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Platonik are search audience marketers who provide content plans and a structured course to help agencies and marketers grow search traffic.

Your customers have changed

They've developed new search habits

They use the biggest buyer research tool, Google, over 7 billion times a day.

Nearly 20% of what they're looking for has never been searched before.

It's much easier to get search traffic using the Search Audience Traffic Framework

3 Steps to Traffic Growth

Click Forecast

A click forecast is the foundation of your success

Create content

Create the content from your click forecast


Promote and earn links

Fraser McCulloch Platonik

I'm Fraser, owner of Platonik

Over 25 years of digital marketing and customer experience expertise, I’ve helped build and grow over 150 companies. My goal to provide individuals and businesses with the content and skills to master the key strategies that will drive their organic traffic.

What customers are saying


Over 90% of web pages earn no traffic from Google.

No one wants to ignore a search audience of 7 billion searches a day or spend money on “so called magical” seo optimisation services.

Nobody wants their website content to be misaligned with their search audience and miss out on search traffic

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Platonik, unlike other SEO’s, use Search Audience Marketing to discover your search audience, create content & answers to grow your traffic.