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My research driven approach to creating or improving content results in higher website rankings, traffic and links.

90% of web pages don't get any traffic from Google.

That’s because most website owners don’t know what people are searching for.

Just yesterday, a prospective client told me that “social media will be the key drivers of traffic and leads.

So I showed him where I get my traffic and lead from.

Number 1 in Google

Number 1 in Google for same page with multiple keywords

Number 3 & 4 in Google for my main services

Number 1 in Google for page and YouTube video

A brand new page at number 8 for a highly searched, competitive term

Choosing the right SEO expert

It’s very easy to spot an SEO expert or agency that doesn’t practice what they preach.

Enter their website address into Ubersuggest and look at their estimated traffic.

They’ll respond “we’ve been so busy working on client work that we have no time for our own website”.

Don’t buy their excuse.

What I do and what you get

Keyword research not only involves finding out what people are searching for, you also need to find out if people then click to the top pages.

Knowing the estimated traffic DE-RISKS your investment in research and content production.

And keyword research does not finish there.

Once I’ve found that people search and click then I map out what you need to write.

Your content must be better and more relevant than the top pages to outrank them.

  • After analysing the search volume, clicks and top results I provide you with an outline of the content.
  • I write the page title, description, introduction and sub sections.
  • You then write yourself or give to your writer.
  • I even provide you with an on-page SEO template to make publishing your page easier.

Is this worth my time and money?

This image shows you the equivalent advertising value of my search traffic.

So if you wanted my traffic, you’d pay Google Adwords $2600 every month.

 I receive a constant stream of monthly traffic that I don’t pay for but I had to invest time and money upfront, in advance to reap this traffic reward today.

For Web Agencies

I provide these services for web and digital marketing agencies and their clients.

For Business Owners

I’ve helped e-commerce and service types businesses rank and earn traffic. 

Fraser McCulloch Platonik

Helping service businesses earn more traffic

  • Accountants
  • Insurance companies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Ad & Web Agencies
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Engineering companies
  • Dentists
  • Physios
  • Law firms
  • Home improvement companies
  • Property developers
  • and more

SEO Audits

Website audits to identify issues to improve rankings and traffic.

SEO Plans

I provide SEO Plans as a service to help you grow your organic traffic.

Keyword Research

I provide keyword research services for web professionals and website owners.

SEO Training

I provide Online SEO Training to help you learn how to grow your traffic from Google.


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