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Written by Fraser McCulloch. Last Updated 26th March 2022

17 ways to find keyword ideas with search traffic.

Detailed steps and images; check out number 13.

Identify click volume, not search volume

Search volume is misleading; instead, you need to identify click volume.

You’ve heard the phrase “revenue for vanity, profit for sanity”?

Well, search volume is for vanity and click volume for is sanity.

With paid research tools, you can get an estimate of how many clicks each page in the top 10 results receive.

The top results only show 8 organic results for ‘WordPress developer’ in the UK.

And a page-one result gets, on average, 99 visits a month.

Now you can decide if you want to target a difficult topic with the potential of 99 visits a month.

Or target an easier topic with the potential of 330 visits per month.

Search Volume has nothing to do with Click Volume.

Go to Ubersuggest and type bedroom and select USA as the country.

Your screen will look like this.

  1. Go to est visits for the number 1 result
  2. Open a calculator and divide that number by volume for the keyword

The answer is 0.30398347

Do the same for the following keyword on the list, i.e., bedroom sets

The same answer is 0.30398347

Do it again and again, and every single answer is 0.30398347.

There’s absolutely no statistical chance that every number 1 result in Google gets 30.39% of all searches.

Why is that?

Ubersuggest is applying a vanilla click-through rate formula to the already suspect data they get from Google Keyword Planner.

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Use paid keyword research tools not free tools

To better understand the differences between a premium and free tool, read my article here.

In this screenshot, I’ve compared the number of keyword ideas generated with Ubersuggest and Ahrefs.

  • Ubersuggest generated 146 keyword ideas
  • Ahrefs generated 17673 ideas

Ahrefs is a far superior keyword tool.

So where do keyword tools get their data from ?

Most get their data from Google.

And the problem with Google Keyword Planner is that they group keywords together.

And to make matters even worse, Ubersuggest and other tools then pass on this incorrect information to you.

Look at this.

Ubersuggest says there are 135,000 searches a month in the USA for “search engine optimisation.”

That’s the British spelling with an “s” in the word “optimisation“.

Then Ubersuggest says there’s also 135,000 searches a month in the USA for “search engine optimization”.

The USA spelling with a “z” in the word “optimization“.

What are the odds of the search volume being the same for both keywords?

And besides, Google Keyword Planner was designed by Google to sell advertising space, not grow organic traffic.

So you’ve been warned.

Ahrefs crawl the search engines for their data and get their click-through data from sources such as ClickStream.

However, even a great tool like Ahrefs won’t uncover every keyword that people search for.

I would avoid the Keyword Planner tool; it’s built for advertising research, not an organic keyword strategy.

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Choose keywords that are part of a topic

Top pages don’t rank for one keyword; they rank for hundreds of keywords.

If I examine my top-ranking page, it ranks in the top 100 search results for 425 different keywords in the UK.

If two different people search for “ business ideas UK ” and “new business ideas UK”, Google will likely rank the same page for both queries.

The search intent for each query is the same.

How many keywords do top pages rank for ?

Top-ranked pages rank for many keywords, whereas lower ranking keywords rank for less keywords.

When I am doing research, my chosen topic tends to have more than 100 same as keywords.

What’s the point of investing hours writing something that can only rank for a couple of search queries?

You want to rank a page for hundreds, not thousands of keywords, as you stand a better chance of getting more traffic to that page.

Pick hard to rank keywords

Many keywords, especially those with commercial intent, are too difficult for most websites to rank for.

We need to choose an easier to rank topic.

A keyword with a difficulty of 24 is too hard for most websites to rank for.

  • Look for the easiest keywords to rank for.
  • Go into Ahrefs
  • Put in a one or two word search query in the search box.
  • Hit phrase match
  • Select between 0 and 1 in the KD tab and apply.

The first result is “WordPress duplicate page”.

It has 600 searches a month, keyword difficulty is 1, and an average of 330 clicks per month to the top page results.

So that would be easy to rank for, provided you can answer that question better than the current top pages.

Looking at the top 10 results, you can see the top pages all get traffic.

On average, the top pages get 330 visits a month.

My only concern would be the search results are only displaying highly rated and trusted domains;

DR 70 to 97 and the top pages only rank for 20 to 30 keywords; a small topic to pursue.

Can a website with low domain authority beat a website with high domain authority?


To quote Ahrefs

But only if:

…you build more quality backlinks to your page than the page on a high-DR website has;

…you build more internal links to your page than the page on a high-DR website has;

…your content is more relevant and meets the searcher’s intent a lot better than the page on a high-DR website.

Example of weaker website outranking high authority websites

If you look at the green highlight column, my website has a domain rating of 34, and the other websites have authority between 57 and 96.

I outrank them all because of :

  • links to my page
  • I built more internal links from my authority pages
  • My page content is better, more relevant and more up to date than the others.
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Targeting keywords people search for

Clients want a website built to promote and sell their products and services.

Many assume launching a website listing their services will attract customers.

What most fail to realise is that there are competing websites already well entrenched in the top pages.

