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29 Free Digital Marketing Tools

I have curated 29 free digital marketing tools that I use most frequently that will be most useful to web professionals and those marketing websites.

Google Analytics

If by now you aren’t using Google Analytics daily, I fear for your online marketing performance and commitment to growing your online business.

I check my website traffic by source and goals month on month on a weekly basis.

I have the Google Analytics app on my phone too.

One feature you should utilise within Google Analytics is the Intelligence Reports.

It’s located in the top right corner of the dashboard.

google analytics intelligence reports

Today, Google invited to me to look at page load speed trends and some landing pages that are converting poorly.

So not only does Google Analytics provide insight, it provides actionable solutions.

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Facebook Analytics

Provided you have added the Facebook Pixel added to your website, you can utilise Facebook Analytics.

To access Facebook Analytics go to

Just replace /xxxx/ with your ad account number.

There is so much data in my account I’d need to produce an entire blog post dedicated to leveraging Facebook Analytics.

facebook analytics

You can look at unique users, new users, sessions, best pages and create goals, funnels and journeys.

Facebook Analytics flies under the radar screen but it’s worth adding to your marketing toolkit.
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Facebook Insights and Ads

If you visit a Facebook Business Page you can learn about their activity.

  • Go to a page; a competitors.
  • Just type it into the search bar.
  • Click Info and Ads

There you will be presented with the actual adverts they are running.

You can compare adverts that are being run in different countries.

facebook insights

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Google Search Console

I must confess I never liked Webmaster Tools; too techy for me.

But the new Google Search Console is much prettier looking and easier to extract insights and actions.

Here’s a tactic you can use in Search Console.

  • Login and click Try The New Search Console
  • Click Performance
  • Select Pages
  • Then select make sure Total Clicks, Impressions, Average CTR and Average Position are selected
  • Choose the last 12 months for the data range
  • Then click the download button
  • And Choose Google Sheets

The data will be imported straight into Google Sheets for immediate analysis.

Do a Unicorns and Donkey Analysis !

I learned this from Larry Kim.

You analyse the average position of each page with the click through rate.

You insert a scatter graph and plot positions and CTR then draw a trend line.

Pages that are in the bottom second from the left quadrant represent the pages you can improve and earn more traffic from Google.

Cool way to use Search Console and super useful.

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Page Outil

Page Outil is a tool for online marketers to analyse their web pages in the organic search results.

It uses and connects to Google Search Console data but outputs the information in a useful way.

For example.

Here’s my page about how to plan and design a website.

I can see the clicks, impressions and click through rates for the page as a whole.

Then I can see the clicks, impressions, CTR and position for every keyword that page ranks for.

Then I can use the keyword filtering.

For example, let’s say I want to look at keywords ranking on page 2 on Google.

Is there anything I can improve on my page to increase my position from 18 to 9 ?

And to top it off, Page Outline displays your page title, description and H1 header and the number of characters used, overused or underage.

A true online marketers dream of a tool.

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Google Slides

All my presentations are used with Google Slides instead of PowerPoint.

The ability to share and export is much better than PowerPoint.

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Google Sheets

There are one or two features in Excel that are better than Google Sheets; such as sorting and filtering by multiple criteria.

I use Google Sheets to import backlink data and keyword data when doing keyword research and backlink analysis for clients.

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Google Docs

I’m writing this guide on Google Docs on my iPhone right now.

I started this article in Docs on my Mac in the browser then went for a walk before taking a break.

You can also share documents easily with clients and they can markup changes and action points easily.

A must marketing tool and free.

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Screaming Frog

I use the free version of Screaming Frog to analyse key on page metrics of a website.

I can find duplicate pages, titles, descriptions and analyse anchor text links and page word counts.

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Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is not a free organic keyword research tool, it is a tool for estimating advertising campaigns.

In this example I entered “mortgages” to see kind of metrics Keyword Planner offered.

So, I could spend £130,000 targeting people searching for mortgages.

  • I’d get 86,000 clicks
  • At an average cost per click of £1.48
  • The estimated click through rate of adverts is 5.4%
  • If my adverts got a 5% conversion rates, I’d earn 4300 leads in a month
  • That’s a cost per lead of £30.

What’s interesting are the location and device charts.

Most of the advert impressions occur in England and 63% of these impressions occur on mobile phones.

And the CTR is higher on mobile devices than tablets and computers.

This simple little analysis provides some much insight for advertisers.

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WordPress Contact and Flamingo

Since moving many client websites to WordPress I have found the free plugins, Contact and Flamingo, ideal for publishing web forms, processing them and storing the recipients.

Whilst Flamingo is not a marketing CRM, data can be exported and imported into tools such as Mailchimp and Drip for email campaigns.

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Yoast is the best on page optimisation plugin for WordPress websites.

I can optimise page titles and descriptions and use it to no index categories, tags and other unnecessary urls.

And connect search console to Yoast.

