SEO Audit Services to improve your website performance & traffic

What is an seo audit ?

An seo audit is a review of on page and off page elements to help improve your current website performance, rankings in Google and organic traffic.

I am a freelance seo consultant that work with site owners of e-commerce sites, professional service businesses and digital agencies in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

How can seo audits can improve your website return on investment ?

An SEO audit helps educate clients on web development and web design issues and gearing up company websites for a successful seo campaign.

Giving the search engines your best website and best content and users relevant, useful content that answers their questions is your best digital marketing approach.


Technical SEO Audit

Using a premium seo auditing tool I analyse the most common website problems and areas you can improve.

Then I provide technical seo checks and detailed instructions that you or your web developer can implement.

This thorough seo audit typically includes technical issues such as:

Local SEO Audit

For a small business working on local seo campaigns, I do local SEO audits where I do technical audits plus analyse your local rankings, local citations and your local authority signals.


Marketing SEO Audit

Google Search Volume and Clicks

I’ll examine your current search positions, the search volume of your top keywords in the organic search results and the click opportunities you are missing out on.

Competitor Analysis

Doing a competitor analysis I can find out what keywords and topics you should be ranking for in the organic search results.

High volume, low difficulty opportunities

My favourite keyword research strategy is to identify high search volume, low difficulty opportunities to help you boost your organic traffic.

Content for link building and outreach

Exploring content marketing topics in your industry I can identify the best opportunities for your outreach team to earn valuable new backlinks.

Improve existing rankings

Your existing pages and site content can be improved so they rank higher for existing keywords.

Copy improvements to improve rankings and traffic

I make ensure you have the right content on your pages so they match the user intent and boost your search positions and search traffic.


Tailored SEO Report delivered with video

I don’t run your website through a cheap free seo audit tool that spits out an automated audit.

I provide a personalised, tailored seo report delivered with actionable insights, seo audit checklist for every page in the report and a video seo audit; where I personally talk through the issues and recommendations.

SEO Audit Checklist

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Fraser McCulloch Platonik

To start an seo site audit, there’s a few things I need to get started.

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Standard SEO Audit

Up to 300 indexed pages
£ 750

Extra SEO Audit

301 -600 indexed pages
£ 1000

Premium SEO Audit

600 + indexed pages
£ 1500