software looks for the names and email addresses.

Prospect Screen

After 15 to 30 minutes your prospect screen will show information about each page url you imported.

The only information you need to be concerned about at the moment is the ‘contacts found‘ column.

Look for contacts that have a numbered green button then Select Contact.Press select to add this contact to your contact list (the people you will email about their broken link).

This was too easy.

You may find a generic email address and no first name like the one above. If so, press X in the right corner as we don’t want to send unpersonalised emails.

When you have more than one contact, use to identify the most appropriate contact.

You may find 2 or 3 contacts for each web page.

You want the email address after the @ to be the same as the page url you just selected.

In this instance, I have 2 email addresses and I think it’s fairly obvious what their first names are.

I could choose one person at random, enter the first name in the first name field and press Add Contact.

When I am unsure who the best contact is then I use

Headreach will offer you the first 10 names and email addresses for free when you sign up.

They have 3 price plans.

  • $19 a month gets you 100 credits
  • $39 a month gets you 250 credits
  • $79 a month gets you 500 credits.

A credit is used every time they find a verified email address from LinkedIn.

You can search for thousands of people but only when you click the button to get contact details will you use up one credit.

Once signed up to Headreach, I want to find an email address associated with a website.

Enter the url into the Search People by Website box and click search.

I did not find a contact.

Use the search by company name option.

I can see the first result matches the email address of the contact in


Headreach tells me Darren is a director.

I don’t even need to use a credit in Headreach since I already have Darren’s email address from YourOutreach.

I have just verified he is the most appropriate contact to reach.

If I previously added a contact in YourOutreach I can press the x button to remove the previous contact and press select.

Enter the new contact’s first name and press select.

Look at the blog post for name clues

If no email addresses have been returned from YourOutreach sometimes you will need to visit the page and see who wrote the article.

Click the url and look at their page.

Sometimes the author is mentioned at the foot of the page.

Sometimes, the author is listed at the top of the page.

Now that you know the website, company and name of the author you can go to and search by name, company or website address.

Don’t spend forever trying to find the name or email address; spend a maximum of 5 minutes then move to the next contact on your list of broken links.

Remember you are playing a numbers game; you don’t need every contact detail.

First Name and Email Address Improves Open and Response Rates

There are going to be times when you find the website is owned by one person and you find their name but the email address is

It’s worth the risk to put their first name (eg: Jane) in the first name field for an email address such as

But always ensure you find a first name.

I am sending emails from my email account to people I don’t know so I don’t want to risk my reputation.

I do not want to be perceived as a spammer.

The 3 pillars of permission marketing

Seth Godin coined the term ‘permission marketing‘ and said the best emails you want to receive are those which are:

  • Anticipated
  • Personalised
  • Relevant

The people I email about a broken link certainly aren’t waiting to hear about a broken link on their website but I believe I meet the other two permission marketing criteria; the emails I send are personalised and relevant.

So treat those you are going to email with respect and invest the time, no matter how boring this part of the process is, in identifying the author’s name and email address.

A good set of headphones and a good music playlist helps this monotonous process enormously.

The more the merrier

The more names and email addresses you can find from your list of websites with the broken links, the better.

This campaign earned 11 backlinks.

You can see from this campaign that 331 websites had the broken link found in and I managed to find 162 names and emails using YourOutreach and Headreach.

That’s a 70% + open rate from people who’ve never heard of me.

That’s an open rate way beyond what most commercial email marketing campaigns can deliver.

A 19% response is high.

And I am converting nearly 30% of responses into new backlinks.

10 backlinks per month x 12 months equals 120 additional, highly rated and industry relevant backlinks per year.

A link profile like that is going to have a considerable impact on your page rankings and organic search traffic.

Here’s the screenshot showing the gradual increase in backlinks to Platonik from July 2016 to March 2017.

And here’s the gradual increase in organic search traffic from my Google Analytics account.

Cause and effect.

More relevant, quality backlinks equal more organic traffic.

The next step after we’ve exhausted finding names and email addresses is to compose the email to send to our contact list.

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Broken Link Building Email Outreach Template

On the 3rd tab of a campaign in YourOutreach is the schedule tab.

The schedule tab is where you compose and schedule your email campaign.

You can choose to send the email campaign automatically or select schedule from the dropdown box.

If you select schedule then you can determine the days and time of day when these emails are sent.

Choose automatic or schedule; if you select schedule choose the day and time option to send.

Personally, I’ve always selected the ‘Automatic’ option.

The Automatic option means YourOutreach will send my personalised emails after I have previewed the emails and pressed the send button in the 4th tab (Preview & Send).

To add a follow up email attempt, select Add Attempt and the gap in hours between the first and subsequent email attempts you set up.

