Keyword traffic estimates versus search volume estimates

Written by Fraser McCulloch.

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Keyword traffic is a better metric to measure than keyword search volume.

Compare these 2 search queries.

The first search has a monthly UK search volume of 1200.

The second query has a monthly UK search volume of 200.

That’s a huge difference in search volume.

So you’d think that the former would result in more traffic or clicks.

But look at this

The search query with 200 monthly searches has 581 clicks to the top page results.

Whereas the search query with 1200 monthly searches has 208 clicks.

So a query with 6 times more searches has only 1/3rd of the traffic or clicks.

Why is keyword traffic so much higher ?

Only 14% of people are clicking on the search results after searching Google.

Whereas 80% of people are clicking on the search results after this search query.

Zero click searches result in Google becoming an answer engine

Google has evolved from being a search engine to become a search and answer engine.

Over 49% of all search queries do not result in a click to the top pages.

Google will show you the answer to your question without the need to click a top result in most cases.

As a marketer you should be looking at the traffic a keyword generates or the traffic a page generates.

Typically, top web pages will rank for more than one keyword.

In this example, my page earns 246 clicks from a top keyword that only has 150 searches per month.

That’s because my page is ranking in Google for more than one search query.

Now look at this page which ranks number 1 for “physics and maths tutor”.

The page ranks for 1590 other search queries; whilst the other ranking pages only rank for around 60.

So how do you choose keywords for your website ?