Beyond 1000 Visits from Google

Step 1. Click Forecast

Use the custom-built Click Forecasting Strategy and Template to map out topics with clicks.

Step 2. Publish Content

Create content briefs based on your click forecast for your writers or write your own copy.

Step 3. Promote Pages

Promote the pages you’ve published to your audience.

Step 4. Earn links

Use proven link strategies to boost domain authority, rankings and traffic.

Step 5. Convert traffic

Advanced strategies to convert to enquiries, leads or sales.

Step 6. SEO Improvement

Use the SEO Improvement process and workbook to boost ranking and traffic.


This accountancy website has earned 1150 visits from Google in the last 30 days; consistently for the past 12 months.

Over 24,000 organic visits

This website’s growth was a case of right time, right place, right market; a combination of luck and skill.

My content is more focused towards a goal

Kim is a content marketing specialist at a Glasgow design agency.

I’m using LOTS of the course content in my daily role and it has very much helped make my content more focussed towards a goal.

Most courses do not take a step by step approach and assume previous knowledge, whereas yours delivered at the right level.

I’d previously watched hours of keyword research tutorials which missed key steps.

You follow a much more logical set of processes which suits my working style.

90% of web pages earn no traffic from Google

A recent study found that over 90% of web pages don’t earn any visitors from Google’s search results.

7 billion searches a day on Google

In my experience, most business owners with websites who don’t get organic traffic do not really understand what people are searching for on Google.

Google is the world’s biggest buyer research tool used 7 billion times a day and yet 90% of web pages don’t earn traffic.

Now there’s plenty of keyword research tools available but they don’t tell you what to write for the keywords you are targeting.

The days of writing 300 words about your products and services are gone.

The user wants page results that satisfy their search question.

There’s a serious lack of under investment in web page copy and content from pages that don’t earn any traffic.

Another reason why 90% of web pages don’t earn traffic from Google’s search results are the lack of links a website has.

Links are like votes for your pages and Google needs some method of separating the top pages from the millions of other pages.

Hi, I’m Fraser McCulloch

Fraser McCulloch Platonik

My name is Fraser McCulloch and I work with website owners and digital agencies to help them grow visitors from Google search results.

I earned a BA Honours degree in Marketing from Stirling University in Scotland in 1990 and I’ve worked inside big and small companies running their marketing to meet their business goals.

It wasn’t until 2005 when I began working with an ecommerce digital agency that I started to focus on Google search traffic.

Since then my team and I have built over 250 websites; mainly for start up businesses.

That experience has shaped the strategies that help grow organic visitors for my clients.


Ahrefs estimates I earn around 1300 visits a month; actual traffic is 2600 visits a month from Google.

That’s nothing special but more than enough traffic to run my business.

Client Results

Here’s a client that’s almost reached the 1000 visits per month; 15 pages and zero link building effort.

Leo, Web Agency Owner

“The click forecasting module is great for getting organised.

I get somewhat overwhelmed with the keyword research process on websites”

Another Client – growth over time

And here’s another website’s traffic that you can see has grown to over 20,000 organic visits a month.

David Ligda, Business Owner

Did I make it into the mentoring window? 

That tipped my decision to buy. 

I’m starting from scratch with a new website and no experience so the ability to get some feedback from you would be super valuable.”

Not knowing what prospects search for

Google is making it tougher to get traffic from the organic search results but there’s still 7 billion searches a day of which 15% are things people have never searched for before.

And you don’t need to beat Google, you just need to beat your competitors.

Lack of systems and processes

You will not improve your traffic by searching Google or YouTube for seo tips.

You need systems and processes for the 6 core building blocks of search engine optimisation.

SEO is NOT free

Traffic from search is not free.

You need to invest, upfront, time and money in keyword research tools, writing, investing in learning new strategies and improving existing web pages.

And work on improving your website regularly.

That investment is not free.

Introducing Beyond 1000 Visits Training Course

Fraser McCulloch Platonik

Beyond 1000 Visits is a step-by-step training programme that shows you how to grow your organic traffic to 1000 monthly visitors and beyond.

You might not have a website.

You might have a website with zero or little traffic.

You might want to grow traffic to a new or existing website faster than you’ve done in the past.

You might have an idea for a business you’ve been considering and now is the time to finally start it.

Or you might look after a number of websites for different companies.

How the course works

The training course is divided into 6 detailed modules.

You’ll learn from slide presentation videos, accompanied by worksheets, written guides and checklists guiding what to do and how to do it.

Module 1 : Click Forecast

The foundation of earning 1000 visits per month from Google is to forecast the click potential from Google search results.

Forecasting is a strategy you would do for any new business so why not do it with planning website growth ?

The Click Forecast Template included only within Beyond 1000 Visits, has been uniquely developed for this training course and will significantly reduce your time doing research and forecasting potential visits.

You’ll be able to clearly visualise your organic visitor opportunities.

You’ll then be able to choose the pages that will feature on your website that have visitor click potential. 

Module 2 : Content Production

English is my given language yet I failed English as a subject at school.

So if I can write and my pages get 2600 + visits a month from Google then so can you.

Once you know which pages have visitor click potential then utilise the 4 Page Content Templates that will help you, your staff or writers write page copy that users want.

The 4 Page Content Templates will :

  • Speed up your writing and content production process
  • Prevent you from staring at a blank screen
  • Ensure your writer deliver page copy that matches what the user for the query wants

I’ll also share the best 3 outsourced writing resources when you don’t want to write page copy yourself or you need an expert in a particular industry.

Module 3 : Promotion

The most underlooked component of launching a website or writing content is content promotion.

