Keyword Research Services for web professionals, agencies & business owners

I specialise in SEO keyword research services for web professionals, agencies and business owners to help them succeed with client SEO.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the art and skill of discovering the words, phrases, and intentions of potential customers who are searching on Google’s search engine.

Once you’ve done keyword research then you can write, produce and optimise web pages that specifically target those keywords and phrases you researched.

The objective is to earn high rankings in Google and clicks to your web page.

Why keyword research is vital to SEO success

Over 90% of web pages get no traffic because website owners don’t write about subjects that people are actually searching for.

In other words, most people don’t know how to do keyword research to guide the organic traffic strategy for their website.

Keyword Research Offering

Remember as a kid you just coloured in between the lines of your colouring book and your parents thought you were a brilliant artist?

When you use my keyword research service you just fill in the blanks from the report I supply.

  • You get the page title, meta description, page introduction and the sections written for you.
  • Then just fill in the blanks and complete your page.
  • You’ll also receive the keywords, search volume and estimation of traffic.

And if you’re too busy let our copywriter write it for you; a little extra cost though.

This approach provides you with the best opportunity to rank and earn traffic from Google

Keyword Research Process

Step 1

Complete a brief where you tell me about your business, products, services and customers.

Step 2

Begin with a seed keyword and competitor research to create a list of keywords and topical ideas.

Step 3

Align keywords with the 4 stages of the marketing buying behaviour process.

Step 4

Analysis search and click volume and likelihood of ranking of page 1 of Google.

Step 5

Review the top pages in Google and define what the user wants from a page after searching.

Step 6

Write the title and content outline and supply a content brief for you or content writer.

Free Keyword Tools

Many web professionals and website owners have access to free keyword research tools. But free tools such as Ubersuggest and Google Ad Planner don’t produce sufficient keywords to do effective keyword research. In this example, the free tool, Ubersuggest found 688 keywords and Ahrefs, the paid tool,  found 20740 keywords after exploring the same seed keyword. That’s a huge gulf in keywords and phrases that could be used to shape and guide your organic traffic strategy.

Case Studies

Keyword Research Case Study

A London advertising agency generates organic traffic that’s worth £25,000 a year and they rank number 2 for their main keyword and page 1 for 45 other keywords.

SEO Case Study

A company in New Zealand wanted more people to skydive. Two guides I created from the research account for 25% of the client’s total traffic from Google.

Keyword Research and Online Marketing

SEO isn’t the only online marketing channel to reach prospective clients.

This e-commerce case study below shows a company with no SEO strategy earning over 20% of website traffic and revenue from organic results.

Imagine what an organic search and content strategy built from solid keyword research foundations would bring to their business.

Fraser McCulloch Platonik

Unique Approach to Keyword Research

After completing a BA (Honours) degree in marketing, I started my career as a marketing research executive 29 years ago.

I have worked client and agency side in both project management and on the research and content for over 500 websites.

No one else

No one else delivers actionable keyword research and content brief reports like I do.