Freelance SEO Expert with 18 years experience

Written by Fraser McCulloch. Last Updated 28th March 2022

To deliver results without tying you up in long-term contracts or expensive daily rates, hire a freelance SEO expert with decades of SEO and marketing experience.

A Freelance SEO Expert for business and agency owners

Fraser McCulloch works with business owners and digital marketing agencies in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and South Africa to improve their search engine rankings.

fraser mcculloch seo expert

I work in a range of industries, including:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and sales
  • Digital Agencies
  • Mortgages
  • Home improvement businesses such as property, roofing, windows etc
  • And e-commerce and online businesses

We have a marketing agency in NZ and have used Fraser’s SEO services for our clients. He’s excellent and would highly recommend him.

Colm McGrath –

Why SEO is important

Investing in research, content and link building can generate a monthly stream of search engine traffic.

For every person that clicks a paid search advert 10 people click an organic search result.

Search Engine Optimisation helps your business goals by targeting prospects at different stages in the buying funnel.

High-quality, relevant content targeted at prospects at different stages of the buying process.

  • Prospects searching for a solution to a problem
  • People looking for information about a service, product or company
  • People comparing, reviewing or looking for alternatives
  • People looking to enquire, hire or buy

SEO Services

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves discovering the search terms, words, phrases, and intent that potential customers have when searching for something on the internet.

The risk of investing in SEO is reduced by using my bespoke click forecasting strategy.

SEO Audit

Before and after the redesign or migration of a website, I typically provide an SEO audit.

The audit can identify errors such as error pages, missing tags, and traffic improvements.

Google and SERP Analysis

By analysing the search results and user intent, I can improve your rankings and traffic.

SEO strategies to improve ranking and organic traffic

A freelance SEO specialist like myself will recommend improvements to help organic growth.

And I won’t tie you down to a monthly retainer.

As Dave from Brighton wrote, “I don’t need an SEO on a retainer or campaign day rate.

Content strategy and content creation

I provide clients with a content strategy; the pages they should create are based on what their audience clicks on.

I then provide content briefs for each page, and the client or copywriter writes the content.

User Experience

Every business owner can improve the user experience of a website.

The complete experience of your page is now being assessed by the Core Web Vitals initiative, which includes page speed, page delays, and visual stability.

A fast-loading page with a benefit statement above the fold of the browser should be one of your main website goals.

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation

I’m a strong advocate of Google’s lead generation guidelines for improving your website conversions.

I have the skills to improve organic traffic and conversions, with a track record in generating leads for clients.

Technical SEO

Your website performs and ranks better in the search engines if technical improvements are made.

For your website to get the best results from the major search engines, you need to give them your best pages and content.

Outreach and Link Building

You need to earn links from other websites to boost your site audit and your traffic.

To create a linkable asset on your website, you need to identify people who can link to the asset and convince them to link to you.

Link building strategies such as broken link building, data studies, and industry reports, when promoted with outreach, are proven to earn links.

Local SEO

My SEO experience extends to helping local clients improve their online presence to get more visitors from local search results.

A small local business with fixed locations wants a greater local search presence.

The most important elements of local SEO are :

  • Customer Reviews
  • Managing Google My Business account
  • Citations or online mentions


  1. Here’s how I typically work with clients.
  2. We talk on Zoom, the phone or WhatsApp
  3. I listen to the challenges you have and what outcome you are looking for
  4. You provide access to Search Console
  5. I provide an estimate for the work
  6. I deliver a solution; the solution will be delivered in either a Google Doc, Google Sheet along with a commentary
  7. You or your team implement the solution.

SEO Packages : How much do I charge for SEO ?

Costs depend on the problem and the type of campaign required.

SEO Audit pricing will depend on the number of pages.

SEO Training – Will you teach me to do SEO myself?

I provide an SEO training programme that teaches you an outcome; 1000 organic visits. For keyword research and content brief costs, click here.

The training modules included are :

  • How to create a click forecast by doing keyword research so you choose the correct pages you need to create to deliver clicks and traffic
  • How to create content
  • How to promote your website
  • How to earn links with off-page seo strategies
  • How to convert your traffic
  • How to optimise and improve your organic positions and traffic

How to hire an SEO expert (according to Google)

You need to find out if a freelancer is a good fit for your company.

Ideally, you should have a telephone conversation or face-to-face meeting with them.

Copy this list of questions and, during the interview or meeting, make a note and check the SEO consultant asks these questions.

  • What is unique about your business and services?
  • What does your ideal customer look like?
  • How does your target market currently find your website?
  • How does your business make money ?
  • Where else do you market?
  • Do you use offline advertising ?
  • Who are your competitors?

I want to add the following to this list.

The expert should also know a little about a business owners website traffic and provide some feedback on issues they’ve experienced with the website, such as

  • Site speed
  • How the website look on a mobile device
  • Some good search queries you rank for
  • Your top pages

Why choose a freelance seo consultant over an SEO Agency?

If you are a large enterprise or organisation, then, yes, you probably need a large SEO company.

But the majority of companies in the UK are small or micro-businesses.

Unlike other SEO agencies, I don’t work on a retainer basis.

I develop solutions to help with the outcome you’re looking for.

Why is SEO so expensive ?

Let’s say you’re a home improvement company and the cost per click to advertise is £15.

You need 1000 visits a month to meet your sales lead objectives.

The Google Ad cost would be £15,000 a month for 12 months or £180,000 a year.

Would SEO be expensive if I could deliver 1000 visits per month organically for £6,000 a month for a 3-month campaign?

Compared to Google Ads, SEO is not as expensive.

And if the 1000 visits can deliver sales leads that deliver £40,000 revenue a month or £480,000 a year, then SEO would be a good return on investment.


Happy to recommend you to anyone looking for advanced on-page SEO help.

Brian Dean,

Big shoutout to Fraser McCulloch on his excellent seo / content ideas service. My sites traffic has increased 89% in one month from 827 visits to 1585 visits.

Adam, Hollywood Mirrors

Your presentation has helped me show the client the major issues, they are now more open to fixing the basics first (giving me a small development budget) rather than jumping into new stuff. 

Dave, Brighton


I did the research, the client did the writing, and I built the website.

The traffic continues to grow organically with very little involvement.

There were strong search engine optimisation foundations put in place but perhaps the company is just in the right space at the right time.

This e-commerce company’s traffic increased 64% after implementing improvements.

Or this business saw organic traffic grow from 4400 to 7150 organic visits per month.

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I am based in Scotland but work with clients and agencies in London, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, the USA, and Australia.

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