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Written by Fraser McCulloch. Last Updated 17th December 2021

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Save time and money by learning how to automate boring SEO activities.

What is SEO automation ?

If you automate repetitive tasks, you have more time to think of additional strategies and to do other good work for clients and websites.

However, you still have to do a little work to set up each automation.

Automate Keyword Research with Click Forecasting

A click forecast makes it easier, better and faster to build web pages or a website around your audience’s search and click habits.

You’ll need a paid Ahrefs subscription to do this.

Step 1 : Pick keywords related to your product or service

Step 2 : Filter keywords with clicks and by intent

Step 3 : Create a keyword list; ensuring the keyword matches the parent topic.

Step 4 : Import the keyword list into the click forecasting template

Step 5 : Choose and decide pages for your content plan

Step 6: Create a content brief for each keyword and begin copywriting

SEO Audit notifications

Hey, your traffic has fallen off a cliff!

Failing to change old page URLs to new ones can have dire consequences after a web redesign.

The SEO audit can identify errors such as slow pages, error pages, missing tags, and traffic improvements.

Go to and sign up for free.

You can sign up with either your email address or through your Google or Facebook account.

I already have an Ahrefs account, but I signed up for another account with Google successfully.

Step 2: Go to the Dashboard and add a new project (website)

Step 3: Import and verify the site with Search Console

It’s much easier to verify websites you own or have ownership rights to a website with Google Search Console.

Step 4: Select site project to import

You will be asked to choose your Search Console account.

Then you must select Allow to give Ahrefs access to Search Console data.

Then tick the projects or project to import and press import.

The project will now be added to the dashboard, and Ahrefs will begin crawling your website to produce a site audit.

Right the 3 dots icon to ensure site audit notifications are sent to you.

SEO Dashboard

After running a site audit, you now have an SEO dashboard that you can use for all clients.

  1. You’ll get a snapshot on key website metrics.
  2. Then hit the GSC performance tab to see organic traffic and trends.

Google Search Console – Organic Traffic performance report

Every month Google Search Console can send you an organic traffic performance report.

  • Number of clicks
  • Number of impressions
  • Top growing pages
  • Top performing pages
  • Top growing queries

Backlink Notifications

I build links for my website and other clients occasionally.

You get notifications when links have been earned or when links are lost.

Go to Ahrefs Dashboard

Right-click the 3 dot icon to receive backlink notifications.

New keywords you rank for

Go to Ahrefs Dashboard.

Select the 3 dot icon and choose new keywords.

Here’s an example of the new keywords report that gets emailed to you.

Automatically update SEO Plugins

I wouldn’t say I like seeing red notifications when plugins need to be updated in WordPress.

Automatic updates are now possible.

Ps: make sure your web host has a backup feature; things can still go wrong with WordPress.

Auto Generated content briefs for content creation

A content brief ensures a marketer or website owner and a content writer are on the same page.

Sorry for the pun.

I use for creating content briefs.

You can autogenerate a content brief based on a keyword or topic you’re targeting.

I use the features of AI inside to create a custom brief.

I will write the page title, description and first sentence myself.

Then suggest subheadings and suggested content for under each header.

  1. Select the + sign
  2. Select SERP data
  3. Choose headings
  4. Choose questions

 Use NLP and AI to paraphrase sentences

I’ve used the paraphrasing tool to rewrite many long-winded sentences.

Here’s a sentence that I wrote.

  1. Highlight the sentence
  2. Select AI ShortCuts
  3. Select paraphrase

Click the copy icon to add a paraphrase to your document.

The rewritten paraphrase is added under the original sentence; delete the original.

Automatically write frequently asked questions

This is bonkers.

Select a competitor page and press Write FAQ.

AI will automatically generate unique questions and add content from your competitor as the answer.

Then you can use AI to rewrite their answer with unique content.

Outreach Emails

When I do link building, typically, I will send 2 or 3 follow up emails.

Postaga makes it possible for me to automate email scheduling, so who gets the email and who doesn’t.


If you focus on the SEO strategies that can move the needle, you’ll get better results by freeing up your time with some automation.