Earn more traffic with SEO Training

SEO Content Training included

These training modules are designed to help you research and create content that will rank and earn traffic from Google.

SEO Content Course

Learn how to research and create content using a proven framework that earns organic traffic.

Create List Posts

This course teaches you how to research, write and rank list posts in Google and search engines.

Create Other Content

You will learn other content frameworks and types that will enable you to rank in Google.

Training to plan, build, launch website

Use these training modules when you are planning, building and launching a website.

Advanced Keyword Research Training

16 advanced keyword research strategies to help you identify opportunities.

Plan & Structure Website Training

Learn how to plan and design a website so that it's ready to be passed over to your team.

Design & Build WordPress Website

Learn how to build an SEO friendly website in WordPress, from scratch.

Benefits of SEO Box Training Membership

Low Monthly Cost

A low monthly membership cost helps you spread your SEO training investment over 12 months.

Training based on real websites

Most of the training modules are based on real projects for real businesses and websites.

Ask Me Anything Mondays

Every Monday, I post a resource, question or SEO related content to the Ask My Anything section.

New bi-weekly training modules

Every 2 weeks there is a new training module released in addition to Ask Me Anything every Monday.

What our clients say about SEO Box training courses

This is an informative course for anyone who wants to get visibility in Google. So many top tips. Do this course as soon as you can.
Digital Agency in Australia
Everything is really easy to understand and follow. There’s no technical jargon in any of the learning modules I’ve seen.
Digital Agency in Florida
I enjoy that he runs through each section as a whole process, showing you ever step he takes while explaining how to do each thing, and why he’s doing it.
PPC/SEO Agency Manchester
Super cool. How good is this when you’re struggling to think of writing something engaging.
Web Designer London

Happy to recommend you to anyone looking for advanced on-page SEO help.

Brian Dean,

Improve Website & Conversion Training included

When you have traffic to your website and you’re looking to improve conversions and traffic, learn with these training modules.

SEO Website Audit

You will learn how to audit a website, detect and fix on page and technical issues.

Fix Bounce Rates

In this module you will learn how to reduce your website bounce rate using Google Analytics .

Donkeys & Unicorns

The course is a strategy that helps you choose which web pages to focus improvement on.

Internal Links

You will learn the value and use of internal links to boost rankings in Google.

Organic Conversion

This module teaches you how to convert your organic traffic into leads and or sales.

SEO Hacks & Tips

This training module is a selection of useful hacks and tips relating to SEO.

SEO Link Building Training Included

Learn how to grow your website authority and rankings with these link building strategies.

Infographic Link Building

A step by step guide to building links to your website with infographics.

The Broken Link Building Process

A step by step guide to broken link building and earn high quality and industry relevant backlinks.

Social Media Link Building

Learn how to promote your content on autopilot to earn links, clicks and shares.

Frequently asked questions about SEO Box

SEO Box is a membership training programme to help web professionals and digital agencies with SEO.

SEO Box costs £67 per month and there is a 10% discount should you purchase an annual membership.

Stripe and Paypal; I don’t hold or see your card details.

There is no returns; once you’ve seen the content an exchange has been made.

But you can cancel your monthly subscription any time.

If my training software provider or my membership closes down then you will be sent a zip file of all course material.

That’s the beauty of a membership programme; in 12 or 24 months time I can upgrade the course material.

You can leave comments or email me directly for advice.

I recommend that you take out the 7 days Ahrefs trial for $7.

The 2 core courses can be completed and you can implement SEO or content within that duration.

After 7 days Ahrefs have a subscription for $99.

Any subscriptions or additional fees are outlined in each course or lesson.

One membership per person. If you require additional memberships for your company, please get in touch directly with me.

You can watch on any device but the best learning experience is from a desktop or screen size 11 inches or more.