3 SEO Campaigns to improve your rankings & traffic

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    Use these 3 types of SEO campaigns to improve your organic rankings and traffic.

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    I am going to show you 3 types of seo campaigns you can run to improve your organic rankings and traffic for long-term seo success.

    Whether you are running an international seo campaign or a local seo campaign for a local business, your goal is to increase traffic, enquiries and gain new potential customers.

    Check current website traffic

    You need to know your current website traffic before you can begin improving your web traffic.

    Top Page report

    Rather than examining the ranking position of individual keywords I prefer to review the organic traffic and number of ranking keywords of separate pages.

    You can do this inside Google Analytics by looking at the landing page report under the search console section of acquisition report.

    Then compare that traffic with last year.

    Year to date traffic versus last year

    Or compare your year to date traffic with last year.

    However, you may not have a full two years of data to make the comparison.

    In this example, you can see I only have about 5 months of comparison data but I can see the general website traffic trend is down.

    How can you check website traffic of competing websites?

    There’s 4 tools that can help you check the estimated website traffic of other websites.


    Enter a website address into https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo and you’ll see key website metrics.

    You have to sign up and use their free trial or pay $149 month.


    SimilarWeb will show you total website visits by source; direct, referral, search, social and email.

    And they will propose competing sites.


    You enter a website address into Ubersuggest but the tool will only provide the estimated organic traffic.


    Ahref is a paid for tool will also show you the estimated monthly organic traffic and suggest competitors who you can analyse.

    Here’s an article that compares Ahrefs and Ubersuggest.

    Compare the organic traffic, domain ratings and referring domains using a diagram like this.

    A competitor analysis report is quite an eye opener for many web professionals and business owners.

    In this competitor report you can clearly see that the first company has less backlinks that the 3rd company who is earning way more website traffic.

    It is know from the Ahrefs search traffic study that there is a relationship between referring domains and organic traffic.

    The first company in this competitor keyword analysis needs more strong external links to boost their domain authority, rankings and increased website traffic.

    SEO Audit

    I recommend you audit your website health at least once a year.

    You can perform a free seo audit with Ubersuggest or do a full seo audit using Ahrefs; a premium tool.

    An seo audit can check your website health, ensure you use modern seo guidelines and identify improvement opportunities:

    • your current site visibility
    • onsite optimisation issues
    • top ranking pages
    • top ranking keywords
    • any irrelevant keywords
    • duplicate content
    • site speed issues
    • broken links
    • high authority sites to earn links from
    • bounce rate issues
    • etc

    Set a website goal

    If you can picture or visualise the end result and the timeframe that’s a start in goal setting.

    In order to reach the goal you’ve set, you need to choose one of these 3 search engine optimisation campaigns.

    Choose an SEO campaign type

    Here’s the 3 main types of seo campaigns you can implement to help you reach your goal.

    • Improve traffic to existing pages
    • Improve authority with link building
    • Grow traffic by creating new pages

    Improve traffic to existing pages

    This type of campaign is better suited to established websites that already earn organic rankings and traffic.

    In this SEO study, it was found it takes around 2 to 6 months to rank brand new web pages in Google’s top 10 search results for experienced SEO practitioners.

    From personal experience, this page took around 12 weeks to rank on page one and start earning organic traffic.

    So improving already ranked pages is a faster route to increased traffic.

    Step 1 : Find pages with keywords in position 11 to 30

    Log into Google Analytics and find keywords in position 11 to 30.

    1. Acquisition
    2. Search Console
    3. Queries
    4. Click Advanced
    5. Exclude Search query – brand name
    6. Exclude any keywords you wish to omit
    7. Include Average Position > 10
    8. Include Average Position < 31
    9. Apply

    Step 2 : Check the search volume

    Now find a search query that you’ll like to rank better.

    Copy the search query

    Paste the search query into the Ubersuggest search box, select your country and hit search.

    Step 3 : Check the top pages earn traffic

    Click the arrow next to the keyword.

    Look at the estimated visits column to check all the top pages earn traffic for this keyword.

    Look at the links to see how many links, the domain authority of top pages and competitive this query is to rank for.

    The websites with lower domain authority and less links have a better chance of being outranked; if you produce better content to match the user intent.

