Video Marketing SERPS Statistics

Written by Fraser McCulloch. Last Updated 28th March 2022

Cisco famously reported that 82% of all consumer traffic would be video by 2021.

But did you know 35% of search results in the UK contain a YouTube video?

Or over 46% of mobile search results in Spain contain a YouTube video?

Why are Video SERP statistics so important ?

As a search marketer, I need to know the keywords and questions that prospective customers search for.

If you don’t know what people are searching for, how do you know what answers or content to give them?

Last week, I created a YouTube video to send to my email subscribers and told them 35% of UK search results in the UK contain a video.

But what about other countries like the US, Australia and Singapore?

What about mobile and desktop?

Percentage of Videos in Google Search Results by Country and Device

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Here’s the raw data table courtesy of Advanced Web Rankings.


First reaction

My first response to seeing this data was “wow” that’s a lot of videos in the search results for countries like Spain, Germany, Australia and even the UK.

Then my next reaction was seeing the mobile results.

Some countries like Spain are approaching 50% of search results containing a video.

Your Reaction

You might be thinking, “Hey, what about my country ?”

Or so what?

Or why do more video results appear in Spain than in other countries?

Or perhaps you already know this information.

Videos aren’t the only features that appear in Google.

Read my guide to rank for People Also Asked snippets and Google Page One and Two Statistics.

Whatever your reaction, it is what it is.

Data and statistics are useless without taking action

So rather than just reading or sharing this data, do you do something useful with this information?

You’ll have to produce video content sooner or later

But what if you don’t know what video content to produce?

The easiest video content to make is the content you already produced.

If I’d never done video marketing before, I would probably wonder what videos to make.

I’d start with keyword research and by examining my current keyword positions.

And the easiest video content to make is the content you already have.

Are there any video results for the keywords I rank for?

Enter Ahrefs Video Snippet Research

I use Ahrefs to find video results for the keywords I rank for.

If you don’t subscribe to Ahrefs, manually Google the top keywords of your top pages.

  • Enter website address into Ahrefs Site Explorer
  • Press organic keywords
  • Filter SERP features by video.
ahrefs video serp feature

Filter down to the keywords in position 20.

Ahrefs tool returns keywords you rank where SERP results contain videos ranking in the top 100.

So for example

Planning a website

ahrefs organic positions

I should probably produce a video on planning a website since I’ve slipped off page 1.

After a manual check, there are 2 videos on page one about planning a website.

video in search results

Next example

ahrefs organic keyword report

I had to go to page 3 to see a video in the search result for this query.

video in search results

What about another industry?

Here’s a former client in the recruitment industry.

Again, look for the top keywords they rank that include a video in the search results.

ahrefs serp features and rankings

As you can see, they rank in position 14 for the keyword “paraplanner”.

ahrefs keyword position

There’s great search volume, very easy to rank for, and their page gets traffic even on page 2.

Let’s look at Google for the results with the video.

I had to scroll to page 3.

video in search results

And here’s the video appearing when I search on my phone.

video in mobile search results

Let’s be nosey and see how many people have viewed this video.

youtube video views

Over 15,000 views in 16 months for a video about being a paraplanner?

The ultimate goal would be to rank your page and your video in Google and YouTube

I wrote a comparison guide a while back and then uploaded a video recording to YouTube.

ranking a page and video in google search results

Assets grows over time

Here’s a screenshot of the above video’s views since it was published.

youtube studio video views report

The views have grown steadily over time.

And in all honesty, the video production quality is awful; just me talking and recording my screen.

And the page’s organic traffic has also grown over time.

google search console last 16 months report

So, what’s the plan Stan ?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

I’ve presented the data; it’s up to you to take action.

Video production can start with an iPhone, a £12 LED light and a £20 phone tripod.

Or record your computer screen.

As you graduate, you can invest in better equipment and video professionals to help you produce content.