You will learn how to promote your pages on autopilot and you may even earn some links with this strategy.

Social media platforms tend to reward content that keeps people on their platform; so you can’t rely on getting many visits to your pages from social media; unless you have millions of followers and fans.

I’ll teach you my proven content promotion strategy that will help you promote your content to a much broader audience than your own.

Module 4 : Earn Links

In this module you will learn 2 proven strategies to earn links to your website.

Most new and young websites struggle to get organic visits from Google because they are less trusted by Google.

Trust can be gained by earning links to your pages and website.

In this diagram you can clearly see the relationship between visits from Google and referring domains (unique website links).

There are many clever link building strategies but you’re going to learn how to implement 2 strategies that will virtually guarantee links to your website.

In an ideal world, with a huge budget, you can run all different types of link campaigns such as a data study, infographic, expert opinion and award campaigns.

These campaigns can be implemented in the future but you need almost guaranteed links if you want to reach your Beyond 1000 Visits.

Module 5 : Conversion

As your website starts getting visits from Google you want to convert that traffic into subscribers, leads and customers.

You’ll learn strategies that I use to convert my own and client’s website traffic.

You’ll have a copy of the Clicks To Conversion Checklist by your side to help you plan and implement your conversion strategy.

Module 6 : Improvement

The biggest mistake many website owners make is to build a website and then just leave it.

You don’t build it and leave it.

The fastest growth opportunities to reach your Beyond 1000 Visits comes from improving your pages that are already ranked in Google.

Contained in Module 6 is an exclusive SEO Improvement workbook to discover, diagnose and action seo improvement to boost rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Material

Beyond 1000 Visits course material has been designed to enable you to learn and implement key visitor strategies.

Course modules and lessons are taught in a slide presentation format plus written download documents.

There’s no long boring video screen recordings; easy to learn and follow slides with exact steps.

There are also videos that will cover details of key lessons; step by step.

Training Course Support

The training course is built on the Podia platform that provides two support resources for you.

Underneath every lesson you leave a comment or ask a question you have about that lesson.

Alternatively, there is direct chat support where you can chat with me directly during UK office hours or leave a question for me to answer upon my return to the office.

Updating Course Content

After becoming a Beyond 1000 Visits student you will receive updates to the course free of charge.

Once you pay you have lifetime access to the course and all updates, course materials and downloads.

Is the course taught live ?

No, you can go at your own pace with the training course.

100% of the course content is pre-recorded and available when you log into the student’s area.

Do I get immediate access ?

As soon as you join you will receive access to the first training module.

There’s a lot to learn in the first module and over the next 7 weeks, you will receive the other training modules.

What makes the course unique ?

Beyond 1000 Visits is the only course I’m aware of that has been specifically designed to achieve one result; going Beyond 1000 Organic Visits or more.

Many other courses contain hours of screen recorded videos that, whilst they may be technically sound, aren’t focused on a specific outcome.

Beyond 1000 Visits also has custom created templates and workbooks that will speed up your research, content, link building and improvement processes; saving your hours and hours of time.

Are there costs on top of purchasing the course ?

That depends.

If you don’t currently have a website then at some point you will need a logo, design and website hosting.

I can recommend suitable suppliers at different budgets.

You will need access to a paid keyword research tool which will cost you either $7 for a trial period or $99 for 30 days.

But you can cancel those options when you’ve finished Module 1.

You may need help with writing.

If you know your subject matter you’ll be able to write the web copy yourself.

If you’re not an expert or don’t like writing then don’t worry the course provides access to some great value writig resources.

And you will at some point during or after this training course have to invest in some form of link building costs.

How long does the course take ?

Having purchased training courses myself the best courses provide succinct training that helps me achieve an outcome.

When you take the course you will learn, action and delve basic into the training materials at a later date.

Learning something new usually requires absorbing training materials 2 or 3 times.

Enrolment for Beyond 1000 Visits is open now

My enrollment deadline isn’t a scarcity tactic or ploy to get you to join.

The course starts on Monday and I need to get students enrolled before then.

As a founding member of Beyond 1000 Visits not only do you get instant access to the course training, strategies and templates, but you’ll get lifetime upgrades at no additional cost to you.

When I close the course and re-open it in the future there will be new features and templates and the price will go up accordingly.

So joining as a charter member gives you a lower price than in the future but with the benefit of new features and templates as they are published.

First 30 Days Mentoring

Module 1 lays the foundations of your Beyond 1000 Visits so I want to personally support clients.

And supporting 10 clients is just about the maximum I can support by myself.

Mentoring will involve sharing your Click Forecast with me; I’ll recommend what to include, what to focus on, ideas you hadn’t considered and what you need to deliver a forecast to meet your visitor goals.

Training Course Guarantee

If, after 30 days, you are still struggling to build a Click Forecast to support your traffic goal then I will personally build your click forecast for you myself.

All you need to do is email or message me with a link to what you have built so far.

Digital Agencies

Having worked with hundreds of digital agencies in most English speaking countries I know they need multiple revenue streams outside design and hosting retainers.

Beyond 1000 Visits provides digital agencies with the learning platform and processes to create new revenue streams by helping their clients grow organically.

Business Owners

If you are looking to take your website to the next level then Beyond 1000 Visits is an ideal platform to train you or your team.

You know you’ve got a good business and there’s plenty of scope for growth.

The training modules and strategies that you can implement will help you go to the next level; even beyond 1000 visits.


If you work freelance; copywriter, SEO, designer, developer, photograph, videographer, musician, speaker or trainer then Beyond 1000 Visits can help with your existing website or realise new opportunities.

Either way, the course material has you covered.

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