    1. Copy one of the top URLS and paste into Ubersuggest
    2. Click the Top Pages menu on the left
    3. Find the page that ranks for your keyword
    4. Check the total traffic to the page and make sure the pages ranks for many more keywords

    Step 4 : Check SERPS for user intent

    Do a Google search of the query and check the top search results pages.

    Then copy and paste the page titles of the top results into spreadsheet.

    And your page title, url and description in the last row.

    Eg: Here’s my example.

    Compare your page title and description with the top pages to check you have the right user intent.

    I’ve highlighted the user intent in red.

    Now re-read your page and ask yourself if your page is serving the user with this intent.

    Step 5 : Analyse page sub topics

    What I do is copy all the H2 and h3 sub headers of my page.

    Then I do content research by looking at the top pages and check to see if I’m missing any sub topics.

    In my seo for accountants page I found don’t enough information about local seo.

    Step 6 : Rewrite title and sub sections

    Now you can rewrite your page title to make the page better focused on serving what potential users want.

    Now jot down h2 headers as these will be the main sections of your page.

    You can do this in a text document, Google Doc or even a sheet of A4 paper.

    Now flesh out each h2 heading with sub-headers like this.

    When you have an outline of your article then you can begin writing it; I prefer Google Docs to write copy.

    Step 7 : Run page through content analyser and publish

    There are a few content analysis tools available to check that your page content is topically relevant.

    Some SEO experts use the copy assistant from SEMRush.

    Bonus : add internal links

    After you have analysed your page content, then spell check it and create a draft in your CMS.

    Since you’re upgrading your page you want to use the same URL.

    So create your draft with a new URL, add the copy, format it, add images then copy and paste into the original URL to overwrite the old content.

    You want to give the page a boost by adding internal links to the page from other pages.

    To find relevant pages to add internal links type : site:domain.com your keyword into Google.

    This will give you relevant pages and internal sections of your page to add the internal links.

    Improve domain authority with seo link building campaign

    You need an seo link building campaign if:

    1. Your organic traffic has remained constant for the past few years
    2. You’re not ranking high for your key search terms
    3. You are not earning enough organic search traffic

    Do a competitor analysis, as above, that compares competitors links and organic traffic.

    How does earning good quality backlinks to your website boost organic traffic ?

    Have a look at this image that explains how links to a page can increase your overall rankings and traffic.

    There are hundreds of link building strategies such as writing content on an external website as a guest post but I’ve outlined 2 strategies below you can use in your next seo campaign.

    Broken link building

    Broken link building campaigns work because you are helping out a website owner; doing them a favour.

    Whereas many other campaigns are just link builders desperately spamming website owners begging for links.

    I have written a detailed guide to broken link building here but I’ll summarise it below.

    Step 1 : Find broken pages

    • Use Ahrefs content explorer
    • Enter a seed keyword into the tool
    • Select 404 broken pages
    • Filter by descending order
    • Review the number of referring domains to each broken page

    Check it’s still broken

    Step 2 : Check page history

    Now copy the page url and pop it into Archive.org.

    If you believe you could recreate a better, more up to date version of that page, then add this page to your list of page prospects.

    Step 3 : Recreate and improve the broken page

    You can borrow the central theme from this broken page but your true purpose should be to create a better, more valuable version of it.

    Could you include an infographic or calculator on the page that would add more value for link prospects ?

    Step 4 : Find email address of page owners

    Within Ahrefs, click the url to see all the referring pages

    Filter by do follow links

    Then export those links

    Create an account at Hunter.io

    Import your list and they will find the email addresses of people associated with those website

    Step 5 : Reach out and offer your page as replacement link

    • Hunter.io also have an email outreach tool
    • Select the campaign where you found the email addresses
    • Select New Campaign
    • Enter a subject title eg: you have a broken link
    • Compose the email content
    • Personalise it by adding their first name
    • Then add 2 more follow up emails

    Curated Expert article

    A curated expert article is where ask one question to people in your industry and they each provide one answer.

    This question could be a key issue that your target audience is struggling with.

    Their answers provide the content of your article.

    This type of campaign is perfect for a small business without a huge marketing budget to create attractive content for their target users and earn brand awareness, greater online visibility and external links.

    Step 1 : Find your industry experts

    I ran a campaign for a golf college and fortunately I happened to know many industry leaders personally.

    If I didn’t have their email address, I found it with Hunter.io.

