21 marketing blogs and bloggers every web designer and developer should read and follow

A list of 21 marketing blogs and bloggers, in no particular order, you should read or follow especially if you are a web professional.
I’ve highlighted one essential article you must read from each of these experts after their profile.

Brennan Dunn and Double your Freelancing and Right Message

Brennan Dunn

I found out about Brennan from something he did with Brent Weaver for web professionals.

I bought his guide to Doubling Your Freelancing rate guide to help me understand how to charge more marketing and web work.

What you’ll learn from Double Your Freelancing is how to charge for discovery work before starting a web project.

Discovery work for me was either doing keyword research or figuring out how to structure a website.

There are 2 products I now charge for.

Brennan has since gone onto to create Right Message – web personalisation software.

Whilst I’m at the bottom of the curve in terms of tech skills and having a large enough website audience I do see personalisation becoming a bigger tool in the marketing bag in the coming months and years.

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Brian Dean and Backlinko

Brian Dean

If you want to learn about getting traffic from Google or SEO, then Brian is the king.

If you’re gonna invest in yourself or your online business, you absolutely have to invest in the Backlinko training course.

Brian provides a ton of value in his blog posts and YouTube channel.

His training course is awesome and provides step by step guides and frameworks you can utilise for SEO.

And the free prize included in membership is access to thousands of amazing SEO experts from around the world in the private Facebook Group.

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Tim Soulo and Ahrefs

Tim Soulo

Tim is the marketing face of Ahrefs; the best bloody premium keyword research, SEO, click volume and backlink tool on the planet.

When Tim isn’t advancing his fashion modelling career his team produce the most valuable articles and videos about seo, keyword research and link building.

No serious online professional should be without Ahrefs otherwise you’re just bringing a knife to a gunfight.

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Myles Anderson and Bright Local

Myles Anderson

I have to have some British marketing blogs and solutions on my list.

Myles is the founder of Bright Local, a British company, focused on local advertising and citations.

If you don’t know about citations, they are the building blocks that signal to Google your company is legit.

Citations are vital to help new businesses get their website off the ground.

You can track your local rankings with BrightLocal as well as audit your company reviews.

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Matthew Spurr and Quuu Promote

Matthew Spurr

The second Brit on the list is Matthew Spurr, the founder of Quuu and Quuu Promote.

So let me explain what Quuu Promote is.

Lots of people on Twitter like to post and share other people’s content.

It’s a way for them to keep their followers following them.

To find this content to share, users get the content ideas from companies like Buffer.

You post to Quuu Promote and Quuu Promote goes into Buffer and Quuu and then Twitter people find the content they want to share.

I used Quuu Promote last year for about 10 blog post promotions and received an insane number of shares and clicks around Facebook and Twitter.

It will be really interesting to see how Quuu matures or evolves as a solution over the next few years.

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Hugh MacLeod and GapingVoid

Hugh MacLeod

“Buy Me Or The Puppy Gets It” – that’s one of the famous drawing Hugh designed for wine bottles years ago.

Hugh actually contacted me in the late 90s (he must have been starting out) about creating some cartoons on business cards for me.

But Hugh is a marketing thought leader who puts his ideas into his sketches.

I don’t follow Hugh much these days; I think he’s more involved in corporate storytelling and culture.

Still he’s good to circle back to once in a while.

With a name like this; Hugh has to have some Scottish roots or family.

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Justin Jackson and Tiny Marketing Wins

Justin Jackson

I went through this phase of wanting to create my own online products.

I think I found Justin via Amy Hoy or maybe it was his website’s courier font !

Anyway Justin has created a ton of different products such as Marketing For Developers and Marketing Tiny Wins.

He’s very open and transparent about the creation process and a breathe of fresh air compared to the older launch gurus.

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Spencer Fry and Podia

Spencer Fry

Spencer is the founder of Podia; an online platform to host and sell online training courses, digital downloads and memberships.

Podia competes with Teachable, Thinkific and Kajaba in the SAAS training platform market.

I was honestly torn between Podia and Teachable when I published my last training course.

I love the marketing articles Podia published; very business oriented as opposed to Teachable who try and sell a dream.

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Gael Breton and Authority Hackers

Gael Breton

The marketing blogger with the best English accent.

I thought Gael was French but he may be Hungarian; not sure.

I learned from some very interesting keyword research and SEO strategies he produced as part of some work he did with Ahrefs.

Authority Hackers is a training course on how to find, launch and build affiliate marketing businesses.

His website content and articles are brilliant, detailed and ideal for everyone, not just affiliates, in the digital marketing space.

