How to build and grow a lead generation website

If you want to build and grow a lead generation website this is my step by step guide.

I’ve worked with local, small and national business owners who want to create new business opportunities and sales leads from their website that they can turn into real, paying customers.

Since these business owners sell services instead of physical products online, the type of website they need is a lead generation website.

But before you can generate leads from a website there are a few business fundamentals you need.

Lead Generation Fundamentals

When website owners approach me for a website they have a general idea of what service they are offering.

They might say something like “we’re looking to build a website to generate mortgage enquiries”.

This is all and well but generate mortgage enquiries from whom ?

Market and Keyword Research

If you’ve not investing 20 to 30 hours investigating your market, I believe you are going to struggle generating leads.

You need to understand where to find prospects, what problems they have and what solutions they currently use.

Without doubt keyword research is the best strategy to identify your market and website traffic potential as Google’s search engine will be the biggest source of website traffic.

Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website

Commercial Discovery

The other fundamental you need to know is “what are you willing to pay for a profitable lead ?

You can use this calculator to find out if you can convert leads into profitable customers.

Lead Generation Calculator

I’ve created this calculator for website owners to work out your cost per lead, cost per sale and website traffic required.

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When the fundamentals have been checked and make commercial sense then you can move onto the website fundamentals.

Domain Name

A domain name is just the name of your website address eg:

There’s 2 parts to the domain name; the parts before and after the dot.

For example, platonik is my brand name.

Ideally you want a short brand name that people can remember and you don’t need the full company name.

So Wagner Associates Limited is and not

But the name has to be available before you register it.

I use 123Reg but there are plenty of other domain registrars available.

You enter the name you want to register on their website and they’ll check if the name and the extension (the part after the dot) is available.

I recommend registering and purchasing the country extension of your name eg: UK would be

If you’ve a company that trades globally use .com or if you’re in doubt use a .com address.

Web Hosting

I use Flywheel to host the majority of my client websites.

Flywheel specialise in hosting WordPress specialist for web professionals like myself.

There are of course hundreds of other WordPress hosting partners such as Next Level, GoDaddy, SiteGround but Flywheel has a wonderful interface and customer service.

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Website Design

It goes without saying that you need a beautiful, fully functional website that is user friendly.

For before a website can be built you’ll need some essential assets.

You’ll need :

  • A Logo – a representation of your company name
  • Brand Guidelines – colours, font, a tone of voice
  • Page Content Creation – pages written about your services
  • Photography – great images for your services and company
  • Local Listings – you will need to register your company on local directories eg: Google My Business (if you are a local business)

Website Design elements

The following are the essential elements of a lead generating website.

Home page

The home page of a website tells people who you are, what you do and directs users towards your services and products.

In addition, the home page will include a unique design that resonates with your target audience and includes accreditation that build user trust in your company.


Websites typically have navigation bars at the top and bottom of every web page.

The top navigation displays links to key pages such as services, resources and a contact page.

Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website


With websites having to respond to mobile and tablet devices, the navigation on smaller devices has been reduced to a hamburger menu.

The page content should be ready to read, pages load fast, links and calls to action prominent.

Service list page

Ideally, the website should group and list all the services on one page and then links through to each individual service page.

Service page

The service page should be designed to sell your service and prompt people to enquire ie: become a lead.

Blog posts

Blog posts are resourceful pages or articles on a website that can attract a lot of traffic to a website and leads if created correctly.

They are typically created as non commercial pages for people earlier in the sales journey or nearer the top of the sales funnel.

This blog post by Amara is a guide to bathroom tile trends generation website leads from blog posts

Notice how the post links through to relevant products.

Notice the subscribe link at top of navigation.

But there’s more powerful and persuasive ways to leverage such blog posts.

My best blog post has a 13% visitor to conversion rate; these subscribers are not ready to buy yet they are ready to be educated.

Call to action

If you start from a user’s mindset and can answer “what’s in it for me” when they are on a web page, then you have a better chance of this user becoming a sales lead.

Your web page offer should motivate the user, be relevant to their needs and your service.

For example, the web page you are reading right now is an educational guide to building a lead generation website.

Think of a call to action like a green or red sign on traffic lights.

They tell users want to do.

