What SEO services do you need?

I need an SEO strategy to drive or increase traffic

I recommend a click forecast.

This enables you to build web pages or a website around what your audience is searching and clicking on without guessing.

I need some Quick SEO Wins

Stuck on page 2? Dropped off page 1 ? Website not getting traffic?

Starting a new website? You need a click forecast

You can’t build a website without knowing the pages you need.

My click forecast gives you exactly what you need.

A list of proposed pages, the estimated traffic, the titles and an outline of the content to write.

I don’t know what content to create

I’ll find out the topics your customers search and click on.

Then I’ll write the title of the article and an outline of the content.

This ensures your content is written in your brand voice with search traffic in mind.

I want to rank higher and get more traffic

The fastest way to improve your existing rankings and traffic is to upgrade your existing pages and build relevant internal site links.

I’ll identify the best pages to improve or recommend and new pages you should create that provide the best traffic opportunities.

I need links to my website

Good links are not easy to acquire nor are they cheap.

The average cost of a link is around $363.

Link campaigns start at £2,000 or I can provide you with the strategy to build links yourself.

I, or my staff, want to learn SEO

My training programme is designed to teach website owners and digital agency staff how to achieve specific SEO outcomes.