Quick SEO wins without paying an agency monthly retainer or freelancer’s day rate.

A quick win can be rapidly implemented for immediate benefit.

Quick SEO Wins are quickly implemented with immediate benefit

Stuck on page 2 ?

Dropped off page 1 ?

Page ranks but gets no clicks /?

Page isn’t converting ?

New website isn’t getting many clicks ?

This page was optimised at the start of the year to capitalise on an increase in search demand.

Accountancy website in London

An accountancy website dropped off page 1 and their seo agency couldn’t diagnose the problem.

Turns out they had duplicate pages cannibalising their rankings – fixed that problem, returned to page 1.

Ecommerce Website

David took over an e-commerce website whose previous web designers paid no attention to SEO.

Last May the website got 592 visits from organic traffic; now it gets 3370 visits per month.

The issue was their category/collection pages.

My recommendation was to restructure and align their category pages around what people were searching for.

Designing a New Website

Brian runs a design agency and his client is launching a new range of products. 

I researched the market to identify quick traffic opportunities at all stages of the funnel. 

I provided a sitemap and content briefs for the copywriters.

Ecommerce Link Building

This client was paying for guest posts and wanted to try a different link building strategy.

I did outreach for a month targeting experts and influencers in her industry – the aim was 10 links, 16 links delivered within 30 days.

These links were a blend of product reviews, industry websites and some links from content I produced.

Page Titles and Descriptions

I rewrote the page titles and descriptions for products to help their pages better rank for multiple related queries.

All they had to do was copy and paste it into each page.


I found all your tips very useful especially because I am the one that has been writing the copy for all product pages and blog posts.

I think it would be beneficial to further work with you to get our site in better shape.”

Tax Website

After launch, the website needed research for 4 new articles.

I duly obliged with keyword research, content briefs and content optimisation after the copy was written.

Furniture Designer

Richard emailed me – “On the first page of Google now for both ‘furniture makers edinburgh’ and ‘bespoke furniture edinburgh’.”

Local SEO

Phil launched a new local click and collection service.

I made changes to the website to make the service more prominent.

I post offers to  Google Posts and Facebook and send out text and email offers once per week.

Made him £1000 in the first month.

Fraser McCulloch Platonik

Hi, Fraser from Platonik here

I’m a classically trained marketer specialising in organic traffic growth.

I’ve designed and built over 250 websites, worked in house and client side marketing since 1990.

I’ve encountered every possible seo problem.

But SEO takes too long

A big agency is like a big ship that turns slowly; I’m a small boat that drives faster.

Position 7 to 6 = 49% more clicks

Studies tell you moving from position 7 to 6 results in 49% more clicks.

This query went from position 9.7 to 8.3 = 69% more clicks.

Another query for the same page went from position 10.5 to 9.9 = 100% more clicks.

SEO Quick Win Process

Step 1

Tell me about the website

Step 2

Provide access to Google Search Console

Step 3

I’ll advise any quick wins and a quote.

Step 4

I’ll dive into diagnosing the problem

Step 5

An actionable solution in a document & video

Step 6

You or client implement solution.

No quick win, no fee

If I can’t identify any quick wins you won’t have to pay me anything.

Sometimes with a website there’s nothing that can be improved immediately.

That’s not to say you can’t improve your seo; it will simply take longer and that requires a different strategy.