Improve your website conversion rate with these 39 tactics

You will improve your website conversion rate by implementing one or a few of these 39 tips.

But first …

What is a website conversion?

Website conversion measures the number of clicks to a website or a web page that go ahead and fill in a web form or buy; for example:

  • Number of web form submissions = 21
  • Divided by
  • Clicks to website = 573
  • Website conversion = 3.8%
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How to set up a conversion or goal

I have conversions set up in Google Analytics and my CRM so that I can measure, review and improve my website performance.

How to set up a conversion goal in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics follow this guide to setting up a conversion or goal.

  1. Log into Google Analytics.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Select View – then Goals.

google analytics set up website conversion goal

4. Click New Goal.

5. Goal Set Up – select an option – select custom and continue.

6. Goal Description – give your goal a memorable name eg: blog post subscriber.

7. Type – I chose destination as this will be the page url visitors landing on when they complete the web form.

8. Goal Details.

9. In the destination box enter the page url that visitors land on when completing form.

10. Choose equals to and enter the exact url.

11. If you dynamically generated urls in your CRM you may want to use “begins with” or “regular expression”.

12. Value – enter value of conversion; personally I don’t.

13. Funnel – if you have multiple steps that lead to a conversion enter the urls here.

14. Save.

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Set up a Conversion in Drip CRM

In follow these steps to set up a conversion.

  1. Analytics – Conversions.
  2. Select New Conversion. set up conversion

3. Enter the name of the conversion.

4. Add a url that users landing upon completing form.

5. Add a value for each conversion; for lead generation forms I leave blank but for purchases of my products I enter a value.

6. Chose how to count conversion – one conversion per person or convert every conversion. configure a new conversion

Now we have the fundamentals of website conversion established.

Let’s improve your conversions with these time tested strategies and tips.
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No website traffic no conversions

Since I am mainly working with lead generation types of websites there are 3 main sources of website traffic.

Pay Per Click Advertising

A fast way of generating website traffic is to advertise and pay for the traffic.

Google, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn provide advertising platforms that enable you to target a particular audience and only pay when a person clicks your advert.

Organic Search Engine Traffic

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing aim to provide users with the best answers for the questions they type in.

The search engines typically list results from other websites to provide the answers for the questions searched.

75% of my website traffic comes from Google’s organic search results.

Facebook Advertising

The social network Facebook provide an advertising platform that enables you to pay to advertise.

There are thousands of targeting options to reach people by their age, location, gender, interests, likes and actions they take.

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Advertising and Search Engine Research

Before you start advertising or doing SEO you must do research first.

With advertising you will need to :

  • Research the size of the audience.
  • Research the type of campaign to run.
  • Research the cost per click, impression or lead and the amount you are willing to bid or budget for.

To earn traffic from organic search results you need to:

  • Research the search volume.
  • Research the click volume.
  • Research the competition and keyword difficulty.

You need to do all this research before writing your website copy or producing website content.
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Understand Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion

In this guide about lead generation websites, I outlined how to calculate the cost per lead and cost per customer.

The conversion rate of your website can make a huge difference between making a profit and making a huge loss.
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Different Web Pages for Different People

One of my client installs, repairs and maintains air conditioning equipment.

It’s the same service he provides but different people in different industries use his service.

From hospitals to offices to factories they differ so they need different web pages that my client can communicate to them with.
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Tell a story or solve a problem

Imagine if I sold men’s suits and I listed on the web page all the materials used and how the suit was manufactured.

That would be a boring story, right ?

Instead fashion brands tell the story with images of a model wearing the suit.

The page would show how the jacket contrasts with the shirt and tie and how the shoes stamp authority on the man in a suit.

Here’s a story I tell about planning and designing a website.

I imagined I was writing that page for a customer who had never designed or commissioned a website and I walked him through each step he had to take.

Every product or service will tell a different story or solve a different problem.

You’ll have better website conversion if your web page can relate to the audience reading it.

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Page Headline or Title

Look at the difference between the headlines of these advertisements and page titles of the organic results when you search “website conversion”.