Ousting the top pages is hard and takes time and money.

Especially for a new business with little authority.

The mobile phone giant EE only has 2 products pages in their 13 best-ranked pages in Google.

Their other top pages are resource pages, not commercial intent sales or product pages.

My top pages aren’t about websites, keyword research or SEO.

Those topics are too darn hard to rank for.

My top pages are resources.

  • Ideas on starting a business
  • How to plan a website
  • How to get backlinks to a website
  • Local advertising

These are all topics broadly based on my core services.

You can find a specific topic, broadly based around your services or your clients, that are much easier to rank and earn traffic from.

Let’s find out prospects are looking for.

  • Go to site explorer in Ahrefs.
  • Enter a one word query eg: website and hit return
  • Select All
  • Enter ‘website’ or your keyword in the include box

Notice keywords that have the highest monthly search volumes typically have the highest keyword difficulty.

Google is an answer engine that people search.

Google use our websites to feed prospects with answers.

And we need to know the questions our customers have in advance of their question or query.

I can look at the questions customers have related to our topic.

  • Select questions from the left menu.
  • So I can filter by difficulty.
  • In the KD drop down, enter 0 to 20.
  • I will filter out a few irrelevant words; like reference, cite, block.

Now I have 267 ideas.

  • As I look through this ideas I ask myself.
  • Could I write about this ?
  • Would this be relevant for my website and business ?
  • Then I click SERPS to check the traffic the top pages earn.

How much does it cost to build a website UK?

That’s very relevant to my business.

Granted, there are only 350 searches, but the keyword difficulty is low;2.

And remember, the top pages could rank for hundreds or thousands of similar keywords.

382 visits per month are the average traffic the top pages earn.

3 out of the top 10 websites have 1 or less referring domains to their page.

So all this suggests a great opportunity to rank and earn traffic for any web professional.

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Pick a big topic

In 30 seconds, I can diagnose the problem with most websites’ traffic.

I look at their total organic traffic and then the number of keywords their top pages rank for.

You can do this analysis in Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush and Ahrefs.

In Ahrefs

  • Enter URL into site explorer
  • Select top pages.

How can I find a big, easy to rank topic that’s related to my business ?

Look at the keywords you rank for; select organic keywords

  • Pick one word eg: resignation
  • Enter that into keyword explorer
  • Then select ALL
  • Select word count and filter from 2
  • Select KD and filter from 0 to 10
  • Now in the exclude box type in your keyword eg: resignation

I found a great topic; how to write a notice letter UK.

  • 1400 searches
  • Keyword difficulty 5

Look at SERPs (search engine results).

I can see the top pages rank for 108 to 1044 keywords.

The top pages earn, on average, 22,561 visits per month.

Small topics

I have a page about local advertising. The search query “local advertising” has 500 searches a month and a keyword difficulty of 4.

Very small monthly search volume.

According to Ahrefs, my page gets 150 organic visits a month.

Excellent traffic from a small topic of just 55 keywords.

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Find keywords suppliers rank for

I like to find out what keywords my client’s suppliers are ranking for that my client doesn’t rank for.

In this example, I’ve taken one supplier and done a content gap analysis with a client.

  • Go to content gap
  • Enter up to 10 suppliers in the top boxes
  • Enter your url in the “but the following target doesn’t rank for
  • Exclude the suppliers brand names
  • Add any additional filtering

Now I can look through this list of ideas and check the SERPS for suitable ideas.

Find keywords industry websites rank for

An underlooked strategy is to identify the keywords and pages that industry bodies rank for.

You must know of an industry association in your business or your clients.

There’s the Chartered Institute of marketing, the Content Marketing Institute or the Direct Marketing Institute.

Put their URL into Ahrefs.

  • Enter their URL into Ahrefs
  • Look at their top keywords in your country.
  • Select organic keywords
  • Select your country
  • Filter by difficulty.
  • Filter by number of words; try 3.
  • Filter out their brand name in the exclude box

I found a nice easy to rank idea; digital marketing plan with 400 monthly searches and a difficulty of 5.

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Comparative and alternative search queries

One of Apple’s most famous advertising campaigns, I’m a PC, I’m a Mac, was a comparative advertising campaign.

It leads to the biggest growth in sales of any campaign they’ve run.

Part of the decision making process people go through is called the ‘evaluation of alternatives”.

Thirty years on from my marketing degree, and I’ve still not forgotten my theory.

People are comparing your product with similar products during their buying process.

Let’s do some comparative research.

Start with a seed keyword.

  • Enter a seed keyword such as “WordPress” into Ahrefs keyword explorer and hit return.
  • Select All Keyword Ideas.
  • In the include box put in a few comparative keywords like alternative, vs, versus, compare, better, or.
  • In the KD (keyword difficulty) filter box enter 0-20 and apply

I now have 42 keyword ideas.

Let me analyse ‘Squarespace vs WordPress’.

  • 600 searches a month in the UK; which is a small market.
  • The keyword difficulty is 12.
  • Look at the traffic to the top results.
  • The average top result earns 151 organic visits per month.
  • 3 of the top pages have 8 or less links to their page.

