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I recommend starting with a site audit as this is an opportunity to identify page traffic that can be improved, any under performing pages, page issues and new opportunities to grow.

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The number one priority for a new website is to get its pages indexed and ranked in the search engines.

Next you need links to your site.

Links are like votes and help to establish trust with Google.

If Google doesn’t trust a website you will struggle to get ranked or traffic.

The best way to establish trust for a local business is to earn citations, local and industry body links.

A business that serves customers nationally or internationally, skip to this section below.

The most popular service I provide is researching content opportunities.

I’ll find out the topics your competitors and industry write about.

I can find the easiest to rank opportunities that have the greatest traffic potential.

Then I’ll write the title of the article and an outline of the content you need to rank.

This ensures you have an outline so you can write in your voice and style.

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The fastest way to improve your existing rankings and traffic is to upgrade your existing pages and build relevant internal site links.

You will need to Google Search Console access.

I’ll identify the best pages to improve or recommend new pages you should create that provide the best traffic opportunities.

I provide you with the recommended page title and copy changes and improvements along with the pages and anchor text that should link to your page.

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Over 90% of web pages don’t get traffic.

That’s because these website owners and the agencies they hire publish website content before checking to see if people are actually searching for this content.

So the first step is to find out what your search audience is searching for and clicking on.

Then I compile a list of potential pages your website should have and how they should be structured on a website.

Depending on the budget I’ll create a website prototype so you can see how this will function on desktop and mobile devices.

And finally I write an outline of the content required for each page.

So you can get the website built and content written.

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