The advert headlines are:

  • Increase repeat traffic by 10X
  • Effective Customer Journeys
  • Optimise your website conversion rate NOW
  • Conversion Rate Experts : Proven to Increase Conversions

ppc heading benefits

Now compare these headlines with the page titles of the top organic search results:

  • How Facebook Website Conversion Ads Work
  • Setting Up and Calculating Your Website Conversion Rate
  • Ten Ways to Improve your website conversion rate
  • What the highest converting websites do differently

seo page title example with benefits

The headings or titles are required to capture the reader’s attention and get them to click on your page.
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Landing page must match ppc ads or search query

According to Brian Dean the page url is one of the most important on page ranking factors.

The url partially signals to Google the context of the page.

The url for this page is /website-conversion/ and the page topic is focused on improving website conversions.

Use Yoast to check the page url matches the page topic.

The landing page for a PPC advert should never be your homepage.

The landing page url should match the advert title and keywords you are targeting and the page content.

Facebook have a relevancy score and Google Adwords have a quality score to rate the quality and relevance of your keywords  and adverts.

Use these scoring systems to check your ads match the landing pages.

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Use Facebook Lead Generation campaigns

Here is a quick guide to running a Facebook Lead Generation campaign.

create facebook lead generation campaign

  • Choose Lead generation under the what’s your marketing objective ? option.
  • Enter a campaign name.

  • Enter an ad set name.
  • Select your Facebook Page.
  • Under Audience choose a custom audience or
  • Choose a Custom Audience.
  • Choose Location, Age, Gender, Language, specify your detailed targeting by demographics, interest or behaviours.

  • Choose Automatic or Edit Placement to determine which medium will display your advert.
  • Choose a daily budget and schedule.
  • Choose a bidding strategy : ie: how much you will pay Facebook for a lead.

  • Ad Name – give this advert a name.
  • Choose the ad format – carousel, single image, video or slideshow.

  • In the text box – tell people what you are promoting.
  • Enter a headline and description and call to action such as apply now, download, get quote, learn more, sign up or subscribe.

  • Choose or create a lead form to capture the name and email address of enquiries.
  • On the right hand side of the ad builder you will see a preview of your advert as you complete each of the steps above.

  • In the ad preview window check to see how the ad appears on different ad platforms and browser.
  • When you are happy, review the advert then press submit for Facebook to review and start running your campaign.

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Make an Offer

Before writing your page content with persuasive or educational copy you need to consider what you will offer readers.

The offer you make will be determined by your knowledge of the people you are targeting or their search intent.

The offer could be to watch a video after providing their email address.

On my website I typically offer a downloadable PDF guide in exchange for the person’s name and address.

On this page I offer a guide to improving website conversions and extra tips not included on this page.

There’s a great tool called where you enter the page url and they turn the page into a downloadable PDF.

Simply strip out the elements of the page not required, save and download in a couple of minutes.

The design and layout is limited; there are other more impressive solutions but I tend to favour function over design.

Action : Try creating a PDF of your web page at
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An exchange of value

You don’t necessarily have to ask for an email address but your page does have to offer something of value related to the page content or advert you ran.

You can use Tweet Pay to give away valuable content in exchange for users re Tweeting you on Twitter.

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Website Content

When it comes to producing website content for organic search results, it has been proven the following strategy works.

  • Write website content around the user’s search query and intent.
  • Write in-depth content that is at least 1920 words in length.
  • Produce an answer that is better than the existing top ranked pages.

I have also found that using a content framework helps me write better user focused content.

In total there are 23 content frameworks that you can used depending on who you are targeting and what you are writing about.
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Website Copy

I have produced 17 website copy tips to use when writing website content.

The tips range from increasing text font size to words per sentence, using a table of content, the page word count and the use of images.

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Embedded Wistia Videos can boost conversions

You can embed a video on a web page, let the user watch part of the video then introduce a call to action to watch the rest of the video.

Here’s an example I’ve used in the past.

wistia video lead capture

I should utilise this conversion opportunity more frequently.

In this example, the user must enter their email address to download bonus content.

