Websites We’ve Built

The websites we’ve built have been for professional service companies such as recruitment agencies, accountants and engineers.

This is a selection of 21 of the 200 websites we’ve previously designed and developed.

Tax accountant website

accountant website design image

I worked on this accountancy firm in Glasgow to reposition them as a specialist tax accountant.

Extensive research was done before creating tax related content as well as in depth discovery on their products and services.

Bespoke photography was commissioned and then we migrated the website from Business Catalyst to WordPress.

Learn more about my SEO strategy for accountants.

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Property buyer website

property buyers website design image

Bespoke Property Consultancy help people in difficult circumstances sell their home fast.

We designed the logo, did keyword research to help form the website content before building the website in the WordPress platform.

This lead generation website has a capture form on the home page and right side bar of every page.

Then we did their Facebook advertising to target people they wanted to target.

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Accountant Website

accountant in london website design image and example

We were referred to an accountant near London to redesign their website.

The client was focused on a particular market; which we researched and produced content for.

Then the website was built in WordPress.

After that we worked on earning local citations and mentions to improve their rankings and traffic.

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Engineering Website

engineering company website design image and example

We migrated this engineering company’s website away from Business Catalyst to WordPress.

At the same time, new photography was commissioned to make the company more approachable and friendly.

We’re working with the client on SEO, advertising and content creation.

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Immigration Services website

We worked on the keyword research, content creation, branding and website for VisaHelpUK.

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Recruitment Website

recruitment company web design example

We re-designed and developed this recruitment website to attract 2 different audiences.

There are 2 different messages on the home page.

Looking for a job is aimed at job seekers.

Looking to hire is aimed at companies looking for staff to hire.

We also designed and developed a custom built job application system that also integrates with 3rd party recruitment systems.

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Micro website for recruitment service

home page design example

The client is a financial services recruitment company in Scotland.

They wished a new micro’ website developed within their existing website to focus on a sub-service they provide.

The service is pre employment checks and staff on-boarding services that companies can use before and during staff recruitment.

Home page

The home page contains a slider that consists of an image, icon, heading and body text and a url link that can the client can determine where the user goes after they click an element within this area.

Additionally the client can choose the colour of the heading text.

Blog list

The latest blog post receives greater size prominence on the blog list view.

Blog page

There are social share buttons that are included on each blog post along with the author’s image and a supporting image and a related blog post the client can set within the CMS.

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Data protection recruitment website

data protection website design example

A data protection recruitment website to hire data protection staff to manage their data and GDPR compliance.

We have experience in designing and developing recruitment websites and embraced the challenge of a related recruitment website  project.

Home page

The home page banner explains who the client is and what they do.

The navigation points to their services and for job seekers seeking to find the vacancies.

The second part of the home page is aimed at job seekers who want to quickly search and find suitable vacancies.

Underneath the search functionality on the home page are linked to the key job types; strategic, senior, managerial, administration and legal vacancies.

Job search

Job vacancy list

The Job Vacancy web app has 2 parts to it.

The job list view shows the job title, a snippet of the vacancy description, location, salary and job type.

Job vacancy detail

This is the full detailed description of the job where we created a strong call to action to “Apply” or “Apply via LinkedIn”.

When the user clicks either Apply button, the application form is revealed and the user can easily and quickly add their details and add their CV and apply for the vacancy.

Once users apply and give the relevant consent, a user account is created for them.

When the job application is received, the client gets notified, the candidate gets notified and the user details are added to the CRM section on the backend of the website; displaying the job they applied for, the sector, sub sector, cv and their name, email and phone.

Vacancy registration and account

These sections are all tied together with the email address as the unique identifier.

The user can update their details and their sector, sub sector, job types preference.

This enables our client to target users with job email alerts.

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Manufacturer website

insulation website design example

We have recently designed and developed the Ecosilver website for one of oldest clients, Ecosave Installations.

The company has to educate and persuade architects, property developers and construction company to choose their product instead of the established method.

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Renewable energy website

We work with EcoSave to raise awareness of their insulation services aimed at lowering the cost of energy bills for UK householders.

A marketing mix of direct mail, press advertising, local advertising and PR is blended to help them meet their business objectives.

Their website is one example of many lead generating websites we’ve built and you can following our lead generation guide here.

Home page

These services are managed in a web app.

Client can add an image, text, and a call to action link to find out more about the product.

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Property developer website

property website design image and example

First impressions count so visitors are presented with large images of the new properties when they visit the websites.

These images are contained in a web app powered slide show.

The client simply adds images, text and a link to the page they wish the user to visit when they click the image or link.

The remainder of the home page is information about the client that is content optimised to help them rank in Google.

Service pages

The services web app is split into a list view and a detailed view.

On this page you see a summarised list of their services; attic conversions, tiles, bathrooms, doors, kitchen extensions and house conversions.

Then on the detailed service layout there is a photo gallery showing different examples, followed by information and a get in touch button at the foot of the entire services page.

