YouTube Video Marketing Statistics

Written by Fraser McCulloch. Last Updated 28th March 2022

I’ve compiled the video marketing statistics of 28 teachers’ YouTube channels.

YouTube is the 3rd largest search engine, after Google and Google Image Search, and it’s an obvious place to find answers to questions in a video format and learn.

Video Marketing Statistics Infographic

I’ve compiled the YouTube subscriber, and monthly video view estimates into an infographic to summarise each channel.

If you want a custom branded version of this infographic, please contact me, and I’ll provide the original artwork.

Or you can copy or embed this original image below.

Video Marketing Statistics Infographic of YouTube channels

SEO and Copywriting

I’ve curated 2 SEO and 2 copywriting channels that I recommend.

Brian Dean

Brian is the king of SEO and has invented more SEO terminology than Rodney Mullen has in the world of skateboarding.

Amazingly Brian has only 23 videos on his channel yet has amassed over 170,000 subscribers with over 177,000 views per month.


Ahrefs is a keyword research, backlink and search traffic tool with an excellent YouTube learning channel.

Ahrefs seriously ramped up its YouTube marketing in 2018, teaching prospects and customers how to use their tool and gain results from organic traffic.

Since Tim Soulo has gone upstairs to lead Ahrefs’ marketing strategy, the new face of their channel, Sam Oh, has taken their video marketing to the next level.

Ahrefs has over 31,000 subscribers and over 56,000 views per month.

Subscribe to their channel if you want to get better at SEO, or hire a freelance SEO expert.

Neville Medhora

Now onto SEO copywriting, and let Neville Medhora from the Kopywriting Kourse be your teacher.

Just because you can type, you don’t know how to attract and persuade prospects in your adverts or web pages.

Neville has nearly 12,000 YouTube subscribers and over 21,000 video views per month.

Jesse Forrest

If you prefer a different copywriting personality them check out Jesse Forrest’s YouTube channel.

Jesse has nearly 11,000 YouTube subscribers with over 16,000 views per month.

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Design and Photography

If design, video and photography are the areas you want to learn, check out these 4 channels.

McKenzie Child

McKenzie covers topics including illustrations, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and designing video trailers, and business topics such as landing page design, web forms, pricing tables and apps.

McKenzie has over 9,000 subscribers and approaching 8,000 video views per month.

AJ & Smart

AJ & Smart are a design agency whose channel is aimed at designers working freelance or in agencies.

They cover product design, design sprints, user experience design, design tools such as Sketch and the design process.

Over 20,000 subscribers and nearly 52,000 video views per month.

Justin Brown

I found Justin’s channel over a year ago after searching how-to video with an iPhone.

Thanks to his recommendations, I learned a little about lighting, positioning and which accessories and apps I needed to film myself for videos.

Video and the iPhone are huge topics hence Justin’s YouTube channel clocks in with nearly 190,000 subscribers and over 800,000 video views per month.

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon’s channel is aimed at amateur or beginner photographer who wants to learn and improve.

So he covers tutorials and how-to videos about working with models, wedding videos, product photography and software for editing photographs.

Over 152,000 subscribers and 386,000 video views per month.

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YouTube and Instagram

If you want to use YouTube and Instagram for marketing, then here are 4 YouTube channels that I recommend.


Being a data-driven guy, I love the data the VidIQ application delivers.

When you install their plugin on your browser, you’ll see information about your watch channels and videos.

The tool also makes suggestions to improve your channels, such as your video title and tags.

Rob at VidIQ has a right cocky English personality, so if you’re cool with that, then you’ll also learn a lot from his videos.

VidIQ has over 234,000 subscribers and clocks in with over 336,000 video views per month.

Nick Mimmin

If you want to start or grow your YouTube channel, Nick is your go-to guy.

His tutorials cover everything from the best cameras to use, how to do live streams and how to earn subscribers.

My apologies if most of the personalities are male, but if you don’t like my recommendations, visit each channel, and YouTube will suggest alternatives on the right-hand side of each page.

Nick has nearly 300,000 subscribers and a whopping 669,000 video views per month.

Jasmine Star

Jasmine was recommended to me by Louise Blakely from Brian Dean’s private Facebook group.

So thanks, Louise.

So, ladies, if you want to learn or grow your Instagram, then subscribe to Jasmine Star.

Gentlemen, this is not my cup of tea, but for Instagram, perhaps give Gary V a watch (in small doses.)

Jasmine Star’s YouTube channel has over 52,000 subscribers and 47,000 views per month.

Josue Pena

Louise also recommends Josue Pena on YouTube.

Josue is from the Dominican Republic. His channel is the best place for Instagram tips and tricks to get more followers, increase engagement and generate more money using Instagram marketing through influencers, collaborations, Instagram ads and growth.

Josue has 2380 subscribers and over 20,730 video views; that’s a very high view to subscriber rate.

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PPC and Facebook Ads

If you’re want to learn how to advertise your business online, I’ll recommend these 4 channels that teach you more about Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.


I tend to find that brands aren’t very good at delivering tutorials and how-to guides on their YouTube channels.

However, if you want to learn PPC, then you have to watch Google’s channel.

That’s the place to start.

Their entire channel has over 247,000 subscribers and over 639,000 views per month.