Now think about who would be searching “squarespace vs wordpress’ and why.

The user is considering a website.

They are undecided which is the best platform to host their website.

They want to make sure they are making the best decision and web investment.

If you’re the expert, you should provide your experience and compare the features, benefits, pros and cons of each alternative.

And if your page is designed for conversion, you should be able to capture qualified leads by highlighting you are their best web implementation option.

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Pages that get traffic on page 2

Another strategy is to examine websites and find out the traffic they get from page 2 results.

  • Enter a url into site explorer.
  • Select top pages
  • Filter by position 11.

Now look at the top keyword; that’s your list of content ideas.

Write a better page or answer than the page on the URL you’ve just researched.

Here’s a study of 100 random websites where I found out the traffic they get from page 2.

Look for out of date search results.

When you are researching a topic or an industry, you should check the top 10 search results.

The date sometimes appears in the search results.

If you see something like 01 April 2011 and 2019, you can create a more up-to-date and relevant page resource to answer the search queries.

I took this approach with my local advertising guide in August 2018.

By April 2019, I was ranking in position 1.

  • Use Ahrefs Content Explorer
  • Enter a phrase and select “In Title”
  • Filter the publish date between 2010 and 2017
  • Sort by Organic Traffic

The page titles will give you an idea about the content of their page.

But you may also want to filter by Domain Rating and Referring Domains to find websites will similar ratings to yours.

I just found a great page that gets 7100 visits a month with only 4 referring domains and a domain rating of 10.

Shame it only gets 406 UK visits, but I’d take that any day.

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Keywords you already rank for

Using Search Console, you can find keywords you already rank for and improve the rankings and traffic of those queries.

This is a great way to find low competition keywords with high traffic

  • Go to Search Console
  • Open report
  • Make sure clicks, impressions and average position are selected
  • (for low traffic sites choose last 3 months or last 6 months)
  • Select the Filter icon
  • Tick the Query option
  • Enter any of the keywords in the box next to Contains to filter queries
  • How
  • Issue
  • For
  • With
  • Improve
  • Increase
  • Reduce
  • Remove
  • Lower
  • Grow
  • Help

Sort impressions in descending order

  • how to reduce an inheritance tax bill
  • 270 impressions
  • 34 average position

If you like one query, click it.

Then click pages Copy the page URL 21 ways to reduce inheritance tax Make a copy of this template

Add the following to the template

  • The query in the Query cell
  • Add the Impressions in the impressions cell
  • Add the average position on the average position cell
  • Paste the URL in the URL cell
  • Now open the url in your browser
  • Select Minion icon from Chrome browser bar
  • Select Analyse On-Page SEO
  • Copy the text under Title into the Current Page Title cell

Then I recommend that you check what the top query in Google Search Console for that page is.

  • Click the URL
  • Click the X next to the query filter
  • Click Queries
  • Sort Impressions in descending order if they aren’t already
  • Reducing inheritance tax
  • 478 impressions
  • 32.9 average position
  • Copy the top query and paste into the Top Query on Page cell
  • Add the Impressions in the Top Impressions cell
  • Add the average position on the Top Average Position cell

The reason I check the top query is to see if there are any intent differences.

I don’t want to mess up a page 1 ranking by improving a query with less potential.

Use the other keyword modifier, such as for, with, reduce etc., to see if you can find other opportunities.

Long-tail keywords » Learn about First 1000 Visits

Google Autocomplete or the A to Z alphabet technique

Go to Google and type the name of your service or product followed by “for.”

You will find lots of keyword ideas that are relevant.

Now try this; type for your product or service name, followed by for than A, B, C, etc.

Now you can pick a keyword or topic and write about it.

For example, if you see a query such as “mortgage for self-employed” and provide mortgages for the self-employed, write for this service and this audience.

There’s no keyword research, search volume, click volume or difficulty around this search query, but I believe you’ll know what to write and rank fairly well without these metrics.

A “for” search query is just one type of informational search query that your search audience uses.

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You can use a couple of tools, including and, to find out the questions that people are looking for.

Also Asked

Go to and enter a query or phrase.

The tool will then return a list of questions searchers also ask.

This is a good tactic in principle however, I like to know the search and click volume for queries and top pages.

In addition, Ahrefs stated in their research that only 3% of users interact with Also Asked Boxes.


You can also find the questions people search for using an AI SEO tool called

Enter your keyword here.

The tool will return ideas from Autocomplete, Also Asked, Quora and Reddit.

Similar to the previous tool, there’s no search volume.

So what I prefer to do is create a content outline for a page and try to include questions within the page I am optimising.

So for this page, you’re reading right now, here are some questions that I should include.


Billed as the 3rd biggest search engine, YouTube is an excellent source of keyword ideas.

You can use your Studio Analytics to identify videos that other people are watching.

You can use Ahrefs and their YouTube tool to identify keyword ideas, and you can use the VidIQ plugin for sources for keyword ideas.