Green tells the driver to drive and red tells the driver to stop.

A lead generation website requires signs or prompts that tell the user what to do during or at the end of a web page.

Here are some popular call to action examples on lead generation websites.

  • Click to Read
  • Sign Up For Free Trial
  • Get Started
  • Download Now
  • Send Me Special Now
  • Click to get started
  • Find out more
  • Search
  • Grab the bonus offer
  • Get Instant Access
  • Register For Our Webinar
  • Download Our Free White Paper
  • Free 30 Day Trial
Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website

Enquiry forms

You need to create a lead enquiry form to capture the contact details of the prospects.

At a minimum contact forms should have a field to insert their first name, email address and a box to ask what help they need.

Ask too much information and you reduce your enquiry rate.

Ask too little and you affect your enquiry to sales conversion rate.

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Website Development – bespoke, template or web builder ?

The cost of website development will depend on what you need functionally or legally in order to generate leads.

All of the lead generation websites that I have developed have required some level of customisation.

In a few cases websites have been developed from scratch as they required very specific needs.

But for most clients, I’ve customised pre built website templates to match the client’s needs.

I would definitely avoid web builder services such as Wix.

Just because you see a nice looking website doesn’t mean it’s designed and built to maximise sales leads.

There are thousands of professional web design services online and most have their own content management system (CMS) preference or approach to developing a lead generation website.

WordPress is the leading platform that hosts and runs websites.

It offers a high level of custom design for websites; but that flexibility also comes at a cost in terms of maintenance and plugin updates.

Content Management System (CMS) and website editing

If you can use Google Docs or Microsoft Word then you can edit a website using WordPress.

However you still need to know what you’re doing.

I’ve created a short video training course to help non technical clients get to grips with WordPress and website editing.

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Lead Generation Sales Process

Lead generation opportunities are created by following a process like this:

Here’s a summary of each stage and a diagram to visualise the process.

  1. Traffic – Ben will pay for traffic with advertising or earning organic SEO traffic to his website.
  2. Landing Pages – there will be a landing page on his website for each of the services he offers.
  3. Enquiry or phone call – on each landing page will be a call to action or incentive to telephone Ben or fill in a web form.
  4. Web Form – the web form will ask for some basic information such as name, email and phone number.
  5. Nurture – the sale won’t happen straight away so Ben needs to cultivate each enquiry over time.
  6. Series of conversation – Ben or his sales team will have a series of email or phone conversations before reaching an agreement.
  7. Sale – a contract and/or deposit is signed is made to start the work.

Most web agencies or lead generation specialists won’t get involved in the 7th stage of the process.

In fact very few web agencies get involved in lead generation strategies to nurture leads or enquiries; the follow up is where “the money is”.

My own website is a lead generation website.

I email useful guides and information every 2 weeks to both educate my prospects and to turn them into paying customers.

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Website Traffic – Short Term versus Long Term.

In order to reach prospects with what you have to offer, you need to utilise inbound marketing strategies.

There are essentially 3 main inbound channels to reach prospects and generate leads.

  • Paid Advertising Traffic
  • Organic Search (SEO) Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic

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Paid traffic is the fastest way to generate traffic and website leads.

This should be a short term solution to help reach your lead acquisition targets.

Whilst it may be the fastest way to generate traffic, it is almost the quickest way to burn a hole in your credit or debit card.

Most adverts suck and thus don’t get many clicks or sales leads.

The majority of advertising campaigns are created by people who have little to no clue about what searchers actually want.

These advertisers push their service related adverts onto searchers instead of aligning advertising messages, landing pages and copy with what a searcher wants.

And the same goes with adverts on Facebook.

Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website

Set up a small Google Ad campaign

If you want instant traffic to your website then you will need to pay for clicks.

Google Ads are the quickest way to drive traffic to your website.

First you’ll need a Google account, set up billing, set up conversion tracking, connect Adwords with Google Analytics.

You can watch this video which better explains that the written word.

Driving Traffic to your website with Google Advertising

You should have an idea, in advance, of the service you’re going to promote.

For example, free quote on air conditioning installations.

Decide the web page people will land on before creating the ad campaign.

Ideally you should create a specific landing page with copy and an enquiry form on the page to capture leads.