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Robert Williams and Folyo

Robert Williams

Robert is an interesting blogger who’s got 2 businesses focused on helping web professionals generate leads.

There’s Lets WorkShop and Folyo; the latter being primarily for web designers.

I like Robert’s content approach; look here’s how you can do all this yourself, it will eat up all your time, so here’s a paid solution from me.

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Ryan Stewart and Webris

Ryan Stewart

It’s weird how you learn about new people.

First time around I pretty much ignored Ryan’s content.

But his case studies and knowledge completely changed my opinion over a few months.

Ryan just seemed to show up everywhere online.

Oh and the fact he’s a MBA that’s worked for major consulting firms completely changed my opinion.

Ryan shared the results from the shoelace business he grew and it’s that kind of transparency that earns respect.

There’s one podcast interview he had where he passed on the most incredible advice to online marketers.

“Be awesome at keyword research, offer the service to marketing agencies”.

And that’s what I am literally doing now.

Ryan’s developed a suite of training courses for SEO’s and link builders.

Having sold his Webris agency, he’s teamed up with Nick Eubank at From the Future Agency.

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Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield

Not a marketer but a writer, Steven is the author of The War of Art and The Legend of Bagger Vance.

Imagine that a golf novel about losing your swing but it’s a lot deeper than hitting a wee white ball.

Steven’s advice is like the creative advice your dad or wife could never provide.

He’s been through the wars and struggles of creating and developing art and his content is such a refreshing change to most bloggers.

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Andrew Hansen

Andrew Hansen

You have to have an Aussie on your list of bloggers.

What I like about Andrew’s content is that he’s research focused; so that floats my boat.

Andrew specialises in affiliate marketing; although not my niche he’s got an interesting slant on this part of the marketing landscape.

He’ll give you ideas on what markets to enter, what products to look at; Andrew spots it before it goes mainstream.

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David Krevitt and Coding is For Losers

David from CIFL

David creates some really cool solutions mainly using Google Sheets for many of us working in SEO.

Drop in your pages and rankings into a Google Sheet and you can see if you have duplicate content or keywords that cannibalise each other.

Some of the stuff he creates is way beyond my pay grade though.

Oh and that video about what if you uninstall Google Analytics; check it out on YouTube it’s priceless.

Google Sheets Tutorials

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Brian Casel and Audience Ops

Brian Casel

Brian developed a wonderful content upgrade plugin for WordPress blog posts.

I’ve seen a significant increases in converting blog posts into subscribers because of the plugin.

But Brian’s main business is a content agency; senior directors and business owners should not be creating content is his angle.

His blog posts are focused on content and aspects of ROI; just the stuff I like to hear others saying.

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Simon Andrews and Addictive London

Simon Andrews

Simon did the brand work for a tea brand about 13 years ago and outsourced the web development work to me and the agency I worked at the time.

I’ve met Simon a few times in person before.

He’s owned and worked at some of the largest London and global advertising agencies.

Simon curates a weekly newsletter and blog post for all strategic media and marketing trends and GAFA; Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.

Get the weekly fix from Simon

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Brent Weaver and uGurus

Brent Weaver

Brent’s a former Adobe Business Catalyst Partner, like myself, and I used to buy his website templates and training service.

Since selling his agency, Brent’s focus is on helping all digital agencies grow their business over at uGurus.

Brent, I was tempted to go to your uSummit; just too far away !

Are low paying clients your fault ?

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Glenn Allsop and ViperChill and Detailed

Glenn Allsop

Glenn’s another who takes a research based approach to content and online growth.

His posts tend to be centred around business models and opportunities for growing websites or entering niche markets.

It was probably Glenn’s blog posts that inspired me to start blogging business and keyword ideas posts.

I believe Glenn has or had a business model about doing research, creating content and websites and then ranking and renting them out.

He’s introduced some interesting services such as a link building database.

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Larry Kim and Mobile Monkey

Larry Kim

I’ve been following Larry since his Wordstream days.

Larry was the founder of WordStream, who provide AdWords, Facebook and keyword tools for marketers.

WordStream was sold for $150 million this year.

Larry set up Monkey Mobile recently to focus on Facebook Messenger and chatbots.

At first I thought WTF.

Using my teenage son as a reference point, he never uses email; a lot of modern communication occurs on social apps.

I’ve been concerned lately that my email campaign open rates and click through rates have been declining so I’m open to other communication channels.

Then I started to experience Larry’s Facebook Messenger communication and thought this could actually work for marketing campaigns.

The data he provided on email marketing campaign open rates and click through rates version chatbot stats is making me really consider this is a viable communication channel.

I’ve never been one to get on the boat early but have a read of his experiments and the data on customers and subscribers he’s acquiring.

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