Notice “Drip Campaigns” text – Wistia is integrated with Drip to capture the user’s email address and add them to a series of follow up emails.
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Remove web page distractions

The aim of your landing page is to persuade website visitors to take action; so that you maximise conversion rates.

With links to other pages you are giving people the opportunity to leave your page and not take the action you desire.

Looking at the highest converting landing pages on LeadPages you will see the most of these pages do not have any navigation or links to other pages.

However on web pages created for search engines I have found high conversion rates with my navigation left intact.

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Exits and bounces

I reduced my bounce rate by 4.4% and at the same time increased my website conversion rate by 43%.

High quality, relevant images

If you are going to add images to your page they must be relevant towards the page content or the product/service that you offer.

Your logo is relevant and if your face is your brand then your photography is a good choice of imagery to support your conversion goals.

State product/service benefit

Whilst my favourite screen recording tool lists all the features of their software they also summary the core benefits in this screenshot.

Notice the wording:

  • Show off product with custom videos to attract new customers.
  • Use screencasts to dramatically impact your instructions.
  • Get higher retention rates.
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Guarantees such as free return and no quibble exchanges make perfect sense for e-commerce website to boost their conversions.

But what about lead generation websites?

Guarantees have to be utilised differently.

Your aim to earn a name and email address from a prospect completing a web form.

This is a great example from a web designer’s landing page.landing page example

Whilst the following sentences aren’t guarantees I believe they will enhance conversions.

  • It’s free.
  • 5 weeks. 5 Lessons. 5 Ways to revive your brand.
  • Look how she’s outline what subscribers will receive each week.
  • Your info is safe with me – I’ll never share your email.
  • On the pop up form – we hate spam and promise to keep your email address free.

Whilst these may not be significant guarantees they definitely are components to aid her conversions.

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Use testimonials

Having worked as a brand sponsorship manager for nearly 4 years I’ve witnessed an unknown brand gain 96% unprompted awareness in under a year.

I’ve also witnessed doors previously closed now open for a sales team to do new business.

On my sales page I have added 2 testimonials; one from a respected industry personality and one from happy customer.

Testimonials and endorsements work.

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Use Urgency with a Countdown Time

To speed up the decision making process and conversions you can try and add a countdown timer to your web pages or emails.

The idea of a countdown timer is to use the persuade people to subscribe, join or buy with the fear they will miss out on the offer.

Pure and simple supply and demand.

If you use WordPress these countdown timers can add urgency to conversions is recommended.

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Add Proof

As I operate in the online marketing niche, proof can help build trust on my web pages before a user subscribes.

I have chosen to add screenshot throughout my website showing results to back up the words I use to communicate a guide or useful strategy.

These screenshots are usually taken from a 3rd party keyword research tool or from Google Analytics.

However be careful using data as proof; taking screenshots of revenue, sales or bank accounts can signal a false or over realistic number to unconvinced prospects.
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Use action verbs in call to action

We have to move beyond subscribe or submit as the text on our call to action buttons

  • Get your website analysed today
  • Start your free fitness assessment now
  • Book your seat
  • Measure your website conversion rate
  • Test your SEO knowledge

There’s are some more action verbs to consider adding to your call to action.

  • Calculate
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Examine
  • Measure
  • Test
  • Track
  • Map
  • Complete
  • Demonstrate
  • Reach
  • Outperform
  • Survey
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Keep conversion elements above the fold

I am currently redeveloping a travel website.

On every one of the package pages there is an enquiry form that is ‘above the fold’.

What does above the fold mean ?

The fold is the bottom part of your web browser; the part of the web page you can view without further scrolling or moving down the page.

In this example, even as the user scrolls or reads the page content below the fold the enquiry form remains above the fold; in full browser view.

above the fold example

I’m really excited to see how this functionality improves their website conversions and enquiries.

Above the fold not always possible

Having web forms and opt in boxes above the fold is great in an ideal world but …

Today, websites have to respond to multiple browser widths and sizes and it’s not always possible.

In the travel website example, the enquiry form moves towards the bottom of the page when view on a mobile devices.

Here’s how I have included conversion elements above the fold for mobile readers

As you can see I have a green bar right across the foot of the Safari mobile browsers.

mobile above the fold example

As you use your finger to scroll up and read down the page the green call to action bars remains rooted to the foot of the browser.