Thrive Themes is a very popular WordPress theme used for lead generation websites and campaigns.

However, I have found the landing page templates and forms from the marketing automation tool Convertkit an ideal solution for both paid and organic traffic campaigns.

Steps to running a Google Ad campaign

  • Click Create New Campaign
  • Then Create New Campaign
  • Either choose leads or website traffic
  • Then choose Search and continue
  • Name your campaign
  • Uncheck display network
  • Choose your location; that can country, city or location
  • Choose language if applicable
  • Omit Audiences because you don’t have one; only use the audience option for retargeting when you’ve got sizeable website traffic
  • Set a budget for £30 a day; that’s around £900 a month
  • Under bidding option, focus on getting clicks in your first campaign
  • Allow Google control the bid strategy to get your start
  • Next select add ad extensions such to add a call extension
  • Save and continue to the next step
  • Next create an ad group
  • Nam it
  • Enter keywords to target and trigger your adverts
  • Use modified broad match keywords
  • Enter the keywords into box
  • Choose keyword ideas by entering your seed keyword in the “enter your products and service” box
  • Select save and continue
  • Now write out your advert by filling in each box
  • Final URL – this is the landing page people arrive on after clicking your advert
  • Headline 1
  • Headline 2
  • Headline 4
  • Display Path
  • Description 1
  • Description 1
  • Now preview the advert with the 1 of 2 previews arrows
  • Now save and add another advert (if you wish)
  • Wait for your advert to be approved by Google
  • Click Continue to Campaign
  • Your advert should begin to appear in a couple of days,

This process should give you a fast track strategy to driving traffic from Google Ads

Leads from Facebook Advertising Case Study

Another way to reach your audience and generate leads is with Facebook Advertising.

A client offers a home insulation service.

I ran a Facebook advertising campaign to reach homeowners.

  • 287 leads were generated
  • At a cost £13.74 per lead
  • Spent of £3944
  • Reach 424,846 people
  • Duration of 40 days

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Organic Search (SEO) Traffic

There’s basically one internet search engine with a monopoly and that’s Google.

The search results are the pages that appear below and to the side of adverts in Google.

The majority of clicks to websites come from organic search results.

Google’s goal is to serve users with the best results after they make a search query.

In order to rank on page 1 it’s your search engine optimisation goal to align your page content with their query.

First you need keyword research to discover when people search for, what their intention is and if they actually click onto the top organic page results.

For example, people search for “local advertising”.

I outlined on my page 17 ways you can advertise your business and rank in position 3.

Here’s my guide to formatting a webpage including the page title, meta description optimisation, heading, copy and where to place lead capture forms.

on page seo tips infographic

In total, I earn around 200 visits from Google’s search results and 4 people enter their name and email address in the call to action box sprinkled throughout the page guide.

Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website

Of course, I could earn more enquiries.

  • Once they’ve entered their details I send them an advertising guide.
  • And their information is sent and stored in my contact database.
  • At a later date, I can follow up and nurture these enquiries and hopefully they become real customers.

Now you repeat the process to create more search engine friendly pages.

Search engine optimisation is the slow way to driving traffic to a website.

Some of my pages have taken 6 to 9 month before I started seeing organic traffic.

Lead Generation from SEO Case Study

55% (131) of my leads were generated from organic search results in 14 weeks.

Of the 131 leads from search, 49 of those leads came from my guide to planning a website structure.

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Social Media Traffic

Let me explain how I have generated social media traffic.

Quuu Promote take blog posts and feed them to people who use a tool called Buffer App.

People using Buffer App are looking for interesting web page content to curate and share on their social media networks.

They are looking for other people’s content that re-affirms their beliefs and or makes them look good.

As a result, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the 3 primary channels that have resulted in generating leads from social networks.

The social lead generation process I’m going to outline had an inexpensive paid for element to it.

Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website

Steps to generate leads from social media

  • You promote influencer content with Quuu Promote.
  • Create account with Quuu Promote and pay Quuu to promote post for 60 days.
  • Create Facebook and Twitter graphic with Canva.
  • I paid for 12 campaigns, Quuu gave me bonuses to promote posts again.

You can watch the YouTube video I created outlining how to use Quuu Promote.

