SEO Click Forecasting – the fuel to ignite website traffic growth

A click forecast enables you to build web pages or a website around what your audience is searching and clicking on without guessing.

90% of web pages get no clicks from Google. Why ?

Many marketing professionals and business owners do not know what people search for or click on.

This becomes a problem for the website you design, the pages you create, the words you write, the budget you require to meet your goals and your expectations.

Introducing SEO Click Forecasting

No guessing or fumbling around in the dark with free, unreliable keyword tools.

Get a reliable forecast of future website traffic and act upon it.

So whether you are starting from scratch or looking to grow your existing traffic, a click forecast will show you what people search and click on and the priority pages you need to produce.

  1. Keyword/Topic to target
  2. Average Traffic or Clicks to the top 10 pages in Google
  3. Bar chart of average traffic
  4. Select user intent ie: type of pages that rank in the top page
  5. Choose if you wish to include this page in your website plan

Click Forecasting Process

Step 1

Pick broad keywords related to your service/product

Step 2

Filter by buyer intent keywords and keywords with clicks

Step 3

Create master keyword list to ensure keyword is parent topic

Step 4

Import into Click Forecast Template for review and analysis

Step 5

Share with team or clicks and choose priority keywords

Step 6

Create content briefs and begin the copywriting process

Click Forecast Case Study

The client wanted to offer a visa application service; I created a click forecast, the client wrote the copy, I built the website.

Actual Clicks Delivered

Their website now generates over 20,000 organic visits per month.

Click Forecast Case Study

This accountancy firm launched a new tax service for clients; I created the click forecast, the copy was outsourced and I built the website.

Actual Clicks Delivered

Now their website generates over 1500 organic visits per month.

Avoid wasting time or getting ‘hit and misses’

Many SEO professionals have tried to replicate my click forecasting strategy.

But they use unreliable data sources with pivot tables and vlookups – whatever they are.

Most keyword research strategies are prehistoric, time-consuming, and result in a “hit or miss”.

You need a predictable strategy to forecast clicks and a process that can deliver you results.

Decision making made easier

When you view your click forecast with your team or client, look through the list of opportunities then select Yes or No to decide which pages to add to your website plan.

Then work with your copywriter to create a content brief, write the page copy and publish the content.

The click forecasting is great for getting organised.

I get somewhat overwhelmed with the keyword research process.

– Leo

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