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Keyword Research Guides

Free Keyword Research Template

If you’ve done keyword research before, then you know it can be time-consuming. But not anymore. I created this free template to help you find, … Read more

How to find easy to rank keywords

If you’ve struggled to find good keyword ideas, you need to read this post. In it, I’ll teach you how to find easy-to-rank keywords that … Read more

Keywords: The Definitive Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about keywords and how you can use this knowledge to improve your rankings and traffic … Read more

How to check & improve keywords you rank for

There are several ways to check your keyword rankings and positions in Google, along with a strategy for improving them. What is keyword ranking or … Read more

SEO Guides

SEO CTR: how to get higher positions and organic traffic

In this post, you’ll learn about click-through rates and how to get higher positions on Google’s search results page. And as a result, more organic … Read more

How to do SEO yourself for improved results

So you want to do SEO yourself, get better results such as more traffic and more links or save money instead of hiring an agency. … Read more

How to Launch an SEO Campaign (free template)

Launching an SEO campaign is a planned activity to reach a goal. Choose an option or goal below to get started. But first, what is … Read more

SEO Guide For Beginners

This is a complete SEO guide for beginners and acts as a quick refresher for everyone else. What is SEO? The craft of getting people … Read more