Surfside PPC

I don’t know who the guys are in the Surfside videos about pay per click advertising, but the videos are good.

Very practical and how-to videos are perfect for learning the many different aspects of ad campaigns.

They have nearly 25,000 subscribers and over 129,000 views per month; again, a high subscriber to view rate.

Cat Howell

OK, I’ll provide 2 channels to learn about Facebook Advertising; one female teacher and one male teacher.

Cat Howell has served me Facebook Ads for the past 18 months, and she won’t go away!

Hence, I believe she’s got staying power.

She sells “how to be a Facebook Ad agency”.

Most of her videos are about Facebook updates, how to use a different feature of Facebook campaigns and some live stream training videos.

5900 subscribers and over 16,000 views per month.

Jon Loomer

Jon’s YouTube channel is for advanced Facebook advertisers.

He sells training courses.

His videos are very short “how-to” videos where you see the tactics but not necessarily the big picture of learning or running campaigns.

Jon has nearly 10,000 subscribers and over 5000 views per month; that’s a low subscriber to view count, perhaps caused by the video lengths.

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Sales and Freelancing

This section is for those involved in sales and the freelance design, development or marketing game.

Ari Galper

Ari doesn’t have a big YouTube channel, but I wanted to include a sales teacher that’s heavily influenced me.

I recall the day I made my last cold telephone sales call, in July 2007.

I gave up calling or selling after that call.

I bought Ari’s Unlock The Game training course, which completely changed how I approached people and conversed with them.

I stopped selling and started asking people if they were ‘open to possibilities”.

So I’ve indulged myself including Ari here.

Brian Tracey

Sadly Zig Ziggler isn’t with us anymore or have a dedicated YouTube channel.

So if you can search for Zig on YouTube, failing that learn sales from Brian Tracey.

751,000 subscribers and 740,000 views a month isn’t too shabby.

Brennan Dunn

Brennan teaches freelancers how to sell what they are worth.

Although Brennan has shifted his focus to his Right Message business, I’d like him to share more learning videos for existing and new subscribers.

Charli Marie

I found Charli’s channel when I was searching for some reviews about the new Webflow eCommerce functionality.

Plus, I’m conscious of including too many old men 🙂 and not enough female twenty-something teachers on this list.

Her channel covers design tools, designing and managing projects; there are some excellent videos on the channel about freelancing.

116,000 subscribers and over 203,000 subscribers; how do those damn kids do it?

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WordPress and Shopify

As the 2 most popular content management systems and e-commerce platforms, here are 4 teachers to follow on YouTube.

Darrel Wilson

WordPress is a vast topic to cover, but Darrel has learning videos that cover WordPress themes, hosting, e-commerce, WordPress SEO and choosing the right themes and plugins.

His channel has over 104,000 subscribers and gets nearly 490,000 views per month.

Tyler Moore

Tyler’s videos on YouTube are more geared to step by step guides on building a WordPress website.

Definitely a resource for the beginner.

Tyler has over 265,000 subscribers and around 440,000 video views per month.

Kurt Elster

Kurt is a Shopify teacher whose YouTube videos are focused on the commercial aspects of leveraging Shopify and selling online.

I’m particularly impressed with his latest video about using on-site personalisation with Shopify; the shape of things to come.

Kurt’s channel has 1990 subscribers and gets 5500 views per month.

Kevin King

While the beginner to e-commerce may think Shopify is just a colour between the lines solution to setting up shop, there’s more to it.

Kevin’s channel covers various tutorials such as product imports, point of sale functionality, image editing and payment options.

His channels have earned over 3300 subscribers and 52,200 views per month.

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Analytics and Email

Finally, the last 2 topics; analytics and email marketing.


Jeff covers subjects such as Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.

I’m average at Google Analytics and Data Studio, but I would love to learn more about; had I time.

Jeff has 3450 subscribers and over 12,000 video views per month, which is darn good for a tiny niche.

Coding is For Losers

Dave’s channel is for very advanced marketers covering Google Sheets, Data Studio and custom-built tools in marketing.

Over 3,000 subscribers and nearly 12,000 views per month.

Convert Kit

Convert Kit is an email marketing and automation solution, and although I don’t use them, I prefer their channel to other branded channels.

ConvertKit has 3970 subscribers and nearly 17,000 views per month.

Brian Cassel

Brian runs a content marketing agency plus develops premium WordPress plugins.

If you’ve ever asked, “why is my website not generating more enquiries”, then Brian’s Content Upgrade plugin is for you.

Hence why I’ve included Brian here.

His channel doesn’t specialise in email but also covers entrepreneurship and productization.

955 subscribers and rising with nearly 2000 views per month.

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I trust you find this curated list useful and search out one or two new marketing teachers.

What I’ve learned is that these marketing teachers are succeeding on YouTube for 4 reasons:

  • They teach (no fake lifestyle bullshit)
  • They all have personality
  • They special in one niche
  • They use YouTube to educate first and sell later.

If there’s an opportunity to create a YouTube channel, it’s to specialise in email marketing.

No one owns this space.

Launch a YouTube channel that focuses on :

  • Drip email marketing
  • Marketing personalisation
  • Email marketing design
  • Business emails
  • Cold outreach email marketing
  • Ecommerce email marketing

The YouTube channel data in this article was compiled using VidIQ.