Users click the up arrow key and a form appears where they can enter their name and email to download the offer I made.

lead generation mobile example

This is an element I shall have to improve as my conversion rate is nearly 300% higher on desktop devices than mobile devices.

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Call to Action throughout long form web page

I would thoroughly recommend adding a call to action area multiple times on a long form page or blog post.

Call to Action throughout long form web page

My website structure page used to have a 12% organic traffic conversion rate.

Since redesigning my website and changing CMS platforms this call to action was removed.

Website conversions have since dropped to 4%.

If you are a WordPress user, you can purchase a premium plugin called Content Upgrades to implement multiple call to actions on a long form page.

content upgrade plugin for wordpress

For non WordPress users, one of which is a client, we custom coded and developed functionality to achieve his call to action areas.
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Call to action on every pages or post

If you want to boost your overall website conversions I would recommend that you add a call to action on every blog post.

Call to action on every pages or post

I have 37 blog posts on my website and each page has a unique call to action.

Some pages convert better than others however my total website conversion rate varies between 2 % and 3 % each month.

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Related products or posts

Most e-commerce websites that sell products typically have recommended or related products next to the product you are viewing.

This helps users stay on your website longer and such product suggestions can boost sales and conversions.

On my website, which is predominately a lead conversion website, I have 4 related blog posts underneath each posts.

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Test colour combinations on landing pages

My website has undergone various redesigns and colour changes over the past 8 years.

This year I ‘rebranded’ and changed the colour scheme to purple and green.

I chose these colours because I copied the colour scheme of a former employer who spent £1m on a re-brand with a well known agency.

Purple is the dominant colour used for the main and footer navigation.

Green is used for the conversion elements such as the click here buttons and the pop up bar in the bottom right corner or browser footer.

Green has proven to be the best colour for a call to action button.

Reading this blog post you will discover that men do not like purple and women do not like gray, orange and browns.

Blue is used as a colour of trust, black is for luxury, yellow and red are used as warning colours and green, like the traffic sign, signals go ahead.
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Include GDPR consent on opt in forms

Recent legislation means that you must ask users for their consent to email them should they complete your enquiry form.

Many email and web form providers have now added such functionality.

You must make it clear on web forms that they consent to receiving communication by email from you.

Include GDPR consent on opt in forms

And you must clear provide users with the ability to permanently opt out or stop receiving communication from you

Adding this simple sentence and functionality can help users to trust you to treat their email address with respect.

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Form fields

On my website I only ask for your first name and email address.

Nothing else.

reduce fields on opt in form

I have a client that requires 9 form field so that visitors can complete an online application form.

They believe the number of form fields is decreasing their conversion rate.

The changes that we are proposing will reduce the number of fields to 4.

The reduction in form fields will deliver less information about prospects but we believe we can capture the other information later in sales process.
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Use a chat tool

Giving prospects the opportunity to chat to a company employee can also boost website conversions.

It builds trust knowing that there’s a real person on the “other side of the website” that can answer your questions.

use chat for online website conversions

With the correct integration, when the user enters their name and email to start the chat this information can be passed into a CRM.

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Site Speed

Use site speed tools such as GTMetrix and Google Site Speed to ensure that your page loads fast on mobile and desktop devices.

Your site speed should be at least 80%.

If you discover your website has a poor load speed score you should consult your web developers as speed can impact your conversions.
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Web Form to CRM

When the user enters their name and email address into the web form their information is sent to the CRM.

There is no reason you cannot use MailChimp as a CRM to store user enquiries.

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Lead Submission Thank You Page

Not only does your thank you page help you to track your website conversions with a thank you message, it can be used for other website conversions.

You can introduce other products, services or useful guides whilst the prospect is still on your website.

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Educate with follow up emails

I cannot find the hard research but they say that 50% of sales people give up after the first sales call.

Same applies to website and web enquiries.

You need a follow up system.

Here’s a record of a sale in my CRM system.