I usually send 2 attempts although Atiq from recommends 3 attempts.

You can include the previous email to be included at the foot of the follow up email.

Personally I don’t like this option when I receive emails like this.

Now to compose the email. You’ll love this feature !

I just leave the attempt name as Attempt 1 by default.

From the copy from template dropdown box choose ‘Broken Link – simple’.

The software populates a proven tried and tested broken link building email message for you.

Once the template message populates the box, alter the wording to suit your campaign.

All you need to do is slightly alter the wording.

Let me explain what the subject line and email message mean.

Subject : [[ if (FirstName != ”) { #=FirstName# – Your post on #=host# } else { Broken links on #=host# } ]]

What does this mean?

If the first name field is empty then the subject line will be “Broken links on”.

Should a first name has been added then the subject line will be “Fraser – Your post on”

Tweak the subject line you could add something before the word ‘post’ eg: Your A/B Testing post on

That’s provided you are sure all the pages are about A/B Testing.

This is what the message means.


[[ if (FirstName != ”) { Hey #=FirstName#, } else { Hi, } ]]

This means that the email will be personalised as Hey Fraser if the first name field was entered; if not then the email will be titled ‘Hey’.

If you are uncomfortable with the informalities change “Hey’ to “Dear” or your own preference.

Address the email the way you feel is an appropriate tone of voice to address people.

The body of the default message is as follows.

I was looking through your excellent post on #=host# about losing weight and noticed a few broken links, so just thought I would let you know 🙂

Also, if you’re open to suggestions, I think one of my post published recently on the best way to lose weight would be a great fit.

Let me know if you would like to have a look at it or want me to send the list of broken links on your post 🙂

All the Best,


I changed #=host# to #=prospecturl# as this will insert the full url of the page with the broken link; so they can visit the page with the broken link.

I’ve highlighted in bold below what I’ve changed in a recent email.

[[ if (FirstName != ”) { Hey #=FirstName#, } else { Hi, } ]]

I was looking through your excellent post on #=prospecturl# about video marketing and noticed a broken link and some out of date stats, so this is your lucky day 🙂

Also, if you’re open to suggestions, I have compiled 99 of the latest, hot off the press YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat video stats that are going to WOW you that may just be a great fit.

Let me know if you want me to look at it or would like me to pinpoint the broken link on your post.

All the Best,


Make sure you hit the save button.

Attempt 2, 3 etc

Now follow the same process for your 2nd and 3rd emails.

Select Add Attempt, then from the ‘copy from template’ dropdown choose ‘Broken Link – simple’ to populate default message.

Or simply copy and paste the subject line text from the first attempt into the subject line of the 2nd attempt.

And then copy and paste the message text from the first attempt into the subject line of the 2nd attempt.

And Save.

Previewing the emails

Now you want to preview the emails before you send them.

Select the Preview & Send tab.

Then press Process All Customised Prospects.

Select the Preview & Send tab then press Process All Customised Prospects to preview the emails you are going to send.

Press the Previous and Next buttons to slide through and preview all email messages.

You only need to check a few emails; just for piece of mind before sending.

You can press cancel and nothing will happen.

Now review the outreach steps.

Go through each tab again and check the campaign details, list of prospects, the schedule and email message.

Then come back to the preview and send tab.

Press Process Campaign Now to schedule and send the email campaign.

YourOutreach will process the emails, add them to the outbox tab queuing them up to send now or according to the delivery schedule you selected.

Now be prepared for your email responses.

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How to reply

Now you have sent your email message to prospects that have a broken link on their page you have to be ready to reply, promptly, to those you emailed.

You will receive an initial burst of replies that you need to act upon swiftly.

These replies will be your best new link opportunities to replace the broken link with yours.

Then you will receive a small drip of emails over the next week before the second attempt is sent out.

If you recall in earlier chapters I am positioning myself as being humble and serving those I email about a broken link.

Here are the typical responses and replies you can expect to receive.

Typical responses

The majority will read and not reply to your email.

I get good open email rates because I send personalised emails to personal email accounts.

If you don’t get many replies, don’t worry that’s where the second email attempt will prompt the people you emailed.

It’s a number game; have patience.

Remember to get 10 backlinks you’ll only need 30 to 50 email replies.

You will get some out of office replies.

Ignore them.

You will get some bounced emails; again ignore them and delete.

If you are getting a lot of bounced emails you need to re-think or revise what you did in Step 4 where you searched for names and email addresses.

Screen Capture Tool to highlight the broken link

Have you screen capture software open and get ready to take a screenshot and highlight the broken link when people ask where to find the broken link on their page.

Draw an arrow or link from the url to the broken link and put a mark next or box around the broken link.