    If you have a business relationship with experts in your industry, you can start with a simple Google search.

    If I wanted to reach email marketing experts I would Google search “top email marketers”

    From there, I can find their names, website address and find their email with Hunter.io.

    I recommend you build up a list of 300 or more experts.

    Step 2 : Create Google Form to collect answer

    The easiest way to capture answers to your questions is to create a Google Form.

    Create fields for

    • Your question
    • Email address
    • Name
    • Job Title or Company
    • Website address and social links

    I won’t bore you explaining how to create a Google Form, just search YouTube.

    Step 3 : Email them the question with link to Google Form

    If you’ve built up a list of experts and found their email using Hunter.io then use this tool to send them an email campaign.

    Your email script should be something like this

    Dear Firstname

    As a leading expert in “your field”, I was hoping you could share one piece of advice for others in the industry”.

    This won’t take you more than 2 minutes and others would greatly appreciated your expertise.

    This link will take you to a secure google form where you can supply your advice.

    To your success


    Step 4 : Email them 3 more times

    You won’t get many answers after one email so make sure you schedule 3 or more organic outreach emails.

    Step 5 : Curate your article in Google Docs

    Look in the response tab of your Google Form and start curated the answers in a Google Doc.

    Just like this example.

    Step 6 : Publish it

    If you can get at least 15 expert responses then you should have the basis of a really good expert article.

    This golf experts article about golf career advice received 26 pieces of advice

    Step 7 : Email all your experts the article is live

    After you have published your article then it’s time to tell your experts.

    This is your opportunity to earn a few links.

    In your email, invite the experts to share the article on their social networks.

    It makes them look good being quoted or interviewed.

    Also email those who did not take part or missed out on contributing; they might want to add a quote or link to the content

    Bonus : Promote the article across all your channels

    Links won’t happen by magic; get out their and promote your expert article.

    Make sure you promote this article heavily across your social networks and email list.

    Grow traffic by creating new pages

    You can grow your traffic by creating new pages that target search queries you don’t currently rank for.

    I do extensive keyword research and the most popular content format (and easiest) to create are list posts.

    Moz found in a study that the most shared and linked to type of content were list posts.

    A list post can very useful, inspiring and educational for your prospects.

    For example, I created this list of Chrome Extensions for SEO professionals.

    List Post SEO Campaign

    Here’s how you can create a list post campaign.

    Step 1 : Find seed keyword using keyword research tool

    • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – enter seed keyword (one word)
    • Phrase Match
    • Enter modifier keywords such as and, with, for, top into Exclude and Select Any
    • Don’t be scared to filter by 4 or more words
    • Try filtering out high difficulty keywords

    Don’t be scared to look at organic searches with 100 or less search a month because the traffic to the top pages may be considerably more.

    Step 2 : 

    Look for search queries that look like a list post or top post.

    Check the top 10 search results all get traffic.

    Step 3 : Check the SERPS

    Manually check Google and the SERPS results.

    Look at the list post and it’s content.

    Look at the content of a couple of results

    • is the page of low quality content?
    • is the page out of date ?
    • easy to outrank?

    It is possible to replace weak results and break into the top 10.

    Step 4 : Check user intent

    What does the user want ?

    What list post can you create that is useful ?

    Step 5 : Draft page outline

    Use the Google Search image tab for content outline clues.

    Step 6 : Write Page Title

    Now write page title for your list post.

    From the phrases you’ve collected you should form some kind of outline for the sub sections of your list post.

    Write down your sub sections.

    With your title and outline you have a framework for creating a useful and relevant list post for that main search query.

    Step 7 : On Page Optimisation

    Use the on page SEO guide for optimising your list post.

    on page seo tips infographic

    Step 8 : Promote your list post

    Here are a few ways to promote your article.

    • Email marketing to your mailing list
    • Quuu Promote
    • Facebook Boost
    • Facebook Post
    • Your social media channels
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Linkedin
    • Google Post

    Measuring SEO Results

    You can set up email report alerts within Google Analytics to see improvements to existing pages or the rankings of new pages.

    Ahrefs have a cool web traffic monitoring tool that will notify you when you earn new links from your link building campaigns.

    Next Step ?

    If you or your content marketing team are looking for effective results from your seo campaigns I would recommend you pursue one of the 3 types above .

    Or get in touch and enquire about my seo services.