Find and use Long Tail Keywords to boost your organic search traffic

Written by Fraser McCulloch.

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In this chapter you will learn what long tail keywords are, how to find and use them to boost your organic search traffic.

What are long-tail keywords ?

Here’s an example of a long tail keyword that my website ranks for that has 9 words in the query.

The head or short tail keyword is “keywords”.

I’ve compared the long tail search volume with the short term search volume.

Long Tail Keywords with 9 or more words and low difficulty

I ran a quick report with Ahrefs to find that there are over 39,000 search queries with low keyword difficulty with 9 or more words.

I’ve filtered these queries to include funnel keywords ie: how, where, best, top, buy, compare etc

Benefits of targeting long tail keywords

There are a number of benefits in targeting long tail keywords such as : 

  • It’s easier to outrank the competition
  • People actually search this way
  • Better click through rates
  • Better conversions
  • Perfect for less authoritative or new websites

How to find long-tails keywords

With Ahrefs, it’s easy to find long tail keywords.

Enter a seed or one word phrase into Keyword Explorer.

In the word count box, enter 4 or even up to 9 in the minimum box and press apply.

Ahrefs will show you any long tail keywords.

Or you could use the Google search box.

Just start typing and the long tail queries will start to appear.

However, with this method you have no idea if people are actually searching the query.

How to get more search traffic from long tail keywords

Now that you’ve identified a long tail keyword it’s your job to create content that best answers that query.

So that’s long tail keywords, what about short tails keywords?