White Hat Link Building (Services for websites that want traffic)

Written by Fraser McCulloch.

I have grown my organic traffic from 373 visits per month to 1924 per month in 12 months as a result of producing resourceful content and 2 link building campaigns.

organic search traffic growth

Has your organic traffic flat lined over the past 2 years. Look familiar ?

You can have the best designed website in the world, have great content but still not earn enough traffic from Google.

Your organic traffic has flatlined or plateaued.

static organic growth screenshot

It is highly unlikely you have the in-house resources to do link building and outreach.

You and your team have to manage internal and day to day issues and that’s where I fit in.

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Better rankings and organic traffic

A search engine ranking study by Brian Dean, SEMRush, Ahrefs, SimilarWeb and MarketMuse showed that the most important factor in ranking in the top 10 search engine page results was referring domains; in other words; backlinks.

  • Number of referring domains
  • Total external backlinks
  • URL length
  • Webpage link authority (Ahrefs URL Rating)

If your search traffic has plateaued, you are not in the top 10 results or you are looking for search growth in line with your overall business growth, then I can help.

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Grow organic search traffic like this

To grow from 7,000 to 70,000 organic visits per month in 12 months is actually just a 4% weekly growth.

Yes it’s hard work but achievable when the correct resources and strategy are put in place.

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Return on search investment with link building

When I was looking at zero traffic from Google a few years ago, if someone told me then to invest in content and link building techniques I would have ignored them.

Looking back it is absolutely worth the effort, time, agony and financial investment.

The growth in organic traffic has completely changed my business model.

You’re either an invest for the future or watch your pennies person.

Here’s what I told a client recently.

“There’s 5800 searches a month for one type of products and the websites in the top 10 results earn around 2500 visits a month to their page.

Based on your current conversion rate, ranking in the top 10 is worth £40k-£60k in revenue per annum.

Would you be willing to invest to earn that incremental revenue ?”

The client has a further 20 product categories with this type of revenue opportunity.

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What does a backlink cost ?

The market rate is around £250 or $352 for a guest post link from an authority website.

Look at the SEO growth opportunity

I compared and analysed website traffic by channel and compare that with revenue per channel for a number of Shopify stores.

channel traffic v revenue screenshot

Organic traffic is a key driver of revenue for Shopify stores; you can read my Shopify SEO guide here.

Look at the number of organic clicks compared with paid traffic clicks over the past two years.

organic v paid clicks screenshot moz

Search engine optimisation is, and will continue to be, a massive digital marketing growth channel.

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My approach to link building

I offer a bespoke and made to measure link building service; because you don’t buy links you earn them.

I work with professional service firms, e-commerce companies and SAAS providers; that’s my area of interest and expertise.

Link Building as part of your marketing and business growth plan

When you are planning to grow a million or multi-million pound business online you need consider the potential of all channels.

  • I’ll dive into Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • I need to see where you traffic has been coming from and what you currently rank for.
  • I like to see how your pages and content are performing.
  • If you sell products online I will need to see average order value, web traffic and conversion rate.
  • I will even review the user experience such as site speed and the customer journey.

If you are a professional service business, I’ll need to understand where your sales leads and enquiries come from and how well they are nurtured into sales.

All these factors will influence the type of link building strategies I propose and pursue.

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Competition and Addressable Market

I can uncover content and link building opportunities by examining your competitors and looking at the total addressable market.

I can look at top of the funnel opportunities or opportunities with more purchase or action intention.


Websites accumulates a bunch of junk pages over time; like dirt in a car fuel tank; this slows down your ability to rank and earn organic traffic.

Then there’s the way the pages are worded and described; improvements boost positions in Google and traffic.

I’ve worked with million pound companies that had 2 words in their page title and no meta descriptions; so I don’t skip this part.

I identify and fix many issues with an SEO audit to make a faster impact on your organic traffic and make link building more effective.


The average service, product or category page will not, in most cases, generate links.

However, you will have greater success earning links from a resourceful piece of content.

You may have resourceful content, you may not.

If not, we’ll identify what type of content earns links.

Then we’ll create a piece of link earning content.

That’s the content we’ll use to build links.

Email Outreach

Every successful link building campaign requires reaching out to prospects with a propensity to link to your content.

  • I use a variety of tools to identify names and addresses of link creators from publicly available sources.
  • Then I verify these people and their email addresses exist before composing an outreach campaign.
  • I always personalise the outreach with a salutation such as Dear John.
  • I am, in many ways, acting as ambassadors of your brand, communicating with prospects under your brand email address.
  • My outreach emails are in a tone of voice that is in alignment with your brand but also convincing enough to open up dialogues and earn links to your resource or page.

Here’s a sample of an email outreach copy for a broken link building campaign.

Subject line : broken link at www.domain.com

Hi John,

I was reading your article (insert url) and noticed a broken link on the page.

Let me know if you’d like me to pinpoint that link or suggestion a replacement link.



Track and measure

I keep a track of emails sent, replies, follow up emails and unsubscribes as well as links earned.

In additional, I can also track the keywords and positions you rank for.

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Types of link building campaigns

There are 5 white hat seo link strategies I concentrate on. They are as follows:

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Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the purest and most effective white hat link building technique in my toolkit.

Here’s a broken links case study that earned 21 high quality backlinks.

Here’s another broken links case study with 16 high quality backlinks.

