What are the best keywords for my website and how do I find them?

Written by Fraser McCulloch.

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The best keywords to target for your business will depend on your industry, the niche you are in, your business model and your domain authority.

For a well established website with a good link profile and domain authority you can research and target keywords with higher search volume and higher keyword difficulty than a brand new website.

The best keywords to target for a local accountant offering services will differ from a global CV writing service or a global music software company.

The Boston Matrix of keywords

My rule of thumb has always been to target the easiest to rank keywords with the highest traffic potential.

boston matrix keyword research infographic to help you choose the best keywords ie : high volume, low competitition keywords

Use the guides and examples in choosing keywords section will help you identify the best keywords.

  • Start by entering a seed keyword into a premium keyword research tool
  • Filter the search queries with the keyword modifiers
  • Filter by keyword difficulty
  • Focus on commercial or purchase intent.

Let’s say I’m starting a digital marketing agency.

I could use WordStream’s free keyword tool to find some seed keywords to begin with.

  • Enter a keyword
  • Your industry
  • Your location

The tool will deliver some initial keywords and the Google search volume.

If you’re starting a new drinks brand, you might start with “gin” as the seed keyword but exclude the industry.

Or you can use a tool called relatedwords.org

Best keywords are those you already rank for

For more established websites, you may find that the best keywords are the ones you already rank for.

In this example of a long tail keyword with 9 words, I am ranking in an average position of 28 and there are 344 monthly impressions.

And a phrase match keyword has 581 impressions with an average position of 56.

  • To find these kinds of keywords, log into Google Search Console.
  • Select the filter icon and clicks
  • Enter a keyword modifier eg: how or service or cost or best
  • Then look for keywords or queries with a high number of impressions and a high position.

For this particular query, I’ve identified that to rank higher and earn more traffic, I need to create a separate dedicated page to target this query or topic.

Search Console Query by Landing Page report

Google Search Console limits you to analysing 1000 search queries.

However …

For those with advanced technical skills you can use Google Data Studio to analyse all the search queries you rank for.

Like this Search Console report I created