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I binned Photoshop a couple of years ago and replaced it with the free version of Canva.

I use Canva for all my website and social media images.

Canva has the correct sizes for each social channel and templates that I can easily customise for speedy image production.

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Once I’ve exported an image from Canva I upload to TinyPNG and optimise the image file size so my web pages load faster.

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Great interface and solution for uploading and storing documents in the cloud.

In addition you can connect your Mac or PC so that Dropbox appears as a drive on your desktop.

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Page Title and Description Checker

Before I moved my website to WordPress I used Page Title and Description Checker to check the title and description of a web page.

Too many website owners don’t know how to utilise the full length of these fields or use them to write user friendly pages.

You can edit these fields with the tool in the browser then take a screenshot and sent it to a client or your boss or put it in an seo presentation.

Back To Top – Find Email Addresses

Need to find the email address of people at a website then use

You get 100 free credits.

If you’re doing link building you’ll need to use the paid plans but it’s not an expensive tool.

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VisualHunt for Royalty Free Images

VisualHunt curates various types of royalty free images for commercial and non commercial use.

You can search and save your favourites then download.

Just make sure you credit the photographer if you use on a website.

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Snagit – free for 15 days

I have used Snagit for over 8 years to capture screenshots.

Yes it’s a paid tool but use it for free for 15 days and you will make a good investment.

I capture screenshots for presentations, pitches, website images and to communicate with my developers where there are issues with a clients website.

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SEO Hero

SEO Hero is a beta tool that helps you figure out what to write on your web page when you want to rank on page one.

It’s a topical page content writing solution.

This is a very advanced tool for the expert SEO and content writer.

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Google My Business

Google My Business at heart is a local businesses local listing tool.

But it provides so much more.

You can run basic advertising campaigns, boost posts, products, events, showcase your company through images and gather and share customer reviews.

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Google Posts

I really love to use Google Posts to promote my latest blog posts.

Posts appear in the search results after users have searched your company name.

Write a headline and image and link to a web page and that’s you created a google post.

You can also share the post easily on other channels.

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Web Page Word Count Checker

Sometimes I need to check the number of words on the top ranking pages.

I use Web Page Word Count Checker.

So I copy and paste the top 10 urls into this tool and get a word count summary.

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Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a keyword research tool that pulls data from Google Planner.

It shows search volume, cost per click and related search data right in your browser.

It’s probably the best free keyword research tool but I do recommend paid tools for research.

Bear in mind that the data they pull is based on advertising volume and not organic search volume.

And you have no idea on the click rates or difficulty of ranking with this tool.

ps: remember with keyword research; just because they search doesn’t mean they click.

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Quuu Discover

I use Quuu Discover to find out what people in my interest are interested in sharing and clicking.

This knowledge is useful because industry peers are the ones who have the people to link to your website.

And most of us in marketing know the importance of backlinks.

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I mentioned that I take a lot of screenshots.

When you add these types of images to your website they can look very bland.

So with Screely you can upload your image and add interesting borders and backgrounds easily.

Very easy to use.

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I used undraw for illustrations on my website that I recently redesigned.

There are hundreds of SVG images you can download and use.

The website lets you choose a colour so the illustrations match your brand styles.

You will need an SVG editor such as Sketch if you need transparent backgrounds for the illustrations.

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Headline Generator

If you struggle writing headlines for Facebook posts, social posts, adverts, email campaigns or web pages, then use headline generator.

You are asked 3 questions

  1. Who is your audience ? eg: local business owners
  2. What problem does your audience have ? eg: find new customers
  3. How do you solve your audiences problem ? eg: advertising

The headline generator produced the following headlines for me.

  • Detailed Strategies to overcome finding new customers
  • 7 Advertising for local business owners struggling with find new customers
  • How I cured finding new customers.

OK, you need to play with the words and the grammar, but this is a cool tool when you need a quick headline or inspiration.

Teleprompter iPhone App

Earlier this year I started to publish video content to LinkedIn.

Just as an experiment.

I hate talking to a camera and I say alot of ems and ahs during my sentences.

So I bought this little iPhone app to load up the text I’m going to read on screen.

You know just like they do on TV.

Honestly, this App is awesome.

Upload to type in the words you’re going to speak.

Press start, read the words and bingo.

And Finally, YouTube

YouTube is probably one of the greatest free marketing tools.

I leverage YouTube to get found for people looking for marketing related advice in a video format; not very well I hasten to add.

Videos embedded in your blog posts better engage website visitors.

Educational videos are shared clients and even prospects.

I educate clients with videos on YouTube so I don’t have to spend time and money traveling to their office.

And if I wanted to I could create a paid for subscription video service.

Here’s yours truly with a recent video communicating seo problems and solutions.

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Have I missed any ?

I’m sure you all have your favourite marketing tools; some of these tools should really be paid for; in my opinion.

I’d let you leave a comment but that just attracts spammers.

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