If you have a website, I’ve got good and bad news for you.

The bad news

1. Most of your web pages don’t get any traffic from Google.

It’s soul destroying investing time and money and not seeing an impact.

2. Social reach and sharing has dropped 50% in 3 years.

The content you share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just doesn’t reach the same amount of people as it did 3 years ago.

3. Most advice you read online is vague and not very practical.

I’m tired of people telling me to go to Moz and read their blogs. I just want to learn seo strategies to improve my website.” said a client recently.

The good news

4. Hello & welcome to Platonik, you’ve come to the right place

You will help you with :

5. It’s easier than ever to get traffic from Google

Believe it or not there’s a lot of crap content that can be outranked in Google if you know where to look and what to create.

6. I’ve been there, done it, got the watch

This website used to have over 500 crap blog posts that got no traffic from Google.

Now I get 2500 visits a month and over 60 new subscribers every month from just 32 pages.

Welcome to Platonik

Platonik is run by Fraser McCulloch; a marketer with 25 years online and offline experience.

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