We also added in some social share buttons that enable the client or website visitors to share the page and image on social networks and send interested friends or contacts back to the website.

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Insurance website

Insurance company Website Design image

Platonik redesigned and developed the website of this well established insurance company.

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British watch online shop

ecommerce watch website design example

We redesigned and redeveloped the Kennett TimePieces website.

The main objective was to focus on the fantastic product photography and enhance the content about each watch; using more detailed product information and using videos.

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Swiss watch shop

swiss watch website design image

The online shop was previously build on another web platform which we migrated over to Adobe to enable us to be more proactive and marketing led.

With our knowledge of the sport and fashion industries we are working with the client to raise awareness of the brand and introduce their exclusive products to a highly selective type of customer.

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Swiss watch shop

vulcain watch website design image

Vulcan is “The Watch For Presidents” and has been worn by US Presidents since Harry S Truman wore a Vulcain in the 1940’s.

With watches priced between $5000 and $50,000, these watches are not for everyone.

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Travel website

splash page travel website design example

The idea for the Westminster Travel website was to provide a destination for people to discover holiday destinations they may not have previously considered.

Home page

travel website home page design image

When you look through the website you will see there are continent and country sections.

These section were bespoke web applications we created to allow the client to add new continents and new countries and associate one and other.

The client simply has to upload the images then create a new item and enter the image, continent, country, location and then classify them.

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Firewood website

firewood website design image and example

We were approached in the autumn by a company in the south of Scotland to build a website to sell firewood online to homeowners.

The company, PWR Bioheat, produces wood logs and wood chip and wishes to grow the consumer side of their business.

Home page

There is a home page slider to show case featured products.

This area is content managed so the products, images and links can be changed.

The home page has a top navigation menu with links to key product categories and footer navigation to necessary pages and company information.

These menu item links can be changed or re-ordered in the backend content management system.

Product categories

Products are grouped into categories and the list of product categories are displayed on the shop.

The client is able to re-order and change these items in the backend content management system.

Product pages

The product pages are driven from the product catalogue we built and feature the product name, images, pricing, related products, copy and an add to cart button.

The client is able to edit and add new products to the shop within the backend content management system.

They can edit the price, write and edit the product descriptions, control the related products, change the images, turn the products off.

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Launderette Website

laundrette company logo design

We moved this website from Adobe to WordPress, maintained their web design and improved their website conversions and enquiries.

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Property surveyor website

property surveyor website design

PCA work in a very specialised, niche sector recovering overpaid property costs for business owners and insolvency practitioners.

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Fitness website

A website designed for a fitness instructor to generate leads and sell online training courses

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Website to sell digital reports online

Platonik - Website Sell Digital Reports Online

The website is built on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform with Foundation as the responsive website framework; meaning the website works on mobile devices and tablets.

The client wanted the ability to create, add and sell digital reports and apply different tax/vat rates depending on the country of the purchaser.

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Hotel Website

society m website design

Back in 2011 we were approached to develop a new website concept for a hotel in Glasgow called Citizen M.

Although a frequent visitor to Glasgow for business meetings this was not a venue I was very familiar with.

The owners at Citizen M in Holland had devised a new concept called Society M.

The concept was to provide a membership club and meeting room space and hire for business nomads in some of the world’s main cities.

Home page

The website home page provided a succinct introduction to the concept.

A simple navigation with links to membership and meeting room pages as well as a link to get in touch.

About us

Use the green coloured template we created, the about us page.

This explains in more depth the philosophy behind the concept and further sub links to the hotel and their locations.

Meeting room web page

Using the purple theme the membership section again is very brief in content with links to events and book a room.

Meeting room page

The membership section again is very brief in content however there are further sub pages with links to the benefits of membership and a link to sign up online.

Contact us page

And finally using the light blue theme there’s a contact us page with details to get in touch with the management team.

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Golf travel websites

We recently re-designed and developed the website for Muirfield Travel.

They provide premium golf trips to Scotland, Ireland and Europe for American golfers.

golf travel website design

We did a lot more than just design a new website.

Full in depth keyword and competitor research.

We mapped out the keywords to the pages and site structure.

We identified and created top of the funnel content; such as golf course guides.

And we even wrote some of the course guides.

Another golf travel website

golf travel website design home page

Our client is very well experienced in the golf travel industry having worked in the industry for number years and this business was a new venture.

So this golf travel website a blend of over 40 years experience in the golf industry.

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Roofing website

roofing website design screenshot

We recently designed and developed the website for a roofing company, based in Glasgow, but who work for home owners and property developers throughout the UK.

The company will be the first to admit that they are late to the web, which, from a marketing perspective, poses challenges in driving website traffic.

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Online Food Shop

online food brand website design image

We created the brand look and feel and created a custom e-commerce website.

Custom product categories, preview products, meal difficulty, custom shipping and an experience from ordering to home delivery were part of the development of this brand.

In addition we designed the product packaging and recipe cards.

If you are looking to plan and design a new website, check out this page.