Below the sale you can see the customer clicked and visited a number of pages after receiving the final email in an automated email course I created.

convert leads to customers with follow up emails

And from the email course below, you can see it was the 11th email that she opened and clicked that lead to the purchase.

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Tagging and Lead Scoring

Since it is my intention to serve and sell to web professionals, I set up lead scoring within Drip; my CRM.

My lead scoring system is very simple.

  • 5 points if a user completes my keyword research course form.
  • 1 point every time a user opens an email.
  • 1 point every time they click on a link within an email campaign.

I read the book ‘Oversubscribed’ by Daniel Priestley who highlighted some research that stated you need an average of 11 touches with people in order to build up trust.

He stated you need about 7 hours or 11 touches of relationship building with your content; emails, videos, case studies and social interactions before you can start to push your sales effort.

So far I have 115 prospects that have surpassed the 10 point lead score; and I have a lot more content lined up to improve my trust and relationship building.

It is tempting to dive in and start selling to people but they are not yet ready to trust me yet.

In addition I have set up ‘tagging’ that allows me to apply a tag next to each user based to some action they have taken.

Action : Read Oversubscribed

This eBook was under $10; it’s a combination of theory and non technical practical advice.

I know 253 subscribers that have looked at SEO page content on my website isn’t very much but this is a massive improvement from the same period last year.

I could have started from scratch and built an entirely new website but I decided to leverage who I knew and what I already had.

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Re-market to existing leads and subscribers

It was, and still is, tempting to start using advertising to reach out and build up my prospect list.

My train of thought is “if people I already have a connection with don’t resonate with me and what I have to say then strangers will be harder to join my sales pipeline”.

Action : Target your existing email lists or database first before advertising.

Rather than spending money targeting strangers I went back and emailed people who had previously signed up to a mailing list of mine.
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Mobile Conversion

Simply log into Google Analytics and check your mobile conversion rates.

  • Audience
  • Mobile
  • Overview

Compare the percentage of visitors by mobile device with your goal or conversions by mobile device.

You can see my mobile conversion rate is really poor.

mobile versus desktop website conversion rates

However if you look at this e-commerce website you will see over 35% of their order conversions are transacted on mobile devices.

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Track and Measure

Google provides you with the tools to measure every aspect and angle of your website so use Google Analytics.

You can set up reports to be emailed to you, clients or your marketing team.

At the top of very section there is a share button to set up and share measurement reports.

email google analytics conversion rate reports

In this example I’ve set up to send organic search landing page reports.

  • Google Analytics
  • Acquisition
  • Search Console
  • Landing Pages
  • Click Share
  • Customise the email report fields.

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Use A/B testing to improve your conversions.

There are numerous A/B testing tools to let you test and compare different headlines or call to action text and buttons colours.

Use A/B testing to improve your conversions.

These work really is really for high traffic website and businesses with bigger budgets.

Here’s how you can start A/B testing an element of your page with

  • Choose a website to test
  • Select the split test above you could copy and perform
  • Register for a free account/trial at
  • Go to the Test – A/B menu on the left navigation and select create
  • Enter the url you want to test and press next
  • Select the anchor button from Variation 1
  • Hover over any element you want to test and the editor box will appear
  • To test the button colour select style, background colour then next
  • For duration of campaign section choose a 1 week test duration
  • Enter the average monthly visits to the page
  • Select the conversion rate for the control page
  • Select the conversion rate for the variation(test) page
  • Choose Quick Learnings
  • Now enter the Goal URL in the Goal URL field and press next
  • Enter a Campaign Name and press finish
  • Press the Anchor button in the top right corner of the admin panel
  • Select Smart Code
  • Copy the code and paste it before the closing head tag in your website
  • Test the code is installed in the smart code checker field
  • Go to Test – A/B Test and choose your campaign
  • Select Not Started then Start
  • The A/B Test is now up and running
  • Set a reminder for a week today and review the results

Average Conversion Rates by Industry

I don’t like comparing but it’s helpful to review how other websites convert in your industry.

If you are a web professional check the conversion rates of clients within the same industry.

If you run a business, look for reports from your industry association or ask your web professional.

39 Ways To Improve Your Website Conversions : Download My Checklist & Guide

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