Use screen capture software to highlight the broken link then reply to the email, attached the broken link and suggest the page you created as a replacement link.

Typical replies

Our guest posts started at $200

I reply with a message like this “I’m just starting out with building links. Can I add you to my contact list for future link building opportunities that client may be willing to pay for?”

Here’s the new link to replace your broken link.

Thank you, please send your link

Just go ahead and send your link and thank them.

I have forwarded your message to our team

Fantastic. I’ve taken a screenshot of the broken link and attached it along with a suggested replacement link; can you forward this message to them as well ?

Right now we are not interested in adding more links to our website.

Not a problem, I’m not adding links, I’m suggesting you replace a broken link.

Here’s a screenshot of the page with the broken link and a suitable replacement for you.

It would be nice if you’d mention our website

Not a problem. I’ve added a link here for you.

No thanks, we’ll take care of it

Not a problem, have a good day.

Please remove me from your mailing list

My apologies, you’re not on a mailing list, this was a one off email sent from my personal email account.

I was just reaching out to you since I found a broken link reading your page that may give readers a poor experience.

You won’t hear from me again.

How to remove and block emails

If you get an email reply such as ‘remove me from your mailing list‘ or an angry response, I recommend you block the user’s email address.

Log into and select blocked emails from the top right corner of the dashboard and add new.

To prevent emailing anyone again, select Add New from the Block Email menu and enter the user’s email address.

I’ve forwarded your email to our team for their consideration.

Fantastic. I’ve taken a screenshot of the broken link and attached it along with a suggested replacement link; can you forward this message to them as well ?

Are you open to a link swap or exchange?

Why not ! What’s the page you want to link to and I’ll add a link on a relevant page on my website?

We don’t have time to revisit old posts and fix links

You can reply ‘not a problem‘ or you could run their entire website through a broken link tool like Screaming Frog.

I found the website had 853 broken links so I emailed back.

Not a problem but be aware your website has 853 broken links that I just scanned.

Not a good experience for users or Google.

Here’s a screenshot of the broken link report.

May I suggest you or your web manager do some ‘spring cleaning’ soon.

All the best, Fraser

Thanks, the post/link has been updated.

Great, have a great day.

We have removed the link and happy to replace with your suggestion. Please write new copy and send your link and a new image.

In this case I wrote the copy in my content management system and added in my link and then sent him the html code.

Here’s the copy in html to save you time updating your page and a replacement image.

I hope that works for you.

Any questions just let me know.

No problem, not a problem

I use 2 phrases to diffuse any negative responses.

No problem.

Not a problem.

There is no sense starting a bad email exchange with someone when they say no thank you or won’t replace their broken link.

I’m 50 this year; life is too short for arguments or damaging your reputation.

YourOutreach Inbox functionality

When a person you contacted replies they will not be sent your 2nd Attempt emails.

But for peace of mind, I like to go to the Inbox tab inside YourOutreach and switch the influencer status to off.

And mark the status as follow-up, not interested or finished; if I achieved a backlink.

This is simply good house keeping so you or your team know the status of your link campaign.

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My first broken link building campaign was a success.

I got 20 backlinks within the first week.

I created the Video Marketing Statistic link campaign and I honestly thought it would be an outstanding success.

One backlink.

So even if you fail the first time around, do not give up.

Repeat the process.

The more I practice, the luckier I get !

Analyse each step of this process and consider where you could improve.

  • Can you find a broken page with more than 500 websites linking to it ?
  • Can you significantly improve the page content, design and layout of the page you’ve re-created?
  • Are you finding enough authors, first names and email addresses to contact about the broken page?
  • Review the subject line and email message you are sending them ?
  • Are you being perceived as helpful or are you coming across too pushy and strong?
  • How are you replying to emails ?
  • How many follow up attempts do you have lined up ?

Campaign Summary Dashboard

Use the campaign summary dashboard if you are doing link building for a client and use to review your own campaign performance.

Campaign dashboard in YourOutreach

You can see what part of the process needs improvement.

Summary of broken link building

Broken link building is an incredibly time consuming but rewarding process.

I estimate that I take around 40 hours for one link building campaign.

But I justify the hours I spent against the cost of buying links.

40 hours x £75 per hour = £3000


10 links x $352 = $3520.

The time you take will reduce as you get better at finding broken pages and recreating content on your website.

I re-use the same layout for most web pages.

Broken link building is not a tactic for the managing director or marketing director within your company.

I recommend you use this guide for another member of staff.

Marketing assistant, marketing executive, content manager.

Do not outsource broken link building to someone you don’t know or trust until you have tried this with success yourself.

And remember, broken link building is one of many link building strategies to earn backlinks and domain authority.

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