How I do broken link building

  1. I find broken links or 404 error page with websites already pointing to them.
  2. I check the history of the page and that the content is suitable to appear on your website.
  3. Rewrite the page, but make the content better and more up to date.
  4. Find the email addresses of those who currently link to the broken links.
  5. Email them offering to find their broken links and suggest your improved, updated page would be a more useful replacement.

Why is broken link building so effective as a white hat seo strategy ?

In my opinion, people open and reply to outreach emails more often when you notify them about a problem than a cold commercial outreach email.

They don’t view your email as spam or that you are trying to get a backlink; they see you as helping them.

I expect a 3-4% link conversion rate.

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Guest Post Link Building

With guest post link building I identify potential link partners that are a fit for your brand both in terms on their page profile, content and traffic.

The partner has to feel comfortable that you are going to produce content that is valuable to their audience.

Guest posting is an ideal opportunity to build links to product and category pages.

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Social Media Link Building

There are thousands of people in your industry on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media is an ideal channel to reach link creators with your content.

I’ve naturally earned links this way.

There is minimal blogger outreach and less relationship building involved.

But you can’t push your products and services down their throat when doing social media link building.

I identify and create content that makes influencers look good, feel good, support their point of view or quite simply provide a super helpful resource.

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Infographic Link Building

There are 4 backlinks pointing to the infographic.

Infographics are brilliant linkable resources that can quickly summarise or communicate complicated information quickly.

I worked with a web company and created graphics to summarise and compare the speed of top hosting companies.

I targeted the client’s competitors backlinks.

Then, during the email outreach process I offered customisable version of the graphics for link creators to update to their existing blog post or to utilise in the creation of a new page.

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Reverse Engineer/Competitor/Resource Page Link Building

I reversed engineered the link strategy of a client’s competitors backlinks.

I discovered that their best links were coming from resource pages of college and university career advice pages.

This research and insight helped to devise and shape content creation and an email outreach programme to offer these establishments a similar helpful resource.

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Link Building Company Capacity

I work with a very small number of clients to deliver bespoke link building campaigns.

Of course off the shelf cheap link builders exist; they are cheap, make you look cheap and can even do harm to your website and brand.

I am not trying to build a huge agency or be forced to maximise new customers in order to feed my payroll.

My clients have typically been in business for a few years, having a turnover exceeding £1 million and have at least one person dedicated to online marketing in-house.

Typically clients have built an online presence and have gone as far as they can by themselves in the search engines.

They’ve plateaued organically and need to go to the next level to assist with their overall business goals.

They need a ‘spare pair of hands’ to focus on organic search and link building whilst they run the day to day in house marketing activity.

My clients understand business and SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.

For their sprint online marketing activity they use advertising.

For their marathon, long term activity they invest in research, resourceful content, incremental improvements month by month, outreach and link building strategies.

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Link Building Service Pricing

There are two link building packages that I offer.

One package costs £2,500 per month and one package costs £3,500 per month.

The difference is the number of man hours invested.

These are fixed monthly fees with a minimum 4 months duration.

Now that you know the average cost for a backlink is around £250, you only need 9 links per month with the £2000 a month package to earn a return on your link building investment.

If my link building efforts are a success and I earn more than 9 links per month you gain considerably.

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FAQ’s about link building services

Here are some frequently asked questions about my link building services and white hat link building in general.

Link Anchor text

There is no magic formula for anchor text.

When I analysed the anchor text links to my own website, the links are predominately my brand name, website address, my own name, suppliers name and no text.

The anchor text is controlled by the other website adding the link from their website to yours.

The clients I deal with are not at the stage where they need to focus on anchor text analysis.

However, I can provide some generally guidelines on anchor text links.

  • 70% brand name text eg: brand
  • 20% naked links eg: www.brand.com
  • 5% generic links eg: click here
  • 5% keyword links eg: product name

What is my backlink profile strategy?

Currently I have 145 other websites pointing to my website which is a DR 38.

  • Do Follow – 125
  • No Follow – 40

63 referring domains have a higher domain rating than mine.

Ideally I’m looking to earn links from websites with a higher domain rating than mine, in my industry, or individual pages with a good rating.

That way these websites and pages can pass strong link authority and boost my domain or page.

Pay per link

No I don’t do pay per link; see my process and pricing model.

Build Links only

I once made the mistake of doing a links only campaign for a client whose website earned over 500k visits per month.

He was focused on promoting 2 specific pages and that did not turn into a link building success because the content was not link creator friendly.

Whilst I was still able to build links to those pages I would have been more successful creating link friendly content had I put my foot down and firmly stuck to the process outlined above.

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Black hat v grey hat v white hat seo link building

I’ll be honest black hat seo is a completely different language for me; I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Like you I’ve heard about private blog networks but I’ve never touched them.

The greyest type of link building I ever done was about 10 years ago doing some unsuccessful article spinning link building for this website.

I’m solely interested in connecting you with other website owners in your industry who value content you provide and want to link to this content or resource.

If you really do value your website you don’t want someone you don’t know or trust touching your most precious digital asset.

You want someone with brand, marketing and real world experience that you can pick up the phone, Skype or meet in person.

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What is link building ?

Links built from industry related, authoritative websites are the single most important search engine ranking factor in boosting a website’s position in the search engines and increasing organic traffic.

Links are like votes or recommendations from other trusted websites.

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Why are links to your website important ?

Without relevant links from other websites to yours, your website will stand still in the search engine result pages.

Your web pages may also get overtaken by competitor websites who are proactively promoting their web pages, improving their page content and earning new links.