It’s very simple, but here’s on outline of my process.

Promote your influencer content socially

Influencer content is generally content aimed at other people in your industry as opposed to your sales or product pages.

In my case, my influencer content are my blog posts; these are mostly ‘how to’ guides.

Create account with Quuu Promote and pay Quuu to promote post for 60 days

Provided you have a spare $40, go to Quuu Promote and sign up.

I think they offer a free 14 day trial to test out their service.

Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website

Create Facebook and Twitter graphic with Canva

You will require Facebook and Twitter graphics as part of promoting your posts with Quuu; unless you have great looking open graph formatted images already.

Use Canva to create your graphics as they have pre designed templates in the correct image dimensions for sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep your words to a minimum and ensure the word font size is big and bold.

  • Export your graphic.
  • Go into Quuu Promote.
  • Select your url to promote.
  • Upload the graphics your create.
  • Choose a channel to promote your post to.
  • Submit.
  • That’s you done.


In the time frame from 01 September to 15 December I generated 61 leads from social media this way.

Nothing particularly special but results nevertheless.

Looking at social sessions from my Google Analytics account were as follows:

  • Twitter sessions = 945
  • Facebook session = 1000
  • LinkedIn sessions = 364
  • Total sessions = 2309
  • That’s a 2.6% website conversion of social sessions to leads.

I’m happy with a website conversion rate like this.

I looked at a previous time frame; April to September and I generated 100 leads from social channels; 45% of my total leads.


Cost of $40 to promote each post; in total $480.

Canva costs $12.95 per month.

In terms of time spent, I would estimate about 15 to 20 minutes to create the graphics and run the promote.

Since I already accounted for content creation time in the SEO section, we won’t count that cost here.

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Nurturing leads into customers

I use a WordPress Content Upgrade plugin on my website to offer subscribers a bonus download in exchange for their email address.

The email address of the sales lead is captured and added to Convertkit (or the other popular marketing automation tools) and given a tag to identify the page or enquiry form they subscribed from.

With Convertkit I can schedule a unique workflow to follow up on existing email subscribers.

If the lead becomes a customer, I can remove them from a prospect workflow and put them into a customer workflow and schedule completely different communication.

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Website Conversion optimisation

When you run a lead generation website or campaign you need access to analytical tools.

  • Every website must have Google Analytics installed.
  • You can create and track goals.
  • The goal is the page users land upon once they have completed the enquiry form.

You can also create a funnel to analyse the entry and drop off points in your lead process.

Another tool you can use is called

Again you create and analyse a sales lead funnel.

You can also “record” users on your website to see the pages they visit, where they click and how they interact with your enquiry form.

And if you have any problems with your enquiry forms you can use their form analytics to see where visitors drop off or issues they have with the fields on your form.

Various analytical tools will tell you traffic to your website, from which source, how many sales leads you get and your sales lead conversion rates; if installed correctly.

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Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website

12 ways to increase your website’s enquiries

There’s a whole host of reasons why your website doesn’t generate enough website enquiries.

Here are some solutions I’ve used to increase my website enquiries.

  • Doing keyword research helps create pages that earn traffic and enquiries.
  • Creating “how to” guides from keyword research is the route to more traffic.
  • Creating list post guides from keyword research is the easiest content to create and drive traffic.
  • More industry links boost some page rankings, thus traffic and enquiries.
  • Identifying low converting pages and changing the offer and call to action.
  • Adding a sidebar link to other pages helped reduce the website bounce rate and users stayed on my website longer.
  • Reduce the number of fields on enquiry pages will increase enquiries (worked for client websites too).
  • Make unique offers on each page with a unique call to action.
  • Maybe people visiting don’t want to get in touch.
  • Make words easier to read on mobile devices with larger font sizes.
  • Removing or improving pages with out of date content.
  • Retarget website visitors who did not enquiry with Google or Facebook re-marketing campaigns.
  • New pages and topics created are opportunities to earn more traffic from Google.
  • Use website conversion tools such as Google Goals, Hotjar or your own CRM.

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Examples of Lead Generation Websites

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I hope this guide gives you a head start in learning how to build or generate leads from your website.

Download : How to Build